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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Far Cough 1:47 Tue Dec 15
England footballer Jack Grealish has been banned for DrIVING like a cunt and fined more than £80,000


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Helmut Shown 1:11 Mon Dec 21
Re: Grealish
Although Livermore deserved his card it was interesting to see that Grealish's sock didnt even move and therefore his rolling around in agony was his usual play acting. The penalty was bypassed by the pundits by saying "we know if you make contact Jack is going to go down".

I also noted that other tosser Callum Wilson got a penalty with a dive. What is the matter with these refs they see it clearly on VAR but do nothing about it

fraser 1:02 Mon Dec 21
Re: Grealish
He deserved a medal.. Only silver mind as he didn't snap his leg in half.

, 12:29 Mon Dec 21
Re: Grealish
Livermore absolutely deserved his red card for the tackle on Grealish btw.

goose 12:25 Mon Dec 21
Re: Grealish
I thought diving was the domain of those foreigners?

Grealish is a very talented footballer but is going to get himself a reputation. If he wasn’t English i don’t think he’d get half the free kicks he does.

Percy Dalton 12:04 Mon Dec 21
Re: Grealish
Doesn't help the cause when you've got pundits like Dublin and Micah Richards condoning all the theatrics that we've now got in the modern game.
Moyes had better get a diving coach into the club otherwise we're going to be left by the wayside.

Tomsdad 12:01 Mon Dec 21
Re: Grealish
Sven Roeder 7:25 Mon Dec 21

Add to that list:

gph 11:54 Mon Dec 21
Re: Grealish
If refs had anything about them, they would be "convinced" by the absurd playing-acting that goes on, and insist players be substituted for their own safety after such "grevious" injuries...

wansteadman 10:41 Mon Dec 21
Re: Grealish
I think what Kane does is worse, when he backs into people mid air not only is it dangerous but it really should be punished. Instead he’s been getting penalties for it.

BigLump 10:07 Mon Dec 21
Re: Grealish
wd40 - Think James got booked last night for a dive, although to be fair - it did seem a tad harsh

wd40 9:45 Mon Dec 21
Re: Grealish
Cant recall one premiership player getting booked this season for diving .

Sven Roeder 7:25 Mon Dec 21
Re: Grealish
Every game I’ve seen Neymar play for PSG or Brazil in the last few years the commentators DO always call him out for his play acting and rolling around.

Salah got a bit of stick for his falling over vs us.
Regular divers who get/got no comment:
Dele Alli


Sydney_Iron 6:01 Mon Dec 21
Re: Grealish
The Thing is with these divers and cheating types like Grealish rolling around in agony or going to ground at the slightest tap or opportunity to fool the ref is the press don’t seem to mind? I’m sure if pundits and the press started calling them out it would at least curb it.

Neymar in another, fuck me his theatrics are Oscar worthy, yet the football media cream there pants about how great he is.

Mind you the Refs (And VAR in plenty of cases) don’t seem to mind either, when do you see them at least think its possible these cunts are making them look like mugs for giving penalty’s, free kicks, red cards when no real offence is committed? All they do at worst is waive them away, not even a yellow for some blatant con job attempts, sure that would help stop it as well.

Darby_ 5:35 Mon Dec 21
Re: Grealish
The odd thing is, with a lack of a crowd to pressure refs into ignoring diving, and with VAR, they should be able to cut diving out of the game.

Instead, it's worse than ever in the Premier League.

Hello Mrs. Jones 5:18 Mon Dec 21
Re: Grealish
If you could encapsulate in one body everything that is bad about football today you'd come up with Jack Grealish. A more unlikeable twat would be hard to imagine. He has taken the place of John Terry in the 'cunt of football' league

normannomates 4:42 Mon Dec 21
Re: Grealish
Fuck nose..
Better than Michael & I though I reckon

riosleftsock 3:54 Thu Dec 17
Re: Grealish
That lad Eze playing for Palace last night looked pretty good. What's his driving like?

Northern Sold 3:53 Thu Dec 17
Re: Grealish
Sven Roeder 7:21 Thu Dec 17

Go along with all that Sven son... if he can cut out the fucking diving he'd be a joy to watch...

JayeMPee 3:49 Thu Dec 17
Re: Grealish
Perfect signing for ManU, won't need to go to their 'Diving School' in fact he could tutor it.

Lato 11:32 Thu Dec 17
Re: Grealish
The only similarity this greaseball has with our Dec is that they have both represented the Republic of Ireland

Exiled In Surrey 10:22 Thu Dec 17
Re: Grealish
Tom Daily

normannomates 7:56 Thu Dec 17
Re: Grealish

remonte tes chaussettes Jacqueline

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