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only1billybonds 8:00 Mon Oct 5
Lord Beefy
Been mentioned on the cricket thread but deserves one of its own.

Lord Botham took his seat in the Lords today.

Well done Sir.

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eusebiovic 12:53 Mon Oct 12
Re: Lord Beefy
Milky Milky

Beefy continues to squeeze those teets double hard to create vino


Dan M 4:24 Sat Oct 10
Re: Lord Beefy
Genuinely thought this was going to be about this bloke.


Alfs 6:39 Sat Oct 10
Re: Lord Beefy
You get one for feeding the neighbours cat nowadays.

geoffpikey 2:47 Sat Oct 10
Re: Lord Beefy
Mickey boy don't need no honours!

He is King Of West Ham London!


Sven Roeder 12:59 Sat Oct 10
Re: Lord Beefy
Joe Wicks MBE
Dizzee Rascal MBE
Lorraine Kelly CBE

Nothing for Michail Antonio?

Far Cough 12:56 Sat Oct 10
Re: Lord Beefy
Tommy Steele knighted, I thought he was dead

geoffpikey 12:33 Sat Oct 10
Re: Lord Beefy
Marcus Rashford. MBE.

I admire the young man, but "honours"are now insane.

Mike Oxsaw 9:27 Fri Oct 9
Re: Lord Beefy
The millions he raised for charity is millions the government didn't have to then raise through taxes.

Fuck all to do with helping the people - helping balance the exchequer's books more likely.

Hammer and Pickle 8:47 Fri Oct 9
Re: Lord Beefy
Isn’t this going well for the OP.

Exiled In Surrey 7:19 Fri Oct 9
Re: Lord Beefy
Cunty cronyism.

geoffpikey 4:32 Fri Oct 9
Re: Lord Beefy
"Crony appointment to an outdated institution."


Fo the Communist 4:24 Fri Oct 9
Re: Lord Beefy
With any luck he will goose Lady Brady.
Other than that, not a lot to say about it, really. Crony appointment to an outdated institution.

geoffpikey 4:14 Fri Oct 9
Re: Lord Beefy
Apologies. Sarcasm often hard to spot. It's inherent when you support the " Mighty Hammers! "

In the end. Botham is what? Fat fucking chancer who once , I am told, played cricket well. Ridiculous elevation.

I shall be nominating my local window cleaner. He's a lovely chap, always smiles, hasn't had the greatest breaks (daughter is severely handicapped) but helps serve people. I could clean my windows myself... But I like paying this chap, John, to do so. Make HIM a Lord!

ray winstone 4:08 Fri Oct 9
Re: Lord Beefy
''Seems a bit racist and xenophobic to me'' just like your very own de Pfeffel....

eusebiovic 4:02 Fri Oct 9
Re: Lord Beefy

I agree

My words were sarcastic

I hate cricket too

geoffpikey 4:01 Fri Oct 9
Re: Lord Beefy
That's the "good judge of character" Ian Botham. To clarify.

Lord of Fuckwitteringham.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 3:58 Fri Oct 9
Re: Lord Beefy
I see ray is calling Boris de ppfeffell (or something).

Presumably, the implication is that he's somehow foreign and therefore a bit rum. I can't think of any other explanation.

Seems a bit racist and xenophobic to me, but I'm sure it's one of those things that's OK to do if you are on the left. Like inviting the IRA to Parliament for tea. That sort of thing.

geoffpikey 3:57 Fri Oct 9
Re: Lord Beefy
I have no interest in cricket, I admit. It's nearly as boring as golf.

Allen Stanford? From what I recall via news, a fraudster, criminal, obherent individual... supported by Botham.

eusebiovic 2:59 Fri Oct 9
Re: Lord Beefy

Do you know who Allen Stanford is?

Do you read the whole post before commenting?

Sven Roeder 2:05 Fri Oct 9
Re: Lord Beefy
Savile definitely used charity work to avoid proper scrutiny for his other activities
Including setting up that roaming band of paedos ... the Barmy Army

eusebiovic 2:02 Fri Oct 9
Re: Lord Beefy

The point was that if somebody raises a lot of money for charidee then the general consensus is that they can't be all bad and probably deserve a title.

It's like a get out of jail card.

That was the gist of my thoughts

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