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Queens Fish Bar 11:20 Tue Nov 10
The children suffering

Ofsted’s second report into the impact of the pandemic finds that children who were hardest hit by school closures and restrictions have regressed in some basic skills and learning
Some young children, who were previously potty-trained, have lapsed back into nappies, particularly those whose parents were unable to work flexibly
Older children have lost stamina in their reading and writing, some have lost physical fitness, others show signs of mental distress, including an increase in eating disorders and self-harm
Concerns remain about children who were out of sight during school closures, with falling referrals to social care teams raising fears that domestic neglect, exploitation or abuse is going undetected


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Stepney.Ammer 9:06 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
Looks like many here have decided to take the headline 'back in nappies and not using knife and fork' as their main argument that it is the parent's fault kids are suffering - which in these particular cases it CLEARLY is.

But what about the effect on children's learning, social interaction with kids of their own age group, not to mention their fitness and mental well-being by the school closures?

What also about those kids* that do sports? Me and the missus have made sure ours have kept their fitness levels up (as well as doing our best to make sure they have kept up with their schooling). However, my girls not being able to go to their gymnastics 4 months out of a year is something we as parents can't fully replace. Likewise my boy with his football. They won't get this time back.

I bet there are plenty of fat cunts on here who are preaching about parenting yet are passing on their crappy lifestyle to their kids. For me if your kids are overweight and don't do enough physical exercise you are just as BAD as those parents you are slating on this thread.

Shame so many have taken the moral high ground rather than focusing on the fact that all these measures are proving to have a negative effect on children.

Sxboy_66 8:52 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
Alwaysaniron 6:07 Tue Nov 10

Cabbage Savage 7:59 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
Polski in uk send the vowcher back to Poland and we spend in Lidl near Inżynierska

Good times

Darlo Debs 7:52 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
CS was that happening on a wide scale?

Any evidence if so?

Gaffer58 7:44 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
Oh look my 4 year old still has to wear a nappy because the teachers at his school haven’t taught him to piss in the toilet, the bloody teachers are useless, now don’t bother me I’ve got day time tv to watch.

only1billybonds 7:31 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
I think for certain people,this virus has been an absolute blessing. It gives these types another excuse to hide from their failyres as parents and really does typify a section of society that insists, its someone else's fault,someone else can do it or someone elae can pay fot it.

Much of this is the result of the 'nanny state' doing its work and encouraging,almost insisting that taking personal responsibilty is a dirty buisness. Is this just affecting kids in the UK? I mean this virus has been the same for everyone but is it only British kids who have forgottton how to wipe their own arses or is there an entire generation across the planet who suddenly have trouble remebering their own name due to covid?

Parenting is hard fucking work and sacrifices have to be made in many area's but sadly some 'adults' are to wrapped up in their own needs to put their kids first.

dealcanvey 7:00 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
For decades the standard of living has improved generation after generation. Unfortunately that is very much likely to stop.

First generation in how long where kids are more likely to be worse off than their parents?

A sad thought but one people will have to come to terms with. Already many places in the south east where Children will simply have no chance of getting on the property ladder and have to look elsewhere.

Our government currently 2 trillion in debt and counting. Dont worry, the kids can pay it off.

Sad state of affairs.

Council Scum 6:41 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
Darlo Debs 5:03 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
Block the money at the last lockdown was given.in vouchers which could only be spent on food

Or they can be sold for cash to anyone who wants to lend them money.

WHU(Exeter) 6:33 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
"I'll have 10 lucky dips please and 3 lottery tickets for Saturday"

Side of Ham 6:12 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
I think it's children having children which is the main problem, most adults these days are still me,me,me even when they are adult ages. Having children rarely stops them for reverting back to this after a few years even if they do manage to make it about their parental responsibilities.

Alwaysaniron 6:07 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
Kids going back wearing nappies (bad parenting)

Kids unlearning their ABC;s and Numbers (Bad parenting)

Kids becoming illiterate having started to read and write (Bad parenting).

All Covid has done here is highlight how bad many people are at looking after their own children. Lazy good for nothing wankers.

Hammer and Pickle 6:04 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
The parents, DEGAS their names and get it wrong. It's terrible.

Darlo Debs 5:56 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
* most of us would be distraught if our daughters wanted that etc

Darlo Debs 5:54 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
..and education and general economic system its damning that a female anywhere would see havjbg kids whike they are still a kid themselves as a good life optiion isn't it. I.thi k most of us on here if our daughrers wanted that or if our sons were outtibg it about without facing up.tomtheir responsibilities

Mike Oxsaw 5:53 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
Darlo Debs 5:24 Tue Nov 10

Modern technology means that a person doesn't really need to do anything other than "tie" their benefits account to a chosen retailer (or retailers). They can still have a card, of course, but with a tied account the calculations & deductions can be done in the background, the only information available being a line on the till receipt.

If there are no qualifying items purchased at that instant, none of the bill gets charged to the benefits account.

All these problems are solvable - many have so been for decades - but the political will is lacking because whatever is tried to help people, somebody from the extreme left or right will get obnoxiously vocal over it and the real purpose will get lost in the noise.

Nurse Ratched 5:51 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
These parents are so busy spending their monet on fine art, their kids are going INGRES.

Mr Kenzo 5:35 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
What about those Northern Slags in that documentary some years ago in Middlesbrough who's only way of an income was to get up the duff and its still happening today. Its shit like that that fucks me off and its why there are so many flaws in the benefits system.

Darlo Debs 5:24 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
Block.that is where you'll end up.with a lot of people who really do need the help not getting it because nothing feels more stigmatising to.someone who never wanted to.claim.in the first.place than handing vouchers to some snotty cashier in morrisons (.i worked there and know plenty) for them.to be judging you.

I think.there is a place for people getting a choice so that if they struggle to budget then some can have money oaid as a voucher card to a supermarket. I'd be doing whatever i can tonget as many people to home cook as much as possible and learn to shop well. Maybe even finding a way to incentivise that, if possible

Hammer and Pickle 5:24 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
What about the people who have some many children they can't Renoir their names?

Block 5:16 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
I haven't forgiven you for stealing my childs name, Penners.

penners28 5:15 Tue Nov 10
Re: The children suffering
When I worked in banking you should see what SOME people on benefits spend their money on. One girl in particular got a "crisis" loan, and 2 days later had £400 worth of clothes shopping on her account...

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