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c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
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e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

the peckham cod 11:00 Sun Oct 4
Gang of 4
Four convicted after police investigate homophobic behaviour at football match: Four men have been convicted of Public Order Act offences after Met Police officers investigated homophobic behaviour at a West Ham United football match.

Not sure what was said or done. Think it was the Brighton game. Harmless banter as heard many times before or something more nasty with no place at the modern game?

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normannomates 1:04 Mon Oct 5
Re: Gang of 4
Pub bigot 6.45

Sven Roeder 9:34 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
After the Chelsea Rent Boys saga wasn’t it pointed out that the chant was in respect of a historical incident from the 1970’s (?) when one the Chelsea top boys was found in the company of a male Homosexual for hire when arrested at home?
Not aimed at the Chelsea fans as none of them supported the club more than a dozen years ago let alone in the 70’s

Nurse Ratched 9:00 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
I know, happy. From Yorick to Gordon the fucking Gopher, gays have really gone downhill.

happygilmore 6:51 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4

Nurse Ratched 6:05 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4

what blasphemy!

William Shakespeare, shall I compare thee to a Philip Schofield

Pub Bigot 6:45 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
Glad to see this isn't related to our own grasses from Pride of Irons. After what they did away at Chelsea, grassing on their own claiming 'rent boy' is a homophobic term, they can fuck off. They're not West Ham.

New Jersey 6:42 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
Fucking world's gone mad, I was talking to a Brighton Fan about this, he thought it was hilarious and what is a homophobic gesture? Is it a limp wrist one loved by John Inman or Larry Grayson??

Pub Bigot 6:40 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
I'm not sure Mike. It's as confusing as the Covid laws and is even worse in Scotland.

It's time to get rid of this lot and a proper ideological Conservative party is formed

Mike Oxsaw 6:27 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
How do you prove you're offended? Can you just say "I'm offended by what you just said" and have somebody locked up?

Pub Bigot 6:18 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
If you're arrested and convicted of speech that isn't threatening or liable, there's a problem. Where does the line in the sand end around offence?

Mike Oxsaw 6:14 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
It's a bloody good thing that there are no proper docks or factories left in our catchment areas - the snowflakes would have had all the staff in them fired long ago.

WHUDeano 6:07 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
Pretty much 70% of chants sung in football during the 80s, 90s and early 00s would now be called something'ophobic.

Nurse Ratched 6:05 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
Some do, some don't.

Philip Schofield is a modern example. He found a beard and had a family.

William Shakespeare is widely assumed by academics to have been a homosexual. I assume in similar circumstances to Schofield, and not resorting to 'ye olde turkiye bafter'.

Hasans Fish Bar RIP 6:03 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
The uproar from our own fans after the 'chelsea are rent boys' saga summed up the utter bellendery we have in our ranks.

Hallerinthemorning 6:02 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
plenty of homosexual men father children? lol and where do they come from? Please, we just got 3 points, can we leave being woke at the door. facts are you need hetrosexuals to procreate. so lets not encourage everyone to go gay but if they are, then fine, do as u wish but please please call a spade a spade.

Nurse Ratched 6:00 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
Not really. Plenty of homosexual men father children and plenty of homosexual women become mothers. Not all, but many do.

Hallerinthemorning 5:57 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
a barrier you think can be jumped over? id say its a wall rathert than a barrier, wouldnt you?

Nurse Ratched 5:53 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
A fuck up in genetics? Certainly a barrier to procreation and passing on one's genes. However, there is the interesting phenomenon that if you are a male with two or more older brothers, you are statistically far more likely to be born homosexual. So it begs the question, what is evolution/genetics up to there?

Hallerinthemorning 5:44 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
Mike Oxsaw 5:38 Sun Oct 4

easy to say when u are the product of a billion to one chance sperm race.
so now that you are here, all other attempts to make new mike oxsaws should be stopped?

being gay isnt a crime but It IS a fuck up in genetics and should not be encouraged no matter how large the human race is

twoleftfeet 5:41 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
There is a guy on twatter who claims to be a West Ham season ticket holder who claims that “ sadly this is the norm for West Ham fans “

In my 45 years of supporting the club I have heard virtually zero homophobic or racist chants.

Mike Oxsaw 5:38 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
Sven Roeder 11:26 Sun Oct 4

There are a handful of posters on here who use "You're GAY!" or variations thereof as the biggest insult they can muster when losing an argument.

THEY clearly think gays are vile sub-humans (as, "coincidentally", do many religious fanatics).

When the human race was down to it's last 20,000 (as some believe was once the case), all non-procreative sex would have been frowned upon.. with 7 billion on the planet and numbers rising rapidly, any non-procreative sex should be praised, encouraged & even rewarded.

Sven Roeder 11:26 Sun Oct 4
Re: Gang of 4
Presuming this was 4 (and presumably more) West Ham fans singing 'homosexual taunts' at an individually unidentified group of Brighton fans 50m away.
Who individually has been abused and why is it considered offensive to imply someone is gay?
Is it a bad thing?
To me THAT implication is homophobic and should result in a charge

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