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Coffee 9:37 Sat Oct 3
Saturday football

All Premier League teams in action today and tomorrow ahead of a fortnight off for some.

After last week’s unexpected 3-3 draw at West Brom, FLJ will have put the boot into his players during the week. Palace, you feel, will have been encouraged by the ease with which the Baggies tore through their defence, but I for one am glad we’re not visiting Stamford Bridge today. Home win.

What a start Everton have made to the season. But the Seagulls have also made a promising start and were desperately unlucky to leave with nowt against Man U. Expect a solid performance from the visitors, but this is not a good time to go to Goodison. Home win.

Well, Leeds have captured the imagination. City have not and have underwhelmed in their start to the campaign. The pick of the day’s games sees two great managers up against each other for the first time on English soil, along with a team full of the best that money can buy against one that works incredibly hard. Should be a feast for the eyes. Draw.

The pick of the day’s dull fixtures. Brucie’s barcodes have started well, while Burnley remain appropriately pointless. Home win.


An early start against the league leaders. For us, much depends again on [a] the team’s frame of mind, and [b] defence. If they go out wanting to and believing that they can win, you fancy our chances of nicking a point, as we did in the Foxes’ title winning season. Vardy is a permanent threat, lurking in the wings for 90 percent of the game and doing next to nothing until *that* ball gets played through to him. Will Coufal start? Will be interesting to see how he copes. COYI. Draw.

The Midlands side will have taken much heart from their first half performance against Chelsea last time out. But they remain fragile. The Saints come into this on the back of a heartwarming win at Burnley and are definitely capable of better than their previous three straight defeats suggest. Home win.

The Blades seem to have tested positive for early symptoms of Second Season Syndrome, while their hosts have offered crumbs of encouragement for their fans with their style of football. Mezut Ozil – what a talent, and what an almighty waste. Should be routine. Home win.

Fulham find themselves in the kind of rut that West Ham fans are familiar with. Null points and a goal difference of minus 7 after just three games does not bode well for Scott Parker. Only the goal difference, you feel, will change today. Home win.

Speaking of managers in distress, things aren’t looking particularly rosy for OGS. Anything but a decent performance and all three points today and the heat will really be on him. And how Jose would love to get one over his former employer. He seems at his best when challenged. Draw.

Few will fancy anything but a resounding Liverpool win here today. But Villa have turned a corner from last season and now find themselves unbeaten and in dizzying heights of the top four. But not for long, my funny-speaking claret and blue comrades. Away win.

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Mex Martillo 7:54 Tue Oct 6
Re: Saturday football
It was a bit of an odd weekend for results, with quite a few upsets, which I guess includes us giving Leicester a good doing.

I wouldn’t be surprised if this is a season where the big six misfire big time and an outsider comes through to win the league?

I’m saying like 2015-2016, when Leicester surprised everyone.
I guess Everton look a possibility, but very early days.
Why not West Ham?

Far Cough 8:34 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Not taking anything away from Anal Slot IV but 3 of those goals were deflections

Sven Roeder 7:38 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
He is a decent enough no.2 but not good enough at all to be a regular no.1 for a Premier league club.
Though I am loving his work at Anfield
Some superb blunders
Hopefully when we visit in a few weeks he has a day out letting a couple through his legs before becoming the first keeper to kick a goal kick into his own net.

terry-h 7:35 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
We should stick the boot in and offer the scousers Nathan Trott on loan.

Eerie Descent 7:32 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Adrian just isn't a very good top level goalkeeper.

This is not groundbreaking news.

, 7:29 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Seeing as Villa had 18 attempts on Liverpool’s goal the problem is more the defence in front of Adrian than the keeper himself.

Leicester by comparison were held to four attempts on goal with none of them on target.

terry-h 7:24 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Sue Smith ( who the hell is she,some would say) says the Liverpool defenders are not comfortable with Adrian in goal.

Some unknown Irish goalie is third choice,so it looks like Adrian stays in for the time being.

Texas Iron 4:06 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Didn’t know Allison out for 6 weeks...

Could impact their season...

Sven Roeder 3:59 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Adrian made a cock up for the first but had no chance for the rest.
That was down to Van Dijk & Gomez playing like Dick Van Dyke & Gomez Addams and the 'full backs' confirming that neither can cope when actually asked to defend.

Understand Allison is out for 6 weeks so should be Adrian in goal when we go to Anfield

Texas Iron 3:45 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Tough day between the sticks...

Will he play again for Klopp ???

, 3:17 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
A good few of the goals flying in over the weekend seemed to leave keepers flat footed because of deflections.

Sir Alf 1:57 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
We beat the great Revie / Leeds side in the 1966 7-0. That was a big shock. We beat Fulham 6-1 the week before, we had just won the FA Cup, European Cup and World Cup. Best 3 years ever being a West Ham fan. Only 54 years ago :-(

Mike Oxsaw 9:08 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
When was the last comparable weekend of games that you can remember? When so many unexpected/amazing results fell out of the sky at once?

I can't think of one, off the top of my head, and that's going back a fair while. The odd single stand-our result, perhaps, but not such a combination that we saw this weekend.

Far Cough 9:05 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
What time do Liverpool kick off?

About every 15 minutes


normannomates 3:55 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Those manc players were a fuckin disgrace.
Absolute coward cunts.. gloved up in October?
They need David Moyes
My suun..
Takin the absolute piss

I so hope they keep faith in Ole 'my suun' fuckwit soulska

normannomates 3:39 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
If it was Bournemouth staying up at Aston Villa's expense over that farce, you know they (villa) would play up.
Never liked the cunts..
Supporters of:
Aston villa
Newcastle united
Tottenham hotrods

All cut from the same cloth

normannomates 3:30 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Aston Villa shouldn't even be in this league if VAR was actually switched on.. Why Bournemouth didn't make more of a protest is beyond me..
Villa are the bin lids of the Midlands.. Self entitled dogshit wankers.

arsene york-hunt 3:26 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Real football fans should be delighted with the mancs and the victims results today. But it being tottenham beating the mancs takes the gloss off it.

El Scorchio 2:38 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Just seen the Liverpool score. Fucking hilarious.

Man U one would be too if it wasn’t Spurs who had done them.

normannomates 2:33 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
See Chris Wilder is on the verge of a breakdown already..morphing into colin

Shame.. I liked him when they were doing well. 😁

normannomates 1:34 Mon Oct 5
Re: Saturday football
Taggart's bugle must be volcanic this evening after that shitshow..

Fuckin manc cunts.. half those fannies were wearing gloves ffs.

What a fookin shame eh

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