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one iron 12:13 Sat Nov 14
my book 18/november 2020.
My book s out on wednesday,on amozon in kindle or paperback. we will do signed copys at £9-99 plus postage,contact mossa on sm for details after wednesday thank you for your surpport over the years,keep safe bill g

Bill Gardner The Man, The Myth, The Legend

Amazon link to the book


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ParadiseLost 3:34 Mon Mar 29
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
I know the author bleeds claret and blue but my copy of the book isn’t far behind. I’ve realized that the cover is leeching lots of blue ink onto my hands when I’m reading it. Be careful out there!

ParadiseLost 10:11 Thu Mar 25
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
Bought a copy from Amazon US where it is available in both paperback and kindle format and received it in Medellin, Colombia within a few days.
A worthwhile read. I never was the sort of teen who was going to stand and fight in the 1970s when I first started going to Upton Park but the book helped me - for the first time - to understand what was going on. I thought I was a die hard West Ham fan, but having read about Bill and others exploits I am just an amateur.

charleyfarley 5:47 Thu Mar 25
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
I think I might have stolen a march on Bill when it came to the early days of going to away matches as hooligans.
I would have been 12-13 at the time, I'm 2 years older so Bill would have only been 11.
We used to meet at Plaistow station with the head of the crew who was a massive bloke in a donkey jacket and he used to lead the line, Bill tells me he is dead now. I only lasted 3 matches, got lined up against a wall by the Old Bill after a Chelsea match where it all kicked off . They took all our names and addresses and I pleaded with the old bill not to let my old man know I had cigarettes and a lighter on me.
After that I abandoned all future meet ups too scared of my old man.

whu 3:26 Thu Mar 25
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
halfway through. a very good read.

one iron 3:12 Thu Mar 25
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
thanks mex.

Mex Martillo 9:33 Wed Mar 24
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
Thought I’d give my pennies worth...
I also just finished your book.

I really enjoyed the book.

I never really entered that terrace group although I did start going to matches about 1980 as a young teenager, but never more than a few games a season and only ever went to away games in London. I never saw any real trouble. Really interesting to read about it though how life was in the environment at West Ham, not the trouble. Hate to say I would definitely have toed it though, if I had seen trouble, but also I would have stayed if friends were in trouble, but most of all I’d have wanted them to toe it as well if the odds were not good!

May be I should thank Bill as after a West Ham game my friend and I were once surrounded by 4 biggish ManU fans (they were not playing us some other London club) and they menacingly asked us who we supported, we proudly said West Ham and they said oh, you guys are all right and walked off!?

But Billy (whitehouse) is right. The book is not about violence. I found it to be about being a decent bloke and supporting West Ham. Getting through life when at times it was difficult.

I found it very moving and welled up a bit a few times. The short chapter on the last game at Upton Park really got to me. I liked that you called our home Upton Park. It kind of changed to the Boleyn at that time, which I never really understood. I know that was the proper name, but who used it?

Another choker was the trail and injustice, not so much the political and law aspect, but the other stuff that was just mean and difficult to understand the unnecessary stuff.

On the actual policing, perhaps no so oddly the only experience I have, which was a very minor drunken nonsense, was also the police fabricating what was said. I just accepted it and I think it paid off as I just got a 30 pound fine. But makes me think it’s more common than we like to think.

Lots of funny bits as well, Braveheart and the axe in the sun, had me laughing. The fans you helped out who just fucked of and left you! Not good, but funny the way you told it.

All good and I recommend it to anyone interested in football.

Thanks One Iron

Aberdeen Iron 3:29 Fri Mar 5
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
Got a couple of copies before Christmas. Got to keep the fam educated.

one iron 6:09 Thu Mar 4
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
Thanks to the newham recorder, for the article printed today.

one iron 9:06 Thu Mar 4
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
Thanks billy

billywhitehorse 7:56 Wed Mar 3
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
Finished the book today.

Must have been hard for Bill to be so candid about his upbringing. Was painful reading about his childhood, but it helped explain why his West Ham family are so important to him.

Well worth a read and gives an important insight into our history and the positives of traditional working class values that Bill embodies. (Although he would probably be too modest to claim it himself).

It's not a book about violence. It's about loyalty, brotherhood, selflessness and generosity.

Mex Martillo 8:34 Sat Feb 27
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
I started it today and still not got to the start!
What’s that about?
Just a wee joke, I don’t read much and haven’t read a book in years other than children’s stories to the now young lady!
I giving this a go though!

riosleftsock 8:28 Sat Feb 27
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
Meant to post earlier - finished the book a couple of weeks ago. Not the sort of book I'd normally buy, but thought I'd give it a go.

Its quite a surprising book, with some interesting contributions from others (including players). Its not easy talking about being abused and having mental health problems or even being homeless, so I take my hat off to you mate.

I recommend it to anybody who's been following the hammers since the 60s, 70s (me) or 80s and dabbled in the odd away game back then. Or anybody who wondered what makes the author tick.

one iron 10:21 Thu Feb 4
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
view on amazon said he did not like the cover of my book, he will change when he finds out it was done by banksy barry,in the future it will be worth good money

lufbra iron 4:14 Tue Feb 2
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
just read the bit where McAvennie was on a date and some twat was giving him grief all night.

he went for a piss and when he came back two of the West Ham lads had given this prick a good seeing to. Satisfying read.

one iron 10:19 Tue Feb 2
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
I left out two chapters, but will talk about them when i do a talk with carlton and sex drugs and carlton cole, when we are back to being a bit normal.

riosleftsock 11:16 Sat Jan 30
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
Mine arrived this afternoon. Already halfway through it. I like the writing style, its straight, honest and very frank.

Thanks for knocking one out Bill, lot of memories there, must be painful and cathartic doing something like this. Not sure I could go through what you did and show the world afterwards everything.

Thanks for sharing your story.

RoyalDocksGK 3:51 Fri Jan 29
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
Got the book delivered Wednesday and I've finished it already. Quality read that. Lol describing your cock hanging from the curtains in the hotel at Erdington is fucking funny.

Happy birthday Mr. Bill Gardner

roltrader 12:34 Fri Jan 29
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
Happy Birthday Bill

riosleftsock 1:32 Thu Jan 28
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
Just ordered from Amazon Bill.

Thanks for writing this, I look forward to reading it mate.

one iron 3:56 Mon Jan 25
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
fifth, ones paperback, the other ones kindle.

Fifth Column 10:34 Mon Jan 25
Re: my book 18/november 2020.
There seem to be two versions on Amazon? Are they the same but with different covers?

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