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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

twoleftfeet 9:09 Mon Oct 26
FA cup draw.
Could this woman fuck it up any more? She only has to read out the fucking teams, shocking scenes šŸ˜„šŸ˜„

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JonWHUFC 2:56 Thu Oct 29
Re: FA cup draw.
Woodford Green. Good work. How can you possibly get a four team draw wrong?

Mike Oxsaw 1:39 Thu Oct 29
Re: FA cup draw.
Some people will do anything to become the centre of attention.

Woodford Green 1:25 Thu Oct 29
Re: FA cup draw.
this same woman fucked up the Cup semi final draw in 2018


yes the SEMI FINAL. How can you fuck up a draw with 4 teams in it.

Golden Oldie 2:02 Tue Oct 27
Re: FA cup draw.
It's madness
For years Italian and Brazilian football have had their shows hosted by dollies but they're top drawer with tight tops and short skirts, as one should expect.

In the UK they're average at best with hardly any presenting skills and every other one is a clam licker with a face like a ugly man.

As the late great Peter Andre once proclaimed
It's insania!

WHU(Exeter) 1:55 Tue Oct 27
Re: FA cup draw.
Number 29, Bolton Wanderers, with a home tie against, number 67 Stevenage....who will play number 59 Rochdale...oh hang on...

Mr Kenzo 12:08 Tue Oct 27
Re: FA cup draw.
She should stick to Bake-Off or something similar

only1billybonds 12:04 Tue Oct 27
Re: FA cup draw.
I watched this on you tube on the back of some of the comments on here,fuck me it was grim.

She is Lyndsay Hipgrove,was Danny Bakers sidekick on 5live for a little while before sho moved to channel 5 to present the football league show. She was quite sufferable on radio but tv really isnt for her.

Far Cough 11:59 Tue Oct 27
Re: FA cup draw.
Good job Grant Holt had his eye on the ball

GreenStreetPlayer 11:18 Tue Oct 27
Re: FA cup draw.
It was that bad it looked liked the draw might become null and void. She was calling out the wrong teams to balls, wrong home team, wrong draw even. Good job the teams displayed at the bottom of the screen seemed to be on top of it.
Just about every team called out she was more interested in calling out a fact about them, probably looked up on Wiki in the last half hour. Completely lost her bearings, if she had any!

JonWHUFC 11:12 Tue Oct 27
Re: FA cup draw.
For some reason I tuned in. Yet another token female involved. I am not against females being involved but they need to able to do the job. I did feel sorry for her but as someone pointed out it is not rocket science. It was a cringe fest. You only have to look at Soccer Saturday to realise if it ain't broke don't fix it. I miss Le Tiss very much.

El Scorchio 11:05 Tue Oct 27
Re: FA cup draw.
Who was she?

Westham67 10:06 Mon Oct 26
Re: FA cup draw.
I could not watch it all cringefest

GreenStreetPlayer 10:04 Mon Oct 26
Re: FA cup draw.
After 3 mistakes from the first ten balls, Iā€™m surprised she got through.

Admiral Lard 9:31 Mon Oct 26
Re: FA cup draw.

riosleftsock 9:16 Mon Oct 26
Re: FA cup draw.
Diversity is the winner.

I for one welcome our new, female, trans, disabled, black, asian, perverted overlords/ladies

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