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northbankboy68 12:57 Sun Oct 4
Anyone on here believe that Johnson is competent, intelligent, doing a good job?

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joyo 3:13 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
Which bench? Not thickle's l hope!

ak37 1:02 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
Back on the bench today. He will get plenty of opportunities in the future.

Golden Oldie 1:00 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
Ben Johnson was a skinny tuned 100m runner the prior olympic games who bulked up several stones for the next games and took the gold.

Eagle eyed newspaper reporters noted the rapid growth of Johnson and called shenanigans on the whole affair.

Thankfully Britain redressed the balance of the crime by having our Linford winning back the gold and helped the olympics retain some credibility in light of all the drugs cheats of the past.

Incidentally Linford Christie used to be a skinny 100m runner who wasn;t particularly stand-out special until he suddenly bulked up and won the gold at an age when 100m runners normally retire due to slowing down.

Hail Linford whose name isn;t Johnson, the man who brought integrity and honour back to the olympic games.

Our Johnson here (no relation to drug cheat Ben) just needs to work it out with his live in lover Branded as their dirty laundry spills out onto this boards is a horrible sight for their kids to see.

Lato 12:27 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
Ooops *cheat*

PeterJ 12:18 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
Fucking chest!

Lato 12:08 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
Won the gold medal at the 1988 Seoul Olympics but was stripped of it due to being a chest!

mallard 12:00 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
Never rated him at Liverpool but was impressed with the Adidas predators

Far Cough 11:49 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
First woman to fly solo from London to Australia

Loved him as well as John Arlott

Dave Boozle 11:47 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
He was the driving force behind Johnson & Johnson.

frank marker 11:28 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
Another 'target' who never came (thankfully?).

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:19 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
Great guitarist, even better strut - not sure he really had cancer, though.

pulhampete 11:17 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson

I prefer the early 90's version.

Sven Roeder 11:12 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
313 Test wickets & another 250 in ODI’s

Come On You Irons 11:09 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
The ultimate cougar. 23 years older than her husband Aaron Johnson and started dating him when she was 42 and he was 19!

Briano 10:39 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
Took a dive in the 23rd against Willard

Mex Martillo 9:40 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
Yes, took over when Kennedy was shot. Did a good job on civil rights, gun control and Social Security, but kind of started or at the least massively escalated the Vietnam War.

Sydney_Iron 9:33 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
Served as the 36th president of the United States

Alex G 9:27 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
Glenn or Ben?

jfk 7:50 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
Johnson and Johnson talc is fucking brilliant,essential down below on a hot summers day.

Johnson 5:18 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson
Hello. Can I help?

Iron Duke 2:40 Sun Oct 4
Re: Johnson

*looks down


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