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Sven Roeder 6:34 Fri Oct 30
Football (Matchweek #7)
Coffee is indisposed for 'Saturday football' so I will be substituting for the 4 day extravaganza

Wolves v Crystal Palace (8pm BT Sport Box Office)
The winner will be equal top. Really.
Wolves haven't been as impressive as previous seasons. Seem to be struggling to find a permanent role for Traore while missing Jota. Palace will be awkward and reliant on Zaha. HOME WIN

Sheffield United v Man City (12.30 BT Sport)
Sheffield gave Liverpool a game last week & aren't playing as badly as results suggest. Another week of pain though. AWAY WIN

Burnley v Chelsea (3.00 BT Sport Box Office)
Burnley have been dogged as usual ... but losing. Same again. AWAY WIN

Liverpool v West Ham (5.30 Sky Sports)
With Antonio it felt like an up and down Liverpool were vulnerable. Without him it will take a solid hardworking performance against a team that always seems to keep winning at home (24 wins and a draw in 25?). DOGGED DRAW

Aston Villa v Southampton (12.00 Sky Sports Box Office)
Reality check for Villa last week while Southampton controlled the other leaders Everton. DRAW

Newcastle v Everton (2.00 Sky Sports)
Everton also had a dip last week and will be without both full backs and possibly James (TESTICULAR INJURY). HOME WIN

Man Utd v Arsenal (4.30 Sky Sports)
Used to be the biggest game around. Not any more. Someone should tell Sky. HOME WIN

Tottenham v Brighton (7.15 Sky Sports Box Office)
Kane .. Son ... Son ... Kane ... blah blah blah. Still no start for Bale. HOME WIN

Fulham v West Brom (5.30 Sky Sports Box Office)
The first six pointer of the season. No one will be happy. DRAW

Leeds v Leicester (8.00 Sky Sports)
Leeds have been hugely entertaining but Leicester are above them despite getting smashed 3-0 by West Ham Utd. Could go either way so .... DRAW

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gph 1:23 Tue Nov 3
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
Bilic ought to go.

This is just about the last moment he can use the fact that the board sold one of his players behind his back as an excuse.

If they make his job impossible, he's only going to carry the can when that becomes apparent.

twoleftfeet 11:49 Mon Nov 2
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
We tore Leicester apart 😯😯

Sven Roeder 11:47 Mon Nov 2
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
Correct pen decision via the screen

36 Prem league pens this season
We must be due one

Tomsdad 11:39 Mon Nov 2
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
Don't like Bielsa. Reminds me of someone from One flew over the cockoos nest.

AVOR 11:33 Mon Nov 2
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
Bilic gone apparently

Gaffer58 10:29 Mon Nov 2
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
The ref Mariner has now at least twice not given Leicester a free kick and ignored the (fall,dive,simulation) pick your own description,that had it been Salah he would have given it.

Sven Roeder 10:24 Mon Nov 2
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
Every Leeds game is basically end to end for 90mins
Unfortunately for them they are capable of horrible rickets at the back

Admiral Lard 9:26 Mon Nov 2
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
West Brom won't sack Bilic yet

Sven Roeder 9:17 Mon Nov 2
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
Haven’t seen the game but Bilic has a very ordinary team
I know they wanted experience but amazed they brought in Ivanovic at 36(or thereabouts)
He left Chelsea about 3 years ago as he was cooked then in Premier league terms

Spandex Sidney 9:07 Mon Nov 2
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
Watching this game, both teams aren't great. But West Brom are poor and whenever the camera pans to Bilic he's just shrugging his shoulders.

He clearly is a great 12 to 18 month manager before losing the plot. It actually looks like he's picked the wrong team today

ted fenton 8:49 Mon Nov 2
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
Bilić was appointed manager of English Premier League club West Ham United on 9 June 2015 on a three-year contract.In his first Premier League game on 9 August, his team beat Arsenal 2–0 at the Emirates Stadium.Three weeks later, he became the first manager to lead West Ham to victory against Liverpool at Anfield since 1963.On 19 September, Bilić led West Ham to a third successive away win 1–2 against Manchester City.

We finished 7th that season.

Far Cough 8:39 Mon Nov 2
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)

wanstead_hammer 8:36 Mon Nov 2
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)

paulon 8:14 Mon Nov 2
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
Bit harsh

He's a bang average manger though who's being found out again


Faux Bare 8:10 Mon Nov 2
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
Bye bye Bilic, you useless cunt.

cygnet 10:46 Sun Nov 1
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
I didn't see it but apparently the Ref did even things up for Brighton

zebthecat 10:32 Sun Nov 1
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
Sven Roeder 9:12 Sun Nov 1

and Blaise Matuidi

happygilmore 10:23 Sun Nov 1
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
A dive by Son followed straight away by a dive by Kane. I thought that a dive was a yellow card?

The Hammers 10:20 Sun Nov 1
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
Nice dive Kane

happygilmore 10:12 Sun Nov 1
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
Just watching replays of the two key VAR decisions.

Losts for words

cygnet 9:35 Sun Nov 1
Re: Football (Matchweek #7)
Oh this is farcical Clear pen Brighton. VAR says no...

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