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ironskej 1:39 Mon Nov 2
Team for Fulham
Haller was dreadful the other day. But, it was against Liverpool, meaning Bowen / Fornals / Soucek struggled to play off him as they were further down the pitch. I can't see it being like that against Fulham, so one more chance. Could stick in Diop ahead of General.

General - Og - Cress
Vlad the Impaler - Masuaku
Tommy the Killer - Rice
Bowen - Spanish Pirate
Le Moody Frenchman

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daveyg 8:42 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
Oh yes... and please Mr Moyes use our subs the right way.

threesixty 4:59 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
I just want us to play the same way for a long time until it’s second nature. I want it to be our identity and allow us to get players in The next window that fit that formation. So changing it, even if it brings results in the short term will distract us from our long term vision. That’s why I’m against changing things for 1 player no matter how much he costs.

We need consistency and identity. We seem to be getting there. Let’s not abandon this now.

We managed to get goals and perform well without Antonio on the pitch with this squad and formation so I see no reason to change it for Haller. Haller needs to fit in. That’s all.

onsideman 4:19 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
Don't have any views or observations on anyone's team picks, but Yarmolenko definitely did carelessly lose possession just outside our penalty area which, in less than 10 seconds, lead directly to Shaquiri receiving the ball and making the pass to Jota.

easthammer 4:06 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
diehardhammer wrote...


Yarmo been shit for 2 games and gave Liverpool their second goal

I agree that he hasn't been great and against Man City he couldn't do anything right, true. I don't think he was to blame for anything at Liverpool. You will have to remind me what he did that lead to the Liverpool goal which was a great through ball from the edge of our box for the Liverpool player to run onto. Yarmo was on or about the halfway line. I can't remember if he had lost possession, but I do know there were at least three passes across the front our defence before the final through ball. I thought that when he came on in the game he showed more for the ball from a central position in the short time he was there than Haller did in the previous 75 mins. He plays the central strikers role for his national team and therefore should be able to do so for us without us changing our relatively successful setup. I wish we had a better alternative but its either Haller or him. I don't rate Haller because of his lack of effort.

ironsofcanada 3:54 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
If you are not able and willing to change your system and even personnel for different challenges you probably should be commenting on an internet message board rather than managing a Premier League team.

theaxeman 3:49 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
Although we've done well against the rich clubs if we dont win tonight we're down there with the dead men. This is a bigger test for moyes in away as he is going to have to open up and not just play on the break.

Kaiser Zoso 3:35 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
Yeah Andy, let’s stick with a formation that leaves our £45 million centre forward isolated and ineffective.

Then complain he was turd when he gets hooked.

Stowie.40 3:14 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
Yarmolenko has been a liability 3 times this season, and he’s 2nd half performance against city was atrocious, probably worse than anything Haller has put in recently.

threesixty 3:11 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
I find it odd that we played against some of the best teams in the country (if not the world) with a formation that also scores goals too yet people want to change it for Fulham. That’s the complacency that means we would deserve to lose.

There are no easy games in the PL. On their day any team can turn over any team. That’s why it’s an exciting league. Let’s not take the piss.

Also, why do people think that a player that scored 17 goals last season from the wing can’t play as a striker? The world is full of players who have made the leap from winger to striker / forward. (Our own Antonio, Gareth Bale, Ronaldo etc..).

The main ingredient a striker needs is ability to finish. That’s why Fornals will never be a striker but Antonio can be. After finishing ability it’s movement. Then it’s ability to hold the ball up and strength. That last part is the only thing I don’t know whether Benhrahma has that at all. But in terms of finishing, I don’t see who has a much better record than him in the squad at the moment.

For me it’s worth a shot because if he is fast you get that Vardy outlet that you won’t get with Haller or Yarmer.

Vexed 3:02 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
Fornals at wing back! Bwahaha!

Fuck off mate.

daveyg 3:00 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
Don't know why everyone is now bigging up Masuaku.
He makes mistakes every game that costs us. Doesn't produce enough assists for a so called expressive wing back,can't remember the last time he scored.
I'd put Benrahma in and play 3-4-3.
Balnuena Ogbonna Cresswell
Coufal Soucek Rice Fornals
Bowen Haller Benraham

Lato 2:51 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
If I remember rightly he got away with a mistake the previous week against City. Whilst in a threatening position in their half he decided on presumably a back pass that went straight to Sterling who fortunately for us fluffed his lines!

fraser 2:31 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
Manuel, true it was three phrases back.

But it wasn't a misplaced pass, it was stupidity in a dangerous area, which he is prone to doing, he does pull it off a fair few times but when he doesn't it often leads to the other team getting a chance to score.

Just wish he'd cut it out.

Manuel 2:01 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
After reading the experts on here last week blaming Yarm for the goal I looked out for it when I next saw the goal. He gave the ball away 3 phases back from when they scored. How fucking far back do we go now to look for someone to blame, ffs??

Vexed 1:57 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
diehardhammer 1:15 Sat Nov 7

Is being better than Haller not reason enough?

How do you work out Yarmo have the micks a goal? Looked like an outrageous offside from where I was sitting. A gift from VAR.

-[Rasta]- 1:52 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
will be the same team, Moyles will give him a chance, hopefully he will be able to hold it up and we get a few more bodies in to support, as much as he was useless in the last game he was decent in the cup against lower league and looked decent when he first arrived, we shall see!!! Looks like he just needs a good slap to get him angry....

Full Claret Jacket 1:31 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
Sir Alf 1:04 Sat Nov 7

I agree. Mitrovic is a handful and on his day a match winner. He's not been converting chances but that can easily change and more importantly he is getting chances. Lookman is fast direct and tricky and I really like Zambo Anguissa in midfield, quick strong and often involved in their best stuff.

Definitely not a given we will win. We are going to have to be at our best and take our chances. If we are good for 90 mins it could be fairly comfortable. Their defense is poor so we need to get at it. I'd consider putting two up front - Perhaps Haller and Bowen to cause them problems. Someone like Benrahma to come on and may create chances but we do need to remain solid at the back. I'd rather they had not just won their first match. That will have lifted them a bit.

theaxeman 1:23 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
Sir Alf

I agree its a fair bet they'll have more possession than us. That might suit us though.

Id have Benramha in for fornals as the only change.

diehardhammer 1:15 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
easthammer 11:56 Sat Nov 7


Yarmo been shit for 2 games and gave Liverpool their second goal

Sir Alf 1:04 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
A lot of fans ( younger which means under 50 these days 😀) just assume we will roll Fulham over for a routine victory?

I have watched a few of their games. They are not that bad but have struggled to score in games that they have competed well in and sometimes dominated possession.

We have yet to see how we will handle a game where we should have more of the ball. Not sure they defend deep but it really is a game that no one can be confident of predicting just yet?

So you would assume it will be the same starting eleven as at Liverpool especially since Moyes is your conservative type manager

easthammer 11:56 Sat Nov 7
Re: Team for Fulham
Should be Yarmolenko in for Haller otherwise same team. But I suspect Haller will start

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