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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

penners28 7:02 Thu Dec 17
Ozil in Jan?
Tin hat firmly on however I think we should go for him on loan, until the end of the season, if he's frozen out again? Offer Arsenal a tiny % of his wages?

There's still a fantastic player in there somewhere, and he'd fit perfectly in the hole for us.

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Pickle Rick 4:25 Sun Dec 20
Re: Ozil in Jan?
With Burnley in the shit I wouldn’t be surprised if we go back in for tarkowski, we’re in a stronger position than we were looking n the summer when Burnley thought they were better than us.

Kaiser Zoso 9:25 Sun Dec 20
Re: Ozil in Jan?
Drinkwater — Chelsea mate told me two years ago they wanted a £10 million loan fee, and he was on £160,000 a week.

Good luck with that.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 9:19 Sun Dec 20
Re: Ozil in Jan?
Not a bad list from 365 there

Loans for:

Phil Jones
(can play averagely anywhere across the back. Was actually a very good player but has become a joke figure the less he plays / kind of a mirror opposite of Andy Carrol who became a better player the less he played)

Danny Rose
(cover for the left WB or fullback position. There is a good player in there)

Demairi Gray
(basically a replacement for Diangana for either wing)

Danny Drinkwater (basically a slightly younger Noble and cover for the middle)

Jay Roy Grot (basically a young Antonio, if we can get him firing then this guy can be mustard. Stick an option to buy in the deal too)

Ozil is one of my favourite players of the last 10 years. It’s a shame he has given up on football.

yngwies Cat 3:16 Sun Dec 20
Re: Ozil in Jan?
Bollocks, can't afford his wages for start and he's a lazy fuck.

More hope in starting an Arsenal Relegation Thread.

. . 2:39 Sun Dec 20
Re: Ozil in Jan?
We need players in other positions, however knowing what our owners are like for a "Cheap Deal" I would not be surprised to see any of the players in this list signing for us on Loan to end of the season.


Fifth Column 10:10 Sat Dec 19
Re: Ozil in Jan?
Not in a million years. We need a centre forward in the mould of Antonio and a CDM so both Antonio and Soucek/Rice are covered.

master 10:01 Sat Dec 19
Re: Ozil in Jan?
We should be looking to buy Anguissa and Bissouma, not this fancy Dan uninterested piece of shit.

Serious Drinking 8:00 Fri Dec 18
Re: Ozil in Jan?
No way Moyes would take him. Sullivan on the other hand..

We are more in need of a striker that can play in our system.

diehardhammer 7:51 Fri Dec 18
Re: Ozil in Jan?
Absolutely fucking not

stepney hammer 7:01 Fri Dec 18
Re: Ozil in Jan?
Last Gasp 6:27 Fri Dec 18

They've picked up a bit lately and aren't even in the bottom 3 at the moment. Sheffield United on the other hand surely cannot turn around their start of 1 point from 13 games.

I'd be looking to take Sander Berge off them. Especially given that we have basically fuck all if Rice or Soucek get injured.

Block 6:47 Fri Dec 18
Re: Ozil in Jan?
If he's in the right mental state then a massive yes.

Faux Bare 6:33 Fri Dec 18
Re: Ozil in Jan?

Yes please!

Last Gasp 6:27 Fri Dec 18
Re: Ozil in Jan?
Dwight McNeil from Burnley. Burnley going down so put a good offer in January. The other one that looks ok is Stuart Armstrong of Southampton> Wont get him coz they are flying.

Tomshardware 10:15 Fri Dec 18
Re: Ozil in Jan?
Townsend impressed me tother night.

Lato 10:13 Fri Dec 18
Re: Ozil in Jan?
He certainly ticks all the boxes.......can't think why GSB haven't signed him up already?

Alfs 3:14 Fri Dec 18
Re: Ozil in Jan?
If you're stupid enough to give someone a 3-year contract for £350,000 per week you deserve everything you get.

Yes, he's a cunt of a man but you can't really blame him.

I wouldn't even want him on a free @ 10k a week though. Every time I see him I think of that 70s arcade game where you had to get a frog across the road.

Lily Hammer 1:52 Fri Dec 18
Re: Ozil in Jan?
Far Cough 10:24 Thu Dec 17
Re: Ozil in Jan?
I'd rather have Marty Feldman

HA HA HA! Definitely a family resemblance.

🎶“Jeepers, creepers....”🎶

eastend joker 1:29 Fri Dec 18
Re: Ozil in Jan?
it will be Townsend from Palace , a big upgrade on Snodgrass , i doubt Moyes would touch Ozil

Hermit Road 1:06 Fri Dec 18
Re: Ozil in Jan?
One of the more extravagant rumours I heard from Arsenal fans is that he refused to do the BLM thing because he was mugged a couple of years ago by chaps whose lives matter and that is why he was dropped from the squad

Fair play to whoever made that up. Hasn’t spread as well as the Morley/Bishop rumour but is up there for creativity.

zebthecat 12:57 Fri Dec 18
Re: Ozil in Jan?

threesixty 12:47 Fri Dec 18
Re: Ozil in Jan?
I really think the stuff he said about China or his friendship with Erdogan has done him in there. There is no way any club would spend 350k a week for an asset and not name him in a squad for footballing reasons. Practically impossible.

I think its why he can go on the way he does. He knows its nothing to do with football.

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