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Leonard Hatred 9:11 Wed Oct 14
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BRANDED 9:00 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977
Disco and Pubk happened at about the same time. They offered the same escape from the dullness of the mainstream and then rapidly became mainstream. That’s fashion for you.
Like at music trends there was brilliant music in the underground though.

MaryMillingtonsGhost 8:58 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977
only1billybonds 8:44

Yes fella, up until '97.

only1billybonds 8:54 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977

Disco is one of the most unappreciated genre's of modern times.

I loved War as much as I loved Led Zeppelin.

BRANDED 8:46 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977
Loved 1977. It was disco and fingering all year long. Fucking great year.

only1billybonds 8:44 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977

My ex Mrs went to LP as well.

I worked just over the footbridge in Chrisp St.

Did you live in Poplar?

Razzman 8:18 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977
Got chicken pox aged 19 wasn't pretty

Westham67 7:52 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977
The Centenary Test with Australia

MaryMillingtonsGhost 7:10 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977
Started secondary school, Langdon Park in Poplar
The Jam - In The City was released.
Happy days.

Burnhammeronsea 5:53 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977
Left 6th Form. got rejected by RAF got another proper job. Elvis died whilst I was at training school. Emerson Lake and Palmer -Fanfare for the common Man. Virginia Wade won Wimbledon. Queens Silver Jubilee. Show me the Way to Go -Jacksons. Bought my first new Motorcycle. Honda 125T. A lot happened that year and it was excellent for me.

Far Cough 5:52 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977
When I was in Durban during apartheid, the real Zulus would do rickshaw rides, beat that Soldo

Moncurs Putting Iron 5:49 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977

1) I craughed
2) I had one of those velour tops with the diagonal stripes.

Northern Sold 5:45 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977

Moncurs Putting Iron 5:42 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977

I have a 7 year olds recollection of them yes, before a time when H&S and Insurance were big factors.

Used to be decent in Harwich too until some kid jumped off a float to see his mate, fell under the wheels and had his head crushed.

Northern Sold 5:36 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977
Good carnival on the Island in 77 MPI son… usual taxi firms blacking themselves up as Zulu warriors… great days…. Crazy times… * sigh *

Moncurs Putting Iron 5:31 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977
The penultimate of my Canvey Years
Queens Jew Bali or something. There was party food
Not as hot as the year before
Some fat mess singer died.
Got my first SNORKEL

Northern Sold 5:27 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977
I looked a right cunt

Yup should have just left it that Cough son...

Mace66 2:39 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977
Sven Roeder 9:00 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977
Crying in the chapel, SURELY

My recollection as a child was that Elvis had had a bit of a revival with Moody Blue but for years had been regarded as a joke only liked by your Dad & other old blokes with greasy hair

As would anyone be if they were off their tits 24/7 and ballooning to a million stone off a diet of fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches

Far Cough 1:31 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977
Pubs were open all day for that Jubilee thing weren't they?

Anyway, rocked up to my local wearing wellington boots, fuck knows why as it was a boiling hot day as I remember, anyway as we were all getting steadily smashed my boots were full of beer as my mates kept on filling the cunting things up, plus it had some concrete residue in them, I looked a right cunt sloshing around the gaff

Good times

ChillTheKeel 1:21 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977
I came first place in the Jubilee fancy dress competition - dressed as peas in a pod.

I then went on to pick up my parents' drug habit.

philj904 1:10 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977
God Save The Queen she ain’t no human being

Iron Duke 12:45 Thu Oct 15
Re: 1977
I was 2 years old. My mum got hit by a motorbike and spent 3 months in a coma. In that time, Elvis Presley and Marc Bolan left the planet.

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