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the exile 2:30 Thu Dec 24
Team for Brighton.
For all our possession against Chelsea we created very few chances so need to be much more clinical for this one. Surely there will be at least a couple of changes? It's hard to believe that Moyes will persist with Haller after such a dire performance, but nothing would surprise me. I would also drop Noble and Fornals - both worked hard but were largely ineffective.

I would say that Yarmolenko up front is something that is overdue. Antonio is thought to be just about ready so I would have him on the bench, ready for the last 20 to 30 minutes if needed.

As for the formation, it can't be coincidence that we have struggled more since abandoning three at the back. We don't have an ideal replacement for Arthur but maybe it's time to give Johnson a go.

As for Brighton, it's great news that Lamptey is out. The thought of him up against Cresswell and Fornals is the stuff of nightmares. I know they've been a bit of a bogey team for us but we should be good enough to win this by a decent margin.

Balbuena Ogbonna Cresswell
Coufal Rice Soucek Johnson
Bowen Yarmolenko Benrahma

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pdbis 3:32 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
Brighton will fancy their chances of getting a win when you compare the two starting line ups.

Stubbo 3:27 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
What on earth is going on with that team? Love the bloke but what exactly does Noble bring to the table over Fornals or Benrahma?

Can't fathom this decision unless hes playing 3-5-2 with Bowen up next to Haller...but even then surely you play Benrahma or Lanzini at 10?!


connolly8 3:23 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
Not impressed with that team at all.

Westham67 2:59 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
The same team as the Chelsea and the one before and the one before that etc

the exile 2:55 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
diehardhammer - the only slight flaw in your argument is that we don't know how many goals someone else might have scored. Haller only has three this season so it's not exactly hard to imagine someone like Yarmolenko or Bowen doing better.

WHUDeano 2:44 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
I suspect he’ll play Bowen through the middle with Fornals and Benrahma out wide.

I also think he’ll stick with 4-3-3 and play Noble just in front of Rice & Soucek.

Not what I’d do but I’d be very surprised if he does something completely different and play Yarmolenko up front.

I think it’ll be:





Unless he decides to give Haller another go, I which case Benrahma will be on the bench again.

Just shows as a squad how desperately short we are all over the pitch, but especially in centre mid and up top.

diehardhammer 2:43 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
the exile 2:07 Sun Dec 27

Happily give him more chances than yarmolenko for a start.

Without Haller’s goals recently West Ham would be on 17 points and start to season doesn’t look that good actually

Manuel 2:17 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
claretandbluedagger 1:53 Sun Dec 27

''Mrs Coufal gave birth a couple days ago so maybe Vlad will be unavailable?''

Erh, he's from the Czech Republic. Don't put them in the same bracket as some self entitled modern day minge from the UK.

the exile 2:07 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
diehardhammer - some horrendous shouts still wanting to waste a place in the side on Haller too. How many chances exactly do you propose to give him?

boleyn8420 2:02 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
Suely a blind man can see that Noble is firstly past his sell by date and secondly just slows everything down when he does touch the ball as he looks to pass sideways or back. I wouldnt even have him on the subs bench, Snodgrass gives a lot more despite being as slow

claretandbluedagger 1:53 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
Mrs Coufal gave birth a couple days ago so maybe Vlad will be unavailable?

fraser 12:20 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
Yes Benrahma for Noble would be my choice if with a back 4 if a 5 I would definitely give Johnson a go.

Surely he won't pick Noble in the same position again?

goose 12:16 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
I think I’ll defer to the coaching staff who clearly don’t think Yarmolenko is a better option through the middle.

I’d expect one change today - Benrahma for Noble.

Manuel 12:16 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
Whether or not Yarm has played up front before for who and what he was like isn't all that important in the grand scheme of things. The question is has Moyes run out of patience with haller and is now prepared to chuck someone else up there to start this game, be it Yarm or someone else. We'll find out in a few hours.

diehardhammer 12:08 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
Dear god some horrendous shouts on this thread I’ll put it down to Xmas boozing!

Starting Yarmolenko who’s played a huge 81 mins total of the last 10 West Ham games - only selected to get subbed on in 4 of those 10

Not a great idea start the rusty player coming back of injury just because a lot of you hate Haller

Take the agenda against Haller away, he’s on the same amount of PL goals as Antonio, possibly would have had more if not for good keeping against Leeds and good blocks.

Without hallers palace and Sheffield United goals West Ham would be right in a relegation scrap on 17 points so lay off the guy a bit.

Anyway my side is 3-4-3


Balbuena oggy cress

Coufal rice soucek Johnson

Bowen Haller Benrahma

Could put snoddy lwb purely for left footed balance if Moyes doesn’t trust Ben Johnson there

fraser 11:45 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
Yarmalenko playing up front for Ukraine and for us is completely different

the exile 11:34 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.

the exile 11:34 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
Sydney - quite simple. It comes from Haller being a waste of space, Antonio being injured, and not having another striker with any first team experience (the U23s are still isolating because of vivid). And then there's the fact that Yarmolenko has often played up front in his career, mostly for Ukraine.

Pedro 11:25 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
Benrahma for Noble

Other than that can’t see any other changes to the Chelsea game

Sydney_Iron 10:53 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
where has all this stuff about Yarmolenko playing upfront come from? Moyes, the club or made up bollocks or specualtion from fans on forums like WHO?

Odds on its bollocks............

Darby_ 10:43 Sun Dec 27
Re: Team for Brighton.
Leroys, because we haven't got a single fit wingback, so really we'd be playing 5 defenders against Brighton.

It might have worked alright against the big sides, but Brighton? She should be more positive and take the game to them.

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