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Queens Fish Bar 6:11 Wed Nov 18
Given advances in technology, how much longer has this site got?

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Darlo Debs 12:35 Sun Nov 22
Re: Lifespan
I think we need to.look forward instead of going BAKUver old ground.

Nurse Ratched 12:27 Sun Nov 22
Re: Lifespan
Mr Comma 11:31


only1billybonds 11:48 Sun Nov 22
Re: Lifespan
The SEOL of this board is still there.

, 11:31 Sun Nov 22
Re: Lifespan
Posters have Moldova the future of this Board for years.

Kaiser Zoso 11:27 Sun Nov 22
Re: Lifespan
PERUsing the threads, man OMAN it’s a TURKEY these days.

Mike Oxsaw 11:26 Sun Nov 22
Re: Lifespan
Jeez! The State of you lot.

ironsofcanada 11:13 Sun Nov 22
Re: Lifespan
it's finished? Iran to tell someone, anyone.

, 11:11 Sun Nov 22
Re: Lifespan
Iraqon this Board is far from finished.

Ronald_antly 10:51 Sun Nov 22
Re: Lifespan
I think it's time to Finnish.

Iron Duke 10:44 Sun Nov 22
Re: Lifespan
Ukraining your neck in to posts that don’t concern you again?

Coffee 10:13 Sun Nov 22
Re: Lifespan
So, vietting posts now, Ron?

Ronald_antly 10:09 Sun Nov 22
Re: Lifespan
Yes, Coffers, the man made a mistake, but you shouldn't be russian to judgement.

Coffee 10:01 Sun Nov 22
Re: Lifespan
ironskej 7:47 Sat Nov 21

Send a czech and you can have them.

Darby_ 9:34 Sun Nov 22
Re: Lifespan
We should have a SAVE WHO telethon, with Nurse, Vexed, BRANDED and Hugh manning the phones.

Nicey 7:51 Sat Nov 21
Re: Lifespan
This place is history

Does the 911 thread still exist? That was when the world changed. It was a weird thread which went through so many arcs as the story unfolded in front of our eyes

ironskej 7:47 Sat Nov 21
Re: Lifespan
Bring back the weekly poles and the pictures thread from about 10 years ago

Mike Oxsaw 3:18 Sat Nov 21
Re: Lifespan
Not sure I can do it from here in Oman - they're pretty authoritarian on all things financial. In any case I'm hoping to start flitting around a bit shortly so could be off-line for extended periods.

With regards to the passwords, I suspect only the site owner can get them unless he gives power of attorney to another person.

All routes pass through Steve H at the moment so until he phones home we're limited to covering ongoing costs (which I don't think anybody objects to).

If someone knows anything about charitable trusts, that may be an option for site ownership given that the main (financial) activity of the site is flowers for stiffs.

charleyfarley 2:59 Sat Nov 21
Re: Lifespan
Would anybody like to kick off a SAVE WHO FUND?

I'm already doing the WHO welfare fund otherwise I'd start it. It could be set up initially to pay somebody to sort out the passwords etc or if Bouncing Ludo could do it for nothing. Then if North Bank or defjam need any money etc to keep it going we could go from there it doesn't need to be a subscription, just needs kicking off, so don't be shy somebody get the ball rolling

Bouncing Ludo 2:19 Sat Nov 21
Re: Lifespan
If you get the passwords I'm happy to try and sort out the issues with ads etc.

However, like The Repair Shop It would be a sympathetic restoration and so the clock would remain as it is and the icons wouldn't get updated.

Happy to continue with the ongoing work on the dog icon for a few years though.

Bouncing Ludo 1:59 Sat Nov 21
Re: Lifespan
Can't NB get in touch with the hosting company and get passwords reset etc ?

Nicey 9:12 Sat Nov 21
Re: Lifespan
Set up a funding model and I will happily donate. Do we still have any celeb posters with mega bucks?

This site is an example of what social media could have been. It should be a case study in decades long engagement with limited changes, updates and moderation. In America some websites now sit in their national archives and are protected by law for their historical content. Is there a uk equivalent?

NB, Defjam etc thanks for your work on keeping this place going.

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