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WHU(Exeter) 4:14 Wed Nov 18
Radio 6
Whose your favourites?

Giles Peterson, Saturday afternoons, cracking 'blimey, who was that' songs one week, virtually unlistenable the next

Guy Garvey, not an Elbow fan, but good songs on a Sunday afternoon.

Liz Kershaw, everything inside me programmed to hate it, but find her "hiyas" and sense of humour infectious.

Least, marie Ann Hobbs, everything "amazing" and "incredible", with blokes texting in to say how they'd had to stop their DIY or cooking a sausage sandwich, because they'd started crying halfway through some Sade b-side. let's have a party in our kitchen...."Amazing"......FUCK OFF.

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lowermarshhammer 3:39 Fri Nov 20
Re: Radio 6
6 is a bit try too hard to be cool sometimes.

I've been listening to LBC a lot this year. I hate all the presenters and nearly all the callers. CUNTS the lot of 'em.

Claret Badger 3:23 Fri Nov 20
Re: Radio 6
Love a bit of 6

Alex Bunbury 3:02 Thu Nov 19
Re: Radio 6
That’s Maconie as well isn’t it. Always a good listen.

UNIHAMMERED 2:58 Thu Nov 19
Re: Radio 6
Freak Zone on Sunday evening. Essential listening for me.Don't think it would appeal to many on this board.

cholo 12:01 Thu Nov 19
Re: Radio 6
Radcliffe and maconie were relegated to weekend mornings to make way for more female weekday hosts and give Keaveny the afternoon. A real shame as none of them are a patch on r and m's old afternoon show. Still listen to them on catchup though.

TWe 11:48 Thu Nov 19
Re: Radio 6
Listening to it now. Will always have Giles Peterson's show on if I'm at home on a saturday afternoon. Good way to find new music.

Alex Bunbury 10:27 Thu Nov 19
Re: Radio 6
Radcliffe and Maconie are brilliant. Play a broad scope of music and are very funny. For some reason they were relegated to the weekend early breakfast show. I quite like Mark Riley as well. Not keen on Craig Charles but like the music he plays. Not a Steve Lamaq fan or Lauren Laverne- plus she is no good on Desert Island Discs!

solidbond 4:09 Thu Nov 19
Re: Radio 6
Culture clash with the don well worth a listen .

BRANDED 1:32 Thu Nov 19
Re: Radio 6
I love a bit of Balkan free form jazz fusion house of an evening.

The OP is righ though you hear some tunes and grab the Shazam and the ten minutes later turn on the local pirate station for a bit of light relief.

Any Old Iron 1:31 Thu Nov 19
Re: Radio 6
What 6music needs is a shake up. Step forward Danny Baker.

I know, it ain't going to happen.

Any Old Iron 1:20 Thu Nov 19
Re: Radio 6
Used to listen to it quite a lot but as the years go by they play more and more contemporary stuff and, naturally enough, less classic rock/pop/soul/folk/reggae etc from 60's, 70's, 80's etc.

But as we all know most stuff produced over the past 20 years or so is just turgid shite so I rarely drop in now.

Do they still have that still have that incrdibly boring cunt on at mid-week tea-time?

That's the other big problem though isn't it. Most of their DJ's are either dull or pretentious, or usually both.

Sven Roeder 10:32 Wed Nov 18
Re: Radio 6
The newly appointed BBC Director General Tim Davie was at the forefront of closing 6Music down 10 years ago before it got a reprieve
Maybe he will have another go

White Pony 10:05 Wed Nov 18
Re: Radio 6
A vaguely “alternative” music station for cardigan wearing readers of Q Magazine. If I should ever feel the need for some lo-fi alt-folk or plodding melancholy, I know where to go.

Vexed 6:54 Wed Nov 18
Re: Radio 6
Ravenscroft was Peel's real name I believe.

Fuck knows why you'd choose that though.

Sven Roeder 6:44 Wed Nov 18
Re: Radio 6
I quite like Huey Morgan and Craig Charles when I get round to hearing them but have been listening more to the Mon-Fri having it on in the background working from home

Lauren Laverne is easy to listen to but have to agree about MAH
Have to admit to laughing out loud to some of the nonsense she comes out with
Keaveney is too relentlessly NORTHERN most of the time and find Lamacq a bit tedious. Seems to be phoning his shows in from 1995.

My only other question is why doesnt John Peels son Tom Ravenscroft call himself PEEL or is he just concerned about NEPOTISM claims?
Or was he the son of the 15yo that Peel married so trying to keep the connection quiet?

Toe Rag 6:22 Wed Nov 18
Re: Radio 6
Gone right off it.

As has been said, Hobbs’s voice does my head in as well.

Also find Lamacq boring.

Very little that they play on there moves me.

Elbow, Idles, Kate Tempest, Fontaines DC, I just find all that stuff as dull as fuck.

WHU(Exeter) 6:03 Wed Nov 18
Re: Radio 6
That's a fair cop.

Most of my vitriol is reserved for the TV though tbf, I can't get too worked up too much about people playing records.

With the exception of Marie Ann Hobbs...

paulon 5:59 Wed Nov 18
Re: Radio 6
FMOB Exeter, last week you were telling the BBC to go fuck itself!

Vexed 5:42 Wed Nov 18
Re: Radio 6
Don't like many of the DJs now, Hobbs is a tiresome cunt as is Keaveny (although not in the same league as the cunt Hobbs). Laverne is a bit hit and miss with her choices, some days its great and others almost entirely unlistenable shit.

Used to like Radcliffe and Maconie in the afternoon and Lamacq in the evening.

I cant remember if I mentioned it but I fucking hate the social worker sounding cunt Hobbs.

Lee Trundle 5:35 Wed Nov 18
Re: Radio 6
Used to enjoy it.

Now I find it REALLY difficult to listen to during the course of the working week mainly because of all the reasons that have already been said below.

I just stick to Spotify and Amazon music now.

ATBOG 5:32 Wed Nov 18
Re: Radio 6
Best. Huey Morgan. Does bare minimum with the playlist and derides anything he has to play. Has an excellent broad taste in music.

Least favourite. Craig Charles. Like listening to the blues brothers on a continuous loop. When Norman Jay fills in for him he blows him away. Unfortunately for radio 6 Sir Norm is one of the best DJ's in the world and can pick and choose whatever he wants to do.

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