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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Ridikzappa 12:21 Wed Nov 4
Has Anyone Else Noticed?
Despite making up only 20% of Britain’s population, nearly every television advert, advertising bill board, publicity poster in shops and social media advert now has a black gentleman as the main point of reference, a black man with a white lady, a mixed race couple or only black or BAME family as the centre point?

It’s almost like there is an anti-white agenda being pushed? Change my mind.

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Come On You Irons 1:52 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
The advertising industry now seems to portray the UK as being 50% white and 50% black. It's rare to see any other minority ethnic group in adverts.

What about South Asians, Chinese, Middle Easterns, Eastern Europeans?

When was the last time an Eastern European, say a Pole was represented on a UK advert? Never! Despite there being near a million Poles living here.

If the advertising industry really wanted to be more representative of the UK they would have a wider array of minorities represented. They don't and only (overly) represent the black minority as they have the most vocal pressure groups. It's utterly ridiculous.

Full Claret Jacket 1:46 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
I haven't really noticed as the race of someone has never been a big deal for me but it's fair to say I don't watch a lot of media as it's now obviously biased crap.
Interestingly although the Generation Z kids have been brainwashed by media and influences taught from birth, they are even starting to even see issues with how things like equality on a number of topics are biased, misrepresented and fake.

These equality issues do exist in the real world and it's good to understand them but it's almost become virtuous to under-represent the majority or demonise majority view.

Vexed 1:43 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
Isn't there another website pricks like Ridikwanka and Rioshrivelledbollock can go to to air their racial views?

Yeah we know, you dont like brown people and you're scared they're going to fuck your daughters up the arris.

But do we really have to hear it EVERY FUCKING DAY?

Far Cough 1:29 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?

ted fenton 1:27 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?

ted fenton 1:27 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
GreenStreetPlayer 1:25 Wed Nov 4

GreenStreetPlayer 1:25 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
The BBC in particular is becoming more difficult to watch by the day.
They are pushing minority groups in our face all the time, it’s on steroids.
I just don’t recognise it anymore and mainly watch other channels.

ted fenton 12:23 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?

Darlo Debs 12:19 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
Isnt throwi g midgets ( sorry Little peòple as they are known ) around illegal.now?

ted fenton 12:16 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
Latest Amazon advert all Black with one white midget thrown in for luck !!

Golden Oldie 12:01 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
Its weird in that I meet people nowadays who have one foot in and one foot out of the media mind control machine.

The Kalergi plan must continue without impediment and it makes the eyes bleed in the way they shoehorn their poisonous agenda on each and every TV show they used to love, even more so the adverts, it really is obscene(and always has been only it was more subtle back then).

More and more regular people are beginning to notice the media instead of reporting on news is holding up a distorted mirror at them and pissing in their faces, yet on the other hand are also terrified that a cold they have experienced and dealt with nary a concern for the majority of their lives now has a completely new meaning and suddenly requires lockdowns, mandatory muzzles, controlled demolition of the economy and military on the streets to make sure gran gets locked up in isolation.

For a poxy cold.

The media has been openly hostile to traditional conservatism for the past ten+ years in a way they could never have got away with in the McCarthy years that even now TV addict conservative viewers can see the bias (that was always there) and are beginning to reject it, then look at all the faggy spastics screeching about Trump on telly, 8 years of telling the viewer how much we all hate the very idea of a Brexit/Trump and want to dress little Timmy in a dress and Jane in a GI Joe outfit creating an imaginary common consensus that is the popular opinion and yet he gets the most votes again and again, when will they on the left realise the media they consume is just as deceitful in their reporting, only it reinforces their delusion/illusion and is on their side so they suck it up and screech to its beat.

1 step forward, 10,000 steps back

Watch the movie "They live" if you want an insight to a general theory that makes a lot more sense in how the media works than any other explanation you could find in the mainstream.

Chinkey Weasel 11:07 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
I've noticed hardly anyone is wearing a poppy this year. Fucking disgraceful.

Go out & find one & buy one you lazy box set watching cunts.

wanstead_hammer 8:56 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
Norm 6:23

They’re just the brainwashed, bandwagon brigade.

normannomates 6:55 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
Black woman love a bit of whitey.

normannomates 6:23 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
They can get fucked..

Sick to death of this BLM bollocks... they are taking the fucking piss if they think they are 'oppressed'.
Sick to death of the youth of today who are flakey at best.. two bob bruvs init.

I'll be glad to be out of it..

I miss the days

normannomates 6:11 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
I suggest we should ask these Africunts for our money back?

normannomates 6:05 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
Sir Henry Lenry giving it large.

What a cunt

Darlo Debs 3:35 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
Thanks Darby i thought i was having some weird WHOthread de ja vu experience.

Darby_ 2:44 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
The other cliche is when there are black couples, the men are always dark skinned and the women light skinned. Every single time.

Aren’t dark skinned black women attractive enough for advertisers?

arsene york-hunt 2:42 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
Mongolian families are grossly underreprented in TV ads. Eskimoes too.

Darby_ 2:27 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
We had this exact same thread a week or two ago.

At the time I asked why there were so few couples that had a white bloke and a black bird. It’s always the other way around.

Why is that? It’s because ad executives stick to cliches. If one has a black bloke and a white bird in their ad, they’ll all do it.

joyo 2:05 Wed Nov 4
Re: Has Anyone Else Noticed?
Funny how the WOKE posters want this locked

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