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Hammer and Pickle 9:32 Sun Dec 13
The Aquarium Thread
So the fish have gone into the 100 gallon tank. The plants are mainly Vallisnera asiatica and Anubias barteri in a fine white sand substrate (gravel base). Water clocks in at a good 6Ph. Canister external pump filter.

The fish originate from my original small aquarium where the setup was Asiatic. So going in are two Rainbow Stiphodon Goby (Stiphodon ornatus), two Horsehead Loach (Acantopsis dialuzona), six Glass Catfish (Kryptopterus vitreolus) and Five Banded Barb (Desmopuntius pentazona). It's very nice to see them wandering the expanse of this tank. There are also two Flag Cichlids (Mesonauta festivus), which are part of the direction I'm really into.

That direction is a proper Amazon tank including the Discus centrepiece, any one of the brown, blue or green Symphysodon Aequifasciatus subspecies. Next update when these babies go in once everything settles down because it's a bit like a Young Earth in there at the moment.

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Jasnik 4:31 Wed Dec 23
Re: The Aquarium Thread
All our snails kept dying.

Hammer and Pickle 4:28 Wed Dec 23
Re: The Aquarium Thread
Must say it’s just what the doctor ordered - when I’m in a dull Zoom meeting, I just take a micro-holiday by shifting my gaze to the aquarium while I can still give my full attention to the boring braindead cunts, so everyone is happy.

WHU(Exeter) 4:25 Wed Dec 23
Re: The Aquarium Thread
Got a BIORB with one Goldfish & one blackmoor

Amazon 4* rated goldfish pellets twice a day spiced up with defrosted peas (which apparently they like) every time West Ham fin away (it reminds me to do it).

If the BIORB tank looks like it needs more than average wash I use a proper full on washing sponge as well as the cleaning clothes that come with the new filters.

Thanks for reading.

Mex Martillo 4:21 Wed Dec 23
Re: The Aquarium Thread
Hammer and Pickle, it was really a work thing. They grow too big and we sold them to the Valencia aquarium.

Hammer and Pickle 4:16 Wed Dec 23
Re: The Aquarium Thread
Exactly what happened here mate - my younger boy got a small tank and that ended up in my study. Except by the end of Lockdown I, I was well and truly hooked, hence this thread and the 100-gallon pond behind my work desk.

Mex Martillo 4:05 Wed Dec 23
Re: The Aquarium Thread
Not sure if any of you have experienced this situation, where you buy a pet for an eager child. Pet is soon forgotten and you end up doing all the looking after?

That’s what happened to me about 10 years ago and I I’ve been looking after an aquarium with 2 ornamentally deformed goldfish (Carassius auratus). One has 2 tails!

Here is my minimalist guide to aquarium keeping. You can thank me later.

Set up, 60L aquarium, one surviving water snail, 2 cm gravel layer in the bottom, 1 plant in a small jar in the corner, 1 large shell in the middle.

About 6 times a year: Fill automatic feeder, which feeds daily about 10 pellets. Jewel automatic fish feeder: https://www.amazon.co.uk/Juwel-JU89000NET-Automatic-Feeder/dp/B001N02BQW/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=jewel+fish+feeder&qid=1608726011&sr=8-5

About 4-6 times a year: Clean algae off glass with green pan scrubber. You can leave the globs of algae that come off, in the tank as the fish will eat it. This is optional, you do need to do this or if you want you can do it more often. Really depends if you want to see the fish.

About 4 times a year: Top up evaporated water with tap water. Important remove chlorine from tap water by aerating for min 24h.

About once a year: Empty and clean entire aquarium. Take out gravel and wash. Put 50% new de-chlorinated tap water. This must be done if snail tries to leave crawling out of the water or if you notice the fish are at surface too much. The fish are usually swimming around away from the surface, unless being fed.

About once a year: Put new batteries when feeder stops working.

Fish health: Only problem I have seen is a string of poop coming from fish arse that stays there as they swim around. This is constipation. To get rid of this feed them frozen peas until they no longer have poop coming from their arse. If you do not do them peas, they will probably eventually go belly up and will probably die.

Job done, minimal effort and healthy fish.

ChillTheKeel 3:49 Wed Dec 23
Re: The Aquarium Thread

Hammer and Pickle 3:43 Wed Dec 23
Re: The Aquarium Thread

Hammer and Pickle 3:36 Wed Dec 23
Re: The Aquarium Thread
Blimey Amex, that’s basically a sea bass according to this Google check. What’s the story?

Mex Martillo 3:32 Wed Dec 23
Re: The Aquarium Thread
Chigwell, did you notice some big fuck off meagre (Argrosomus regius) in the Valencia aquarium. Used to be mine!

SecondOpinion 1:37 Wed Dec 23
Re: The Aquarium Thread
Just the one aquarium that is

SecondOpinion 1:37 Wed Dec 23
Re: The Aquarium Thread
I almost (almost) bought an aquarium yesterday, but thought better of it

SecondOpinion 1:36 Wed Dec 23
Re: The Aquarium Thread
I almost (almost) bought an aquarium yesterday, but thought better of it

Cheezey Bell-End 12:52 Wed Dec 23
Re: The Aquarium Thread
Freshwater Stingray?

Hammer and Pickle 12:41 Wed Dec 23
Re: The Aquarium Thread
Ditched Project Discus (didn't like the sterile-tank option and the natural tank demands far too frequent water changes) and went for a mixed Amazon-cichlid based tank.

Firemouth cichlid pair (Thorichthys meeki): the male dominator that doesn't actually do any damage. It ignores the small fish and concentrates on the other large cichlid males, which have plenty of space to escape into. Love this classic fish's head-down, tail-up 45-degree attack-mode followed by jack-knife charge.

Bandit cichlid pair (Guianacara geayi): contrary to the name, this is a delightful, gentle cave-dweller with a high curved forehead and lugubrious eye. Has an air of having stepped out of Picasso's early cubist period by mistake and trying to find its way back in.

Flag Cichlid pair (Mesonauta festivus): a genuine chameleon that will go from light cream with black band when visible on a sandy background to dark olive and brown when in the bog wood.

Tanganyika shell dweller Lamprologus ocellatus pair

Tanganyika shell dweller Lamprologus meleagris pair: these inch-long beauties display exactly the same attack-mode as the T. meeki and have extended fan-like pelvic fins! Try to move their shell and they will sink their little teeth into your flesh.

11x Black neon Hyphessobrycon herbertaxelrodi (I asked for a football team and got a look)

9x Red-eye tetra Moenkhausia sanctaefilomenae

2x Rainbow Stiphodon Goby (Stiphodon ornatus)

4x Horsehead Loach (Acantopsis dialuzona)

6x Glass Catfish (Kryptopterus vitreolus)

5x Banded Barb (Desmopuntius pentazona): all these small species doing perfectly well.

Chigwell 9:43 Wed Dec 16
Re: The Aquarium Thread
If you ever find yourself in Valencia, don't miss a day or two at the city aquarium.

VirginiaHam 5:06 Mon Dec 14
Re: The Aquarium Thread
I had 3 cichlids in my 25 gallon tank, and the biggest one (the Ginge) beat the other two to a pulp.

How many glass catfish do you hope to have by the end of the week?

Cheezey Bell-End 5:00 Mon Dec 14
Re: The Aquarium Thread
I often wanted an aquarium, but I tend not to live in one place long and it's not like putting a cat in a basket..

One fish I always admired was a marine fish called the royal gramma, which I think might have influenced the design of last year's Man City away strip.

Faux Bare 11:13 Mon Dec 14
Re: The Aquarium Thread
One of my favourite clubs in the Shoreditch/Old St area.

I especially liked the Russian night.

SecondOpinion 11:02 Mon Dec 14
Re: The Aquarium Thread
I had eight (yes eight) aquariums at one time.

Wish WHO was around in those days

Stubbo 10:58 Mon Dec 14
Re: The Aquarium Thread
Gave up on aquarium fish and switched to Dart Frogs...much easier to look after.

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