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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

OLD GEEZER 7:48 Sun Nov 22
1-0 to the West Ham
Ok so it’s not all sexy flicks and great play. I have been a fan for 60 years and have lived with the ups and downs. I used to shout “boring boring Arsenal” as they got another three points by the odd goal and another reason would go by and we won nothing and just stayed up or even went down and they picked up another trophy.
Well I decided that this 1-0 to West Ham is growing on me. I’m even looking forward to being called boring.
Well done Moysie you boring bastard

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Northern Sold 12:29 Tue Nov 24
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
Last 2 games... hard working... defensively very sound... however not really that exiting... but enough for 2 wins... it would have had the Walrus purring calling it football perfection...

Kaiser Zoso 12:12 Tue Nov 24
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
The two 1-0 wins were against the worst two teams in the division.

I don't like being doom and gloom generally, but we could struggle even more against Villa and the six December fixtures.

We need Antonio back, and we need a similar player up front as cover or competition for Antonio. The other bloke is useless for the way we play.

eusebiovic 12:01 Tue Nov 24
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
1-0 away wins are absolutely fine by me

A little more expansive at Home

Lovely Jubbly

, 11:40 Tue Nov 24
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
The difference between us and the Leicester that won the EPL is that they had Vardy, Kante and Mahrez to name but three of a squad over excelling itself.

the exile 11:36 Tue Nov 24
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
Lato - the main difference between us and that Leicester side is that we are not generally quick on the break, though ironically, the one game this season where we were really good on the break was at Leicester. We're certainly a bit quicker when Antonio is playing and it will be interesting to see how our attacking play develops if/when Benrahma gets into the side.

Darby_ 11:09 Tue Nov 24
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
I dunno. All I mean by 541 is that we play 5 defenders, which we do. Coufal definitely isn't a midfielder. I'm not using it to capture what we do on the field which is a bit more complicated, with someone like Cressers playing completely different roles in defense and attack.

ray winstone 10:52 Tue Nov 24
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham

Lato 10:48 Tue Nov 24

Lato 10:48 Tue Nov 24
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
I don't think we are boring, 2015-16 Leicester played exactly the way we are and hitting teams on the break and winning 1-0. I am not suggesting we will win the Premiership just enjoy it. The good thing is the players all look fitter than we have had for years and not blowing out of their arses after 75 minutes.

angryprumphs 10:23 Tue Nov 24
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
I agree, most of the time we are 3-4-2-1.

Kaiser Zoso 9:57 Tue Nov 24
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
It's not really 5 across the back though, is it Darbs?

It's 3 unless we are defending, and Arthur and Coufal drop in to cover the wings.

Darby_ 2:32 Tue Nov 24
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
We’ve averaged almost two goals a game this season, which is perfectly respectable. But I still think we’re probably a little more defensive than we need to be.

We’re playing 541 because we needed to to get through the tough run, and it’s continued to work well, so we haven’t changed it. I suspect it’ll probably take an unexpected loss before Moyes tries something more adventurous.

Rushing Antonio back in the past has made his injury worse, so I wouldn’t do it now. But eventually I’d like to see him and Haller play together.

Alfs 2:08 Tue Nov 24
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
I think any team on the planet would like such a striker, Zeb. They're a rare beast though.

zebthecat 12:38 Tue Nov 24
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
A striker with out and out pace (who can also cross) would suit this system perfectly.

zebthecat 12:35 Tue Nov 24
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
We are difficult to beat but not in a dull as ditchwater BFS respect the point way. Even with our current defensive formation we have a genuine goal threat on the break with the likes of Bowen, Antonio, Fornals, Soucek and now Benrehama. We also get more players up the pitch faster than we ever did in those days. Sort of the Leicester model.

Sir Alf 12:10 Tue Nov 24
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
Dont worry lads, the wafer thin depth of the squad in certain areas ( central midfield, forwards ) should, if West Ham tradition is followed, mean a couple of injuries followed by a struggle for results.

We are coping ( just ) without Antonio but an injury to Rice, Soucek or Ogbonna, 2 of them or all of them and we are probably buggered.

So need Moyesino to have another couple of windows to strengthen the squad and this season just got to hope we avoid injuries. So far so good.

JLAP 8:03 Mon Nov 23
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
We need another striker though as there are more goals in us. Still having Chicharito or even Perez would have worked in this system..

factory seconds 6:20 Mon Nov 23
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
not for me.

it's a bit like when you hear bi-polar people talk about how they don't like being on meds and prefer the manic highs and lows.

west ham's always been like that for me. find myself losing interest in periods of stable and undramatic competence on the pitch.

thankfully they rarely seem to last.

Eric Hitchmoe 3:45 Mon Nov 23
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
Our problem still remains that we never seem to be geared up for long-term stability and success, no matter who runs the club. Every time we have a good season it almost inevitably falls apart the next (or the one after). Take the 86/87 or the 06/07 (Tevez) seasons for example; two seasons where we should have pushed on - or at least maintained - the form of the previous campaign but everything collapsed.

I have every faith in Moyes to turn us in to something solid - not formidable - but solid and reliable and we can currently expect no more than that (in fact, under this board, we should categorically be grateful for it). And forget the whole "We didn't move stadiums for this" mantra; what we were promised and what we end up with are two very different things and given how abysmal we looked under Bilic (at times) and Pellegrini this new-style West Ham is very much welcomed.

Kaiser Zoso 10:43 Mon Nov 23
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
Spot on chim

They were straight out of the gate from the off, and it took 20 minutes before they started to blow a bit and we began to take control.

Soucek and Rice are top class. Once they get a grip, we have matched most teams.

only1billybonds 10:40 Mon Nov 23
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
If we maintain this form and league position (ish) til after Xmas then surely this is the season when we must have a serious crack at the FA cup? By then ,any relegation worries should be minimal so there shouldn't be a reason why not.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 10:35 Mon Nov 23
Re: 1-0 to the West Ham
Agree entirely with Chim

And something the commentator said yesterday, early in the game. 'Sheffield United will know they've been in a physical battle against this West Ham team'. Music to my ears and something I don't know I've ever heard before, even under BFS.

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