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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Mr Anon 11:44 Mon Dec 28
QAnon conspiracy theorists
I have now had 3 friends fallen down this particular rabbit hole and lose their minds. Constantly sending videos talking about coming storms, great awakenings, satanic rituals, and planetary conjunctions!

How can you argue against these people? You can't use facts of course because they're all "made up". And while they're happy to send you YouTube and Facebook vids as their proof, but when you counter with something from a science journal it's discounted as all part of the conspiracy.

Any way back for these people or do you just have to let them go?

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arsene york-hunt 4:26 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
Part of the definition of delusion is that it can't be shaken by logic or reasoning. Therefore in answer to the OPs question, don't waste your time.

ParadiseLost 3:05 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
Thanks branded. The doctors say my sister will pass today. She’s in hospital with covid in Romford. My brother in law, who’s a big hammers fan as well no doubt also take great strength from your post.

BRANDED 2:52 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
The probability of an Alien having visited Earth is higher than the probability of dying of Covid for most people.

plankton 2:32 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
The Exile: "But on the other hand, I don't have much trouble believing that there are some incredibly wealthy and influential people who pull the strings of governments."

In a previous life I was once burdened with the company of the then 6th richest man in the USA, for 28 days. He drank rather a lot of Johnny Black Label and after I indicated I was also partial to it (there was little else in its class in the booze cupboard), we had a couple of late nights exchanging viewpoints. I can't recall all of it but yes, there is definitely a cabal of very rich Americans that pull many of the political strings in the USA. My drinking companion had donated something like 30 million dollars the previous election to a certain candidate's campaign and it was expected that there would be subtle returns of favour. 'Nuff said.

the exile 2:14 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
I'm not remotely into the Q anon stuff but I must confess to having developed a fascination for conspiracy theories in the last couple of years. AS HR says, there is a spectrum when it comes to the credibility of these stories - it's a mistake to see it as black and white. So I have developed my own bullshitometer which enables me to either dismiss something out of hand or just keep an open mind. I would say there is very little that I actually "believe".

Some of the least credible stories can actually be hilarious. Probably the best one I have ever read was that Hilary Clinton had been tried in a secret tribunal some time last year and subsequently executed. So the Hilary that we now see running around is in fact a clone, but get this - she doesn't know she's a clone! That is fucking brilliant! I would love to be able to get inside the head of the sickos that make this shit up.

But on the other hand, I don't have much trouble believing that there are some incredibly wealthy and influential people who pull the strings of governments. However, if you start to dig much deeper on this one you get into all kinds of weird shit. Likewise on the existence of aliens and their possible involvement in going-on here on earth. Likewise on pedophilia in high places and Jeffrey Epstein being just the tip of the iceberg.

The whole thing about Trump and the election is fascinating. There are some fairly influential people who claim to be itk, who are still saying that Trump will be inaugurated for another 4 years on Jan 20th and the mainstream media will be "brought down". The good thing about this one is that we don't have long to wait....

mashed in maryland 2:01 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
I repeatedly see people referencing the WEF's great reset get dismissed as wacko conspiracy theorists.

This is despite the fact that the WEF, literally on their website and social media feeds and books, talk about their desire to implement a great reset. They talk in detail about what they want to achieve and how they're going about it, and call it "the great reset".

Truth is often stranger than fiction and folk who blindly wave away any deviation from "mainstream" ideas are usually just as brainwashed as anyone believing the QAnon stuff.

PwoperNaughtyButNot 1:31 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
Don’t all of these conspiracy theories lead back to the Committee of the 300 and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion?

The story is always the same, secret figures looking to rule the world and we the people will be none the wiser. This stuff fuelled revolutions and world wars.

Problem is when the likes of Klaus Schwab rock up with his views on how to rule the world and nobody bats an eyelid and when a nonce island gets exposed and suddenly everyone forgets during a pandemic people will start to ask questions.

Our modern history is very young and we quickly forget. Some weird stuff has happened over the last couple of hundred years. Maybe it was all random and chance.

Right now, none of this is normal. If anyone had said in October 2019 that Bill Gates and loads of business leaders were role playing coronavirus outbreaks whilst pushing vaccination programs they would have been outed as conspiracy theorists and yet here we are.

I blame the aliens

frank marker 1:28 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
Publicize lots of 'QAnon hug-ins'. Let natural selection take its course?

BRANDED 1:17 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
Ah but

Someone has to tell the story

What do they gain?
What do the followers gain?

Follow the money, follow the power.

That said, many stories are devised merely to undermine another story, or weaken it. This website is a great testament to that process.

Nurse Ratched 1:08 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
Amusingly, Chesterton seemed to think that belief in God is superior to belief in 'anything'. For me, they're on the same level. However, I agree with the idea that conspiracy is just like faith.

BRANDED 1:06 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
Anything not based upon verifiable, probabilistic facts is a story at best. This is about 90% of our daily experience online and on tv and on radio etc. We are constantly fed advertising and propaganda to mould us into happy customers that fit the system designed gor us by our rulers. Live in Iran, you get a set of messages. Live in Italy. Another lot. As you travel around the World you see these things clearly. Online stuff is global and can attract similar mindsets. I have a big business in music and it’s clear this is the best ever time to find fans in the history of recorded music as your potential fan base is billions and the route to them is easier than ever. This would be true if conspiracy theorists too.

Hermit Road 1:05 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
There’s a spectrum of mad conspiracy beliefs, from fairly widely held ones such as kids in this country going hungry because of the nasty government, to more bespoke beliefs such as this QAnon nonsense.

They all serve the same basic need for humans to have overarching belief system that gives them a higher purpose.

Or as GK Chesterton said, ‘ When people stop believing in God, they don't believe in nothing -- they believe in anything’.

Takashi Miike 12:47 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists

PwoperNaughtyButNot 12:44 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
Didn’t it all start with the discovery of a billionaires nonce island that nobody talks about anymore?

In between a lot of the nonsense and Trump saving the world stuff I am sure some of the Hollywood stuff is a bit weird

zico 12:41 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
Couple of years ago I did have a chat with a "flat earther" and as others have said below you could have taken the fella up to the International Space Station to prove that the earth was round and he still would have claimed he had been drugged or was being shown a video. Was pointless arguing.

, 12:33 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
Plenty of common sense around but it is not cranked up to the same volume as the nonsense.

And there are several people that post on here specialising in absolute nonsense. I cannot understand why posters, whether I agree with their particular views or not, take the time and trouble to engage with these idiots because that’s what they are after at the end of the day, using your time for their entertainment.

Johnson 12:15 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
Got one on my FB, part of the Trumpist arm who thought Trump was going to sort it all out and confidently predicted a Trump win at the election.

When this didn’t happen she disappeared for a few days and came back with another view that the good days are coming lightly referencing the result being overturned.

She’s been very quiet on that front recently and a quick check on her FB shows she’s loved on to anti-vaccing anti-Covid stuff.

Mashed is correct though folk turn to this stuff due to a vacuum of common sense coming from the mainstream platforms. And there’s been fuck all of that for about 5 years.

Mr Anon 12:13 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
mashed in maryland 12:01 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists

Agree with that, currently political climate is a fertile breeding ground for this, and the fact that there's always a touch of truth mixed in with the crazy means a lot of people are happily swallowing it.

Darby_ 12:04 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
You should tell them that you're part of the conspiracy, tap your nose and say "but don't tell anyone."

mashed in maryland 12:01 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
Tbh I've yet to meet or come across one.

Sad thing is when the media and mainstream talking heads, politicians etc have proven themselves, this year more than ever, of being completely full of shit, it makes sense that people are gonna go elsewhere to find out what's going on. And sometimes those alternative sources are gonna be batshit insane.

I wouldn't bother trying to convince anyone close to you. In the same way a Christian and a Buddhist can still be good friends, you can get along with each other despite having wildly differing views on the world.

Trying to radically fuck with someone's belief system regardless of intent never ends well.

Too Much Too Young 11:55 Mon Dec 28
Re: QAnon conspiracy theorists
Awaits the arrival of our very own spreader of bullshit and misinformation...GO.

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