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goose 6:04 Thu Dec 17
Bitcoin went past $23,000 today.
I've made just over £400 today trading it from the comfort of my sofa.

other cryptocurrencies have been flying as well.

short term fad or long term alternative currency??

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Vexed 6:39 Sun Apr 11
Re: Bitcoin
You are the naive capital.

Recommending BCH was a classic div move.

camel-with-3-humps 5:03 Sun Apr 11
Re: Bitcoin
You selectively pick information to fit a false narrative.

You should really apologise, Vexed, to everyone on here for your previous statements.

'I hope there is a bear market so all the divs fuck off'.

Bring on the bear market and get rid of the naive capital? Idiot.

Vexed 4:20 Sun Apr 11
Re: Bitcoin
Two weeks ago all time low against bitcoin.

I don't think anything else needs to be said really.


camel-with-3-humps 4:02 Sun Apr 11
Re: Bitcoin

Since March 21 when I posted that comment, it's gone up 26%.
That's even pre my trade set up. If Bitcoin goes beyond all time high, then from March 21 expect Bitcoin Cash to double.

joyo 3:53 Sun Apr 11
Re: Bitcoin
What the difference between a busker and a pizza?
A pizza can feed a family of four

Vexed 3:42 Sun Apr 11
Re: Bitcoin
Hey Camel, enjoy your BCH all time lows the other week?


ChillTheKeel 3:40 Sun Apr 11
Re: Bitcoin
I remember dropping a score in your begging hat, Joyo, when you were busking outside Westfield. Thank fuck I looked back again, realised it was you and walked over to reclaim £20

DocMarten 3:04 Sun Apr 11
Re: Bitcoin
It’ll trade through $100k, this year.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 3:02 Sun Apr 11
Re: Bitcoin
It’s all about xRp at present - I forgot I had a bunch of them. They have trebled in price and the long term price prediction is high.

Have a look at the kardiachain too which I am told is massively underpriced / unknown but predicted to go higher than cardano by the end of the year

None of this is financial advice

camel-with-3-humps 2:49 Sun Apr 11
Re: Bitcoin
Vexed will put down his trousers and let you suck him off for £20.

Get in there, Chill.

joyo 2:48 Sun Apr 11
Re: Bitcoin
ChillTheKunt 2.16......wow £20 is that the going rate for fat rentboys?

ChillTheKeel 2:16 Sun Apr 11
Re: Bitcoin
I made a massive £20 (TWENTY) over the weekend. As I'll obviously become a millionaire at this rate, shall I invest more BTC now or wait a bit?

camel-with-3-humps 2:03 Sun Apr 11
Re: Bitcoin
Wouldn't be at all surprised to see new all time high soon, with the next target $70K.

Been forming higher lows in ascending triangle which is pretty bullish, has hit against resistance at $60K to $62K several times so will break through likely at some point.

With the Coinbase IPO coming up, that should give it momentum. Notice the FCA's ban on crypto derivative trading so also some regulatory pressure increasing.

Interesting times.

brabrook 2:15 Sun Mar 21
Re: Bitcoin
Fuck me Vexed has got a bloody nose here trying to take on educated Whoer's

Vexed 1:22 Sun Mar 21
Re: Bitcoin
Nope, I've embarrassed you. Run along now and enjoy your hundred quids worth of BCH you lemon.

camel-with-3-humps 12:43 Sun Mar 21
Re: Bitcoin
You’ve embarrassed yourself, Vexed.

Time to apologise to everyone.

Vexed 12:13 Sun Mar 21
Re: Bitcoin
You've moved the goalposts, we were talking abii the recent bull run and I have given you the widely accepted reasons for this as you asked. I don't care what you think happens the rest of the time, you're clearly new to this and it isn't my job to educate you.

Now fuck off.

camel-with-3-humps 11:37 Sun Mar 21
Re: Bitcoin

The institutions are hedge funds and some maverick companies. That’s a narrative to draw people on. They constitute the smaller part of the market cap. It’s largely still in the hands of private whales.

Individuals - both large and small - using leveraged trading affect the price most. They buy on the news. That’s the most significant impact from institutions.

Vexed 10:15 Sun Mar 21
Re: Bitcoin
Yes they do. That's what they did at the end of last year. Bought loads and are holding it. They were buying more BTC than was being mined. What do you think happens to price when circulating supply goes down Sherlock?

Fucking hell.

camel-with-3-humps 10:02 Sun Mar 21
Re: Bitcoin
Vexed earlier comments about the corporates driving the bull run.

The corporates buy and hold. The large retailers, the whales, make up most of the market cap. They also drive the price along with smaller investors. That is where the liquidity comes in. That’s how all these limits are filled.

You are fucking clueless wanker, desperate to be top dog, who has read a few news headlines but knows nothing about markets, pricing, volume.

Vexed 9:39 Sun Mar 21
Re: Bitcoin
It's no surprise to me that you're both fucking old. It at least explains why you can't seem to grasp the subject at hand - it's not really old people friendly.

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