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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Block 11:09 Wed Jan 27
Arguably our most underrated player for me.

His work rate is second to none, thought he aside from Soucek was our best player last night.

The VISION for the ball to Antonio for our first goal was magnificent.

If he can be more composed when he's in goal scoring opportunities, he's going to be MASSIVE for us.

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normannomates 6:09 Sat Jan 30
Re: Fornals
I Love this Spanish cunt Four nails.

gank 6:42 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
Fornals has half the ability of Anderson, but puts in twice the effort. On that basis, I'd sooner have him in the team than better players.

Chigwell 6:35 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
Final adjudication: Fornals saw Antonio's run and deliberately lofted the ball to him. QED.

boltkunt 4:53 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
No rob, wasn't specifically aimed at you.

But the pass was clearly meant for Antonio, We might be splitting hairs a bit but it appears people like to discredit Fornals for some reason.

The bloke is going to be come a cult hero, we love a grafter and regardless of what you think of his ability he every single game works his nuts off.

OneAll 4:51 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
anyone who knows football knows this guy is quality and only going to get better , you can see the hunger in him and he clearly loves football . all the haters have not got a clue

collyrob 4:49 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals

Not sure if that’s aimed at me. But I’m certainly not cunting him off. I said he’s been playing well. I just don’t believe it was this magical pin point pass to Antonio. It’s really not a big deal.

Keep dreaming 4:44 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
I have been one of his biggest critics, and I don't regret any of the things said.
That said, the last few matches he has improved a lot by finding a teammate with his passes more often.
I wish him well and hope he continues his positive form

boltkunt 4:16 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
I find it baffling that so called WHU fans want to try and find a reason to cunt off our own players.

Lily Hammer 4:03 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals

As most of us suspected, Fornals left the ball because he got a loud clear shout from Cresswell, as you can hear on the Behind The Scenes video linked above.

He did the team player thing and trusted his team mate making the call. Personally, I think Cresswell should have said nothing, apart from perhaps "SHOOOOOOT!"

If Fornals had known how far Cresswell was behind him. he may have done the right thing and ignored the shout and put his foot through it.

Side of Ham 3:33 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
He wasn't aiming for the corner of the six yard box as the pass had to be curled around the defender so he deliberately went close to the byline you numpty as that was the only space left for it to land.....stick to netball with the girls collyrob....

collyrob 3:23 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
So Antonio’s bit of play wasn’t a clever creative pass that he had to stretch to get to?

It was fornals weaker foot, i reckon he was aiming for Antonio’s run (so towards the corner of the 6 yard box) slightly sliced it and it went to the byline and Antonio done brilliant to keep it in.

It’s really not that big of a deal. Don’t know why yous are all whinging

fraser 3:03 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
Joe C 2:56 Thu Jan 28

Joe C 2:56 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
JLAP 10:09 Thu Jan 28

Is 100% that thick

boltkunt 2:24 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
Rob, Look at the replay in slow motion, son.

Fornals looks up to see Antonio peeling off the defender, he dinks it into Antonio who then played a simple flick across the box where Soucek done his usual and got on the end of it.

You wally

Side of Ham 10:33 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
So blokes who didn’t see what Fornals was intending with that ball (collyrob/vexty) clearly have never played the game, must of been playing netball with the girls instead....

Mad Dog 10:17 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
First few games when he joined he was abysmal. Couldn't find anyone with a pass..

But since then he's settled down and done pretty well. Keeps getting better and has been brilliant recently. Probably needs a new pair of shooting boots, but I just don't get where all the fornals bashing comes from.

JLAP 10:09 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
collyrob on the wind up, surely can’t be that thick?

Tomshardware 9:02 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
You can't help but love him.

factory seconds 4:51 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
mate calls him picasso. perfect name for him.

nychammer 4:05 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
The ball to Antonio for our equalizer was sublime, and remember that goal at Leicester, that was true composure to bring it down, cover half the pitch and slot in.

On the other hand some of his decision making is bizarre....he could have buried that ball yesterday instead of leaving it....

all in all tho he's come good for us and he'll only get better.

Pagey 3:53 Thu Jan 28
Re: Fornals
The simple answer to that is ‘Yes’.

And you can stick all three laughing emojis up your anus.

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