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Bishopsfinger 4:10 Fri Nov 6
Man Utd and the boat story
Tell me what happened?

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arsene york-hunt 8:12 Mon Nov 9
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
ato 4:31 Mon Nov 9

On the subject of 1967 I got there about an hour and a half before kick off and only just got in before the gates closed. The whole ground was packed with the cunts. They didn't take any ends, they were just got there early. Also Dennis Law put his hands on John Charles face and Charles pushed his hands away and the ref gave them a penaly. This was the first of hundreds of bent decisions I have witnessed over the years favouring them. I fucking hate the cunts

Swiss. 4:50 Mon Nov 9
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
Some of them got ridiculous sentences as well like 10 years.

TheBoleynBoy 4:47 Mon Nov 9
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
They’ve been whacked up a good few times in recent years aswell.

Swiss. 4:39 Mon Nov 9
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
The Ferry? Was like Zulu. Wasn't the bar on the upper deck where the ICF were called The Inner City Bar?

I remember in the Southbank singing "We're West Ham the sailor man" To Popeye.

chav_corner 4:35 Mon Nov 9
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
Of course it aint true,

Lato 4:31 Mon Nov 9
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
For those that were at the 1967 match

The Manchester Evening News would note that: ‘Upton Park was bedlam….all hell was breaking loose as United were being roared on by over 30,000 near hysterical supporters. The referee had ordered the ball boys to try and clear the goalmouth which was knee deep in toilet rolls and streamers. The St John ambulance men were streaming along the sides of the pitch, their stretchers laden with fans who had succumbed to hysteria’. Events were no less dramatic when play got under way on the pitch. Man United raced into a 4-0 lead within twenty minutes with goals from Bobby Charlton, George Best, Bill Foulkes and Paddy Crerand.

Was this true 30,000 Mancs present?

one iron 2:23 Mon Nov 9
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
man united people cant tell the truth.always lies and bullshit.

Wilko Johnson 12:00 Mon Nov 9
Re: Man Utd and the boat story

Mani on this clip with his Head bag over his shoulder, starts at 40 seconds in.

My Uncle started going in the early to mid 1960's. He was at the Man Utd game in 1967 and the scenes he saw there made him stop going. He took me and my brother to our first game in 1978 and I think that was his first time back at UP.

Lato 10:21 Mon Nov 9
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
In a game marked by fan violence, visiting Manchester United clinched the title of The Football League in England in its penultimate game of the regular 1966–67 season, with a 6-1 win over West Ham United at Upton Park. Manchester U fans "were rapidly gaining notoriety for their violent exploits", and over 20 people were hospitalized for injuries during and after the match. "The interaction with Manchester United fans that day", an author would note later, "marked an important change in young West Ham fans' commitment to confronting opposing fan groups." [25] In September, when Manchester United and its fans returned to East London, West Ham fans were ready for retaliation.

From Wikipedia

Faux Bare 2:32 Sun Nov 8
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
The Cockney Reds came unstuck many a time at the Boleyn.

arsegrapes 2:28 Sun Nov 8
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
jack flash 11:33 Sat Nov 7
Re: Man Utd and the boat story

Too young for 67, but was in the NB in 75. Could see everything that was going on from there, as said no segregation then, was the biggest mob of away supporters I have ever seen at UP. They were no angels caused trouble wherever they went, they tried to have a go back as well several times but were beat back, ended up well battered. It was like the whole East End turned out for retribution for 67. That was the worst trouble I've ever seen at UP. Many would have died, been crushed at the front if there were fence's.

They also came unstuck around those times when they took a large mob to the Old Den.

Was also at the Forest game around the time who ended up on the pitch from the SB with the corner of Westside escorted down the tunnel. Some tried to hop over into the Westside it didn't end well.

Lily Hammer 12:08 Sat Nov 7
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
Taffy Harris (RIP) told me it was him goading his old running mates with airplane noises on the ferry, but he couldn’t remember anything else because he was knocked spark out by a bottle of spirits wrapped around his head. I think some of the West Ham managed to carry him up before all hell broke loose.

joe royal 12:03 Sat Nov 7
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
My very limited knowledge of the 81 suggests they very rarely get involved with civvies.

Version I heard was they are sat at a bar just watching on.

Another version , they were ‘cowering’ under a table.

Suppose memories get hazy after 30 years.

jack flash 11:33 Sat Nov 7
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
It's funny how the media manage to get these things totally wrong!
I wasn't on the ferry but I've heard what happened from several different reliable sources from the few that were there
I was in the South Bank 1975 and though I was at the Man U game in 1967, I wasn't in the North Bank and only got sketchy reports on what happened
1967 North Bank was a major skirmish with broken bottles, glass everywhere and several serious injuries on both sides. Apparently no clear winner and the press condemned everyone
After that, glass bottles were banned
1975 South Bank. I arrived at the ground late after a long journey, having recently moved up North
There was no chance of getting into the North Bank which was my usual preference, so I walked around the ground to find that a gate had been removed into the South Bank and people were surging in, so in I went
There were rucks going off all over the place and it immediately became obvious that the Man U fans were getting a serious battering
In those days, people wore scarves and there were red and white scarves lying around everywhere
It was like a medieval battle and it went on for ages with flare ups everywhere as the ManU fans sought sanctuary by trying to escape further punishment by getting on to the pitch. At first, the stewards tried to force them back on to the terraces, but soon gave uo because of the weight of numbers
By this time, the match had been going on for about 10 minutes or so and Alan Taylor had scored for us when the match was rightly stopped by the ref
It was reported in the papers, the following day that there was an 'evil' atmosphere at the ground as ManU fans had invaded the pitch (presumably because they were losing), which couldn't have been further from the truth, but added to our enjoyment of the ultimate win both on the pitch and on the terraces!
That wasn't quite the end of the matter though
The massacre continued after the match for pretty much the full length of Green Street. The police were more interested in protecting the shop fronts of the shops rather than intervening so not only did the ManU fans get a battering in the South Bank but also they got a battering on their way back to the station and best of all, they got the blame for the whole thing in the next day's press!
Finally, the ferry incident
The story I heard was that there were very few West Ham fans, less than 20, on the ferry. They had complained bitterly to the authorities that there was likely to be trouble as there were around 200 ManU fans scheduled to go on the same ferry, but the pig headed authorities took no notice
The West Ham fans were on the upper deck and the ManU fans on the lower deck, seperated only by a narrow stairwell
The West Ham fans started goading the Man U fans by making aeroplane gestures
Needless to say, it all kicked off and the West Ham fans, fighting for their lives, held out by defending the stairwell, with the help of several Hells Angels and other passengers who were on the upper deck
Fire extinguishers, bottles, pictures, in fact anything that wasn't nailed down was hurled at the on rushing Man U fans
At one point, the water hose was used to try to hold them back
The ferry eventually had to be turned back
On arrival back at Harwich, several ManU fans were hospitalised with quite serious injuries but nobody else was hurt
I heard from some people that there was a large group of Liverpool fans waiting to catch a later ferry at Harwich and it all kicked off again between them and the ManU fans
We got the blame for the ferry debacle on this occasion but you can't blame our fans from trying to defend themselves
If the ManU fans had got up the stairs, the incident would probably have been much more serious than it was

wanstead_hammer 10:49 Fri Nov 6
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
The Mancs got battered all over the shop in 75

And come unstuck on the ferry. All the pictures off the walls went at em as well. Haha.

Bit too young for the ‘67 one.

Lato 10:33 Fri Nov 6
Re: Man Utd and the boat story

If l remember rightly hordes of the Mancs were on the pitch shortly after kick off to avoid a kicking. I also recall Forest getting similar treatment around 1978/79

bruuuno 10:32 Fri Nov 6
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
I bet they were shitting it, if they’d have got done they’d have been fucked, no escape on a ferry.

It’s impressive that they were outnumbered, but nerds into military history knows that an attacking force need something like 5 x the numbers when assaulting defensive position

Side of Ham 10:22 Fri Nov 6
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
*Mr Loverman*

alfs barnet 10:17 Fri Nov 6
Re: Man Utd and the boat story

Side of Ham 10:14 Fri Nov 6
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
alfs barnet 9:19 Fri Nov 6

Sorry to make you 'cringe' alfs....such a nasty word to use to abuse something, would have gone down well back then......

joe royal 9:23 Fri Nov 6
Re: Man Utd and the boat story
300 hells angels may be an exaggeration.

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