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Coffee 8:43 Sat Dec 19
Saturday football

Palace got a creditable draw against us and will hope to build on that with another point or more against the league leaders. The Reds cannot afford to, er, slip up if they are to maintain their push for a second consecutive title. They will have to work for it. Away win.

Who are the underdogs – the team in third or the one in ninth? The Saints have been magnificent this season and fully deserve their current position. What can you say about City? There’s a staleness about them, perhaps? But they cannot be underestimated. They’ve got too much quality in their ranks. The game of the day. Draw.

The heat has been truly turned up under the manager’s chair at the Emirates. A useful lesson in management for Senor Arteta, but probably one he’d rather not be faced with. Everton seem have have rediscovered some of their early season mojo and have to be favourites for this. Tough for Arsenal, but they have to find a way to get their collective arse into gear. Home win.

For those that are interested, you might like to know that you can get a 150g bag of Sea Salt and Balsamic Vinegar Kettle Crisps for one pound at Tesco. That’s half the usual price. Be sure to take your ClubCard. There’s also 50p off a big jar of Hellmann’s mayo, which is the best mayo there is. Only two quid for another eight days. Just checking. Home win.


This is the Blades’ last chance to record a win before Christmas. Brighton will expect to be in the relegation mix at the end of the season, so will not want to drop points in what should be three points on a silver platter. But this looks like an evenly-matched encounter in all respects but for goalscoring ability, in which the Seagulls are superior. Home win.

Everyone will expect Spurs to romp to victory here and, if Liverpool dropped points at Palace yesterday, reclaim top spot. Gareth Bale is back in contention and Jose is doing his best to annoy Jurgen Klopp – as he did with Arsene Wenger. The Foxes are nothing if not wily, though, and have the power to surprise their hosts. Should be a good game. Home win.

A classic fixture and such a shame that Old Trafford will not be filled to the rafters. OGS has got his team playing to win, which has helped to subdue speculation about his future. That can return soon enough, however, particularly if they fail to take all points against Leeds. Bielsa’s side can be exciting and will pose a genuine threat to their hosts if they adopt a strategy of all-out attack. That would make for a magnificent spectacle – but will it be enough for them to come away with a point or more? Let’s say it is. Draw.

A cursory glance of Tesco’s seasonal offerings shows that they stock an astonishing sixteen – yes, you read that right – sixteen varieties of mince pies. From the traditional to puff pastry to topped with icing. BFS might want to gobble down the lot in his first game in charge of the Baggies. Draw.


Burnley managed a creditable draw against Villa the other evening and will want to replicate that, or better, against the highly effective Wolves this evening. Draw.

A toughie, for sure. But just one point and one place separate the two teams at kick-off. There was no news about Antonio’s injury, but even if he has recovered how much can be expected of him after some weeks out? On the plus side, we’re looking solid in defence, while Chelsea continue to show weakness in theirs. We’re going to have to be at the top of our game to get anything from this, but we’ve shown that we can match the best sides on our day. Draw.

Wish you a happy, peaceful, worry-free Christmas.

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normannomates 1:58 Mon Dec 21
Re: Saturday football
I bigged up Grealish after our game, mostly for a laugh, but also with a grain of truth.. as in, I think he is a class footballer.

Well fuck that, after his and Vilers 'performance' today

Definitely a way they want it, Smith comes across as a shifty fat fuck..
Terry?.. No words required for that worm.


All very similar

Any Old Iron 1:01 Mon Dec 21
Re: Saturday football
I don't know how any of you VAR fanboy cunts can defend the fucking thing if you've seen Maddisons disallowed goal against Sp*rs.
It's now quite clear that the cunts in front of the screen have no love of the game at all and only a desire to feel important by spoiling it.

happygilmore 11:07 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
Nice for.WBA owners.

May they sink with big fat Sam

Westham67 10:58 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
2feet Exactamundo

twoleftfeet 10:57 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
Most fouled without actually being touched.

52 out of 55

Westham67 10:54 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
Beeb Stats Grealish the most fouled player 55 times the nearest to him, Mane 36

Fortunes Hiding 10:44 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
Big Sam and Little Sam back.

Hope WBa get relegated and these two are never seen again.

twoleftfeet 10:33 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
Villa have become the side I loathe most in the league, they are ruining football.

ray winstone 10:19 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
Villa players diving all over the place, rotten, cheating cunts.

Alfs 9:55 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
Welcome to VAR, Sam.

twoleftfeet 9:27 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
Slipping down the table.


Westham67 9:01 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
Leeds are getting found out. Spurs LOL

Sven Roeder 8:20 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
Cheer up, BURNLEY are on the tv tomorrow

LeroysBoots 8:12 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
The fucking love in over Leeds is embarrassing

They are getting spanked yet these 2 idiots on commentary are creaming themselves over how attacking Leeds are

claretandbluedagger 7:59 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
Remember, Bielsa playing the same way and getting spanked 6-2 means he’s the bestest manager ever

happygilmore 7:58 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
Bielsa or Moyes ?

Think I'm happier with what we have.

cyprus 7:55 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
He fell over ...2 stiff legs...ffs

twoleftfeet 7:53 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
32 penalties in a year! That is scandalous.

Kaiser Zoso 7:50 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
Good goal, 5-1 spanking with 25 minutes left

Sven Roeder 7:37 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
Could have had 4 goals themselves today. Great save by DeGea

Phillips is a solid Premier league player but him and that Staffie Longmatt of Newcastle arent in the same stratosphere as Declan Rice.

claretandbluedagger 7:36 Sun Dec 20
Re: Saturday football
I like the way Leeds play, but Christ the commentators constantly going on about them is getting dull.

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