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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

MaryMillingtonsGhost 4:57 Sun Oct 11
Potential Shake-up of Premier League
Not sure if this article is behind a paywall, but can do a c&p (assuming it doesn't get a SPLATT).


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SurfaceAgentX2Zero 6:40 Sun Oct 11
Re: Potential Shake-up of Premier League
The top 6 could do it, couldn't they?

2/3 of 9?

, 6:29 Sun Oct 11
Re: Potential Shake-up of Premier League
The next logical step for the American owners of the EPL is to vote to abolish promotion into the league.

Naturally they cannot do it right now but if these present proposals are implemented then minimally the top nine could carry through a motion to keep their investment safe.

We can get so carried away worrying about our owners that we miss the trick regarding the way top football is inexorably changing for the worse.

We could possibly end up with the gridiron pattern for top football.

Sven Roeder 6:23 Sun Oct 11
Re: Potential Shake-up of Premier League
So Man U & Liverpool want 2 teams to drop out of the Premier League?
Nice of them to volunteer

Mike Oxsaw 5:31 Sun Oct 11
Re: Potential Shake-up of Premier League
2 less teams in the PL means 2 exhibition matches in the ME/China/SE Asia/USA each week with the proceeds split only between the two clubs.

Nice fucking work if you can get it.

Do they really want to remove all possibility of like-for-like comparisons with (even the recent) past?

Keep dreaming 5:30 Sun Oct 11
Re: Potential Shake-up of Premier League
Agree Fifth.
Vote yes for and itl keep us in the promised land for a short period of time. At least with the cash strapped cunts in charge

Fifth Column 5:23 Sun Oct 11
Re: Potential Shake-up of Premier League
For us, Everton and Southampton this would be turkeys voting for Christmas if we were in favour. In the new set up we'd be one of the chosen nine with extra voting rights BUT you'd only need six to vote together for a vote to be passed. So the big 6 could vote together to change a rule at any time and we'd be fucked.

Also, elsewhere it says Newcastle and Villa were in the Prem for more seasons than Man City so not sure how they try to justify not having those two in the "favoured few" with special voting rights.

Glad to see LEicester not there though - if the new group can vote LEicester into League 2 that would address all my concerns.

MaryMillingtonsGhost 5:22 Sun Oct 11
Re: Potential Shake-up of Premier League
Alfs 5:09

Cheers fella 👍

RBshorty 5:15 Sun Oct 11
Re: Potential Shake-up of Premier League
I'm shocked.! It's not like the Yanks to go around and tell everyone else how they should run their affairs. But this is also trying to close shop before the Saudis come back again and blow them away.

El Scorchio 5:13 Sun Oct 11
Re: Potential Shake-up of Premier League
Seems like we’d be in the inside looking out, but this doesn’t sound like something which would be good for the game, aside from the ‘donation’ which they should still do regardless.

Nagel 5:12 Sun Oct 11
Re: Potential Shake-up of Premier League
From what I've read it gives the top teams more power in exchange for more money to the EFL. Luckily for us, we're included in the nine longest serving clubs who get controlling power.

Worryingly for us, one of the proposals apparently includes a veto to prevent a new owner taking over a club, and would only need the 6 of the 9 top clubs to vote against it.

Alfs 5:09 Sun Oct 11
Re: Potential Shake-up of Premier League
Manchester United and Liverpool are the driving force behind the biggest changes to English football in a generation and an extraordinary overhaul of the Premier League, The Daily Telegraph can reveal.

The two clubs have worked together on a radical set of proposals – called “Project Big Picture” - that will reshape the finances of the game. The Premier League, the most lucrative sports league in the world, would see a reduction to 18 teams, and controlling power in the hands of the biggest clubs.

In return for tearing up many of the rules that have governed the game since the Premier League’s inception in 1992 there will be a £250 million rescue package to the Football League to see them through the Covid crisis.

The Daily Telegraph can reveal the details of the working document “Revitalisation” authored by Liverpool’s American ownership Fenway Sports Group with support from United. It anticipates the backing of the other members of the so-called big six, Manchester City, Arsenal, Chelsea and Tottenham Hotspur.

In a remarkable set of proposals, which will send shockwaves through the game, 25 per cent of the Premier League’s annual revenue will go to the EFL clubs with £250 million paid up front to see them through the current crisis. There would also be a gift of £100 million to sustain the Football Association.

However, there would be an abolition of the one-club, one-vote principle that has sustained the Premier League since its inception as well as the abolition of the threshold of 14 votes to pass any decision or regulation change.

Under the new proposals, the League Cup and the Community Shield would be abolished. There have been additional discussions that the League Cup would survive but without the participation of the clubs in Europe.

There would be two automatic promotion places for Championship clubs, but the third, fourth and fifth placed clubs would be in a play-off tournament with the 16th placed Premier League club.

The nine clubs who have been in the Premier League for the longest - which includes the big six - would dictate its running in every aspect and would be free to play more games in the expanded Champions League that is anticipated from the 2024-2025 season onwards.

As well as the Premier League dropping from 20 clubs to 18, there would be 24 in each of the Championship, League One and League Two making a total of 90.

The plan is supported by the EFL chairman Rick Parry who has held talks with Liverpool’s principal owner, the American investor John W Henry, and shareholder and director Mike Gordon. In addition, Parry has spoken to the Glazer family, who own United.

The document says: “A reset of the economics and governance of the English football pyramid is long overdue”.

The proposals also rewrite the Premier League’s 20-club democracy in favour of placing huge power in the hands of the nine clubs with the longest continual stay in the division. As things stand that is the big six, as well as Everton, Southampton and West Ham. Those nine clubs afforded “long-term shareholder status” would have unprecedented power, with the votes of just six of them required to make sweeping changes. These clubs would even be able to veto a new owner taking over a rival club.

In an exclusive interview with The Daily Telegraph, Parry said that he had the support of many of his 72 members, many currently facing financial ruin, to go ahead with the plan. He said: “What do we do? Leave it exactly as it is and allow the smaller clubs to wither? Or do we do something about it? And you can’t do something about it without something changing. And the view of our clubs is if the [big] six get some benefits but the 72 also do, we are up for it.”

He accepted there would be opposition from the Premier League clubs outside the big six who would see it as detrimental to their financial prospects with less money and two fewer places in the top flight.

“It is definitely going to be challenging and it is an enormous change so that won’t be without some pain,” Parry said: “Do I genuinely think it’s for the greater good of the game as a whole? Absolutely. And if the [big] six are deriving some benefit then why shouldn’t they. Why wouldn’t they put their names to this otherwise?”

The proposals include:

£250 million immediately to the EFL to compensate its clubs for lost matchday revenue, deducted from future television revenue earnings and financed by a loan taken out by the Premier League
Special status for the nine longest serving clubs – and the vote of only six of those “long-term shareholders” required to make major changes, including amending rules and regulations, agreeing contracts, removal of the chief executive, and a wide-ranging veto including on club ownership
Premier League to go to 18 clubs from 20
£100 million one-off gift to the FA to cover its coronavirus losses, the non-league game, the women’s game, the grassroots
8.5 per cent of annual net Premier League revenue to go on operating costs and “good causes” including the FA
From the remainder, 25 per cent of all combined Premier League and Football League revenues to go to the EFL clubs

Six per cent of Premier League gross revenues to pay for stadium improvements across the top four divisions, calculated at £100 per seat

New rules for the distribution of Premier League television income, overseas and domestic, including proposals that base one portion on performance over three years in the league

The abolition of the League Cup and the Community Shield
24 clubs each in the Championship, League One and League Two reducing the professional game overall from 92 clubs to 90
A women's professional league independent of the Premier League or the FA

Two sides automatically relegated from the Premier League every season and the top two Championship teams promoted. The 16th place Premier League club in a play-off tournament with the Championship’s third, fourth and fifth-placed teams.

Financial fair play regulations in line with Uefa, and full access for Premier League executive to club accounts
A fan charter including capping of away tickets at £20, away travel subsidised a focus on a return to safe standing, a minimum away allocation of eight per cent capacity.

Later Premier League start in August to give greater scope for pre-season friendlies, and requirement for all clubs to compete once every five years in a summer Premier League tournament

Huge changes to loan system allowing clubs to have 15 players out on loan domestically at any one time and up to four at a single club in England

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 5:08 Sun Oct 11
Re: Potential Shake-up of Premier League
'Each of the nine clubs who, at any time of determination, have been members of the Premier League continuously for more seasons than other clubs will be considered a ‘Long-Term Shareholder’.

Two-thirds of the long-term shareholders can cause to be adopted without approval from the other clubs:'

Well, that's not happening.

LeroysBoots 5:07 Sun Oct 11
Re: Potential Shake-up of Premier League
They invited us, all for it, the others can fuck off !

Nagel 5:05 Sun Oct 11
Re: Potential Shake-up of Premier League
Read it here:

Or here:

The old c wing 5:05 Sun Oct 11
Re: Potential Shake-up of Premier League
Is this the same as operation reset or agenda 2050 or whatever?

Will the illuminati never stop?

Vexed 5:04 Sun Oct 11
Re: Potential Shake-up of Premier League
Paywall. Telegraph innit.

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