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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Yarmouth 10:07 Fri Dec 11
Haller - Gone To Ajax
We're becoming a good side now. Relegation should'nt be a problem now, but to kick on to a solid top 10 side Moyes has to solve the problem with Haller. He doesn't do anything particularly well. Yes he'll score every now and then but as an all round prom striker - very poor indeed.

Shame, but he's not up to the job and will hold us back from progressing.

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Swiss. 3:55 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
, 3:36 Thu Feb 11

Preferred his ex wife.

Lee Trundle 3:38 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
Comma = racist

, 3:36 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
I look, for interest, at how former young players who have moved on are doing. Players like Junior, Hines, Sears, Burke etc.

As for former players who were imports I have no interest in.

However today, watching the world championship skiing in Cortina D’Ampezzo I was surprised to see the wife of Valon Behrami winning the Super G gold medal.

Northern Sold 12:26 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
Simple fact is the club has gambled in keeping Antonio on the pitch... fingers crossed eh....

only1billybonds 12:25 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
I wish him neither misery or good fortune. We paid a nice lump for him and it didnt work out. So what? I'm quite sure his intention wasnt to damage his reputation whilst pissing off a fan base.

I wont wish death on him and neither will i follow his progress elsewhere. We bought him,he flopped, it happens.

swindon hammer 12:23 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
I wish Haller well but I wish people wouldn’t keep bumping a thread up every time he scores a goal. Likewise at the start of the season when Ajeti was scoring in the SPL.

Scoring goals for a big team in a smaller league is not some sort of vindication that we made a mistake in letting someone go.

Haller has found his level and good luck to him. He had enough chances with different formations and different players when he was here and he wasn’t good enough.

End of.

threesixty 12:21 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
South Woodhammer

In Moyes/club's defence, According to them the Ajax opportunity came out of the blue. They were resigned to keeping Haller for the rest of the season.

Given that we aren't just looking for "any" striker but one that improves what we have (which was why Haller was bought for 45m), I can understand why they dont want to make a mistake with the next striker purchase.

Are there many good options in Jan for 20m that are better strikers than what we have? We bought 2 of the best goal scorers in the championship last season (Bowen, Benrahma) and even Bowen is good as he has been, is nothing like as prolific as they have been in the lower league.

For West Ham to get a top striker we either have to grow our own (like Spurs have done with Kane or Man U with Greenwood), or take a punt with a foreign player (like Spurs did with Son) and hope it goes well.

Or we save as much as we can for next season and try and spend big money on someone we know is good, That requires scouting and maybe a lot of money.

Given the issues, maybe where we are is the best we could have done? Personally, I would try and loan a free agent like Costa or Strurridge and at least have the option, but thats me.

South Woodhammer 12:16 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
Agreed Mace...around 8-11th place would suit them...high enough to grab the extra money on finishing position...low enough so they don’t have to stretch the budget to deal with demands of a European trip. Rinse and repeat till a buyer comes along.

Kaiser Zoso 12:08 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax

Mace66 12:06 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
SW - our owners don’t need another striker as we’re safe for another year. So they can just kick the can down the road again

Manuel 12:05 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
Kaiser - That went right over your head, didn't it.

South Woodhammer 12:03 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
Good luck to Haller. He wasn’t the right fit for us and not his fault that the Chilean fraud and his useless mate paid double what he was worth after they couldn’t land other targets. But his career stats in Holland and Germany were good and he’s gonna do well for Ajax at that level. As Ajeti has done ok for Celtic and Lucas Perez in Spain. The intensity and physicality of the Premiership just doesn’t suit everyone. Some of our top English players haven’t always been too great when they’ve gone to other leagues either , horses for courses. Haller was moody but he never kicked off when he wasn’t playing and hasn’t slagged our club or fans off so hope he gets on well over there. The failure to land a replacement when we had at least a month to get it done is just typical West Ham though. Just when we were looking like we could threaten a top 6 or 8 finish the bubble looks like it’s inevitably gonna burst. Out of the cup and looking like we’re a dodgy hamstring away from having to play half a dozen matches without a striker is West Ham all over. Finishing top ten is probably the best that we can hope for now , another tale of what might have been. Just 2 years ago we had the pick of Arnautovic , Chicarito, Carroll , Perez , Yarmalenko and Antonio as a forward line. And are now left with the latter two , both wingers both older and both injury prone. Next level ? It just shows what a good job Moyes has done so far. It won’t last of course.

goose 11:44 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
you might prefer a website for the mentally retarded KS.
stuff might not go over your head quite so easily.

theaxeman 11:41 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
He would have been better up front than Yarmo or Mipo so it was stupid to sell without a replacement. Good luck to him at Ajax.

Kaiser Zoso 11:38 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
You might like mumsnet.com goose. Give it a go.

threesixty 11:33 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
I remember Zaza banging in a ton of goals after he left us as well.

It happens...
Doesn't change the fact that they were shit for us.

goose 11:31 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
So much HATE on this thread.

simon.s 11:30 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
I quite often look out for ex players, and providing they haven’t been an absolute cunt here (Arnie for example, Payet I will always forgive) I wish them well.

Kaiser Zoso 11:26 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
Couldn’t give a toss either. He isn’t suddenly going to learn how to trap it, and run around a bit. He was fucking useless for us, and still would be for the rest of his playing days, no matter how many goals he gets in Holland.

Manuel 11:23 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
simon.s 10:30 Thu Feb 11

''I’m glad it’s working out for him''

Aww, what a nice boy you are. Personally, I don't give 2 fucks about him.

Darlo Debs 11:13 Thu Feb 11
Re: Haller - Gone To Ajax
You probably are right ......sigh

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