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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

the exile 11:47 Mon Feb 1
Team for Villa.
It's back down to earth with a bump, as we get a serious footballing lesson from Liverpool. Sadly my prediction that we wouldn't let them walk all over us turned out to be wide of the mark, which was very disappointing. It can't just be that Liverpool were brilliant. I can't help feeling that if we had played with the same spirit that we saw at Palace we would have made a contest out of it. Anyway, let's hope we can put this behind us and reproduce something like the form we showed at Palace.

Despite the poor performance, I don't expect Moyes to change the side for this one. I would be surprised if Lingard starts, but if he does I would expect it to be in place of Fornals, who had a particularly poor game yesterday. But Lingard will probably make his debut from the bench at some stage.

Coufal Dawson Ogbonna Cresswell
Bowen Rice Soucek Fornals

Subs: Martin, Fredericks, Johnson, Balbuena, Noble, Lanzini, Lingard, Yarmolenko, Odubeko.

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SUM A DING WONG 7:32 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
Er, wrong fred.


SUM A DING WONG 7:27 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.

Er, I mean SPINK

Romfordboy 7:22 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
You do realise our next league games are Fulham and Sheffield Utd

Chigwell 7:10 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
This is our easiest match for the next few weeks. I expect us to sink down the table during that period but tonight will be 0-0, unless Villa get a soft penalty or two.

theaxeman 4:51 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.

To late already boosted Grealish's confidence!

COOL HAND LUKE 4:45 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
The players take their lead from the manager for games. The pre-match comments from Moyes were full of praise for Liverpool and made it clear he didn't really think we could handle them, after which it became a self fulfilling prophecy. As experienced as he is, he needs to understand the difference between what you think quietly to yourself and what you say when you are looking to motivate the team. A sizeable % of what we have achieved is, I believe, about the guys around Moyes in his coaching team, rather than him himself. Let's hope he makes the right noises before tonight's game, eh?

Side of Ham 4:04 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
fraser 3:57 Wed Feb 3

Of course, great to be in a position to let him recover fully, and have cover........why we fucking moan I don't know....the reality is it's fantastic.

Romfordboy 4:01 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
TBH he has t looked fit since he came back

I’m hoping lingard is fit enough otherwise just throw this mipo in... we need a runner I don’t think yarmo is the answer

fraser 3:57 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
SoH fuck me that was awful, I thought they were going to break and score.

He was pretty shit in that game though as a converted winger he's allowed the odd poor game and when he does we can bring on our new back up striker..

theaxeman 3:43 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
He looked injured against Liverpool tbf or worried to extend himself at least

grasshopper 3:40 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
Heard rumours that antonio is injured again.

yngwies Cat 3:39 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
The Czech Twins to flatten Grealish, and a win be nice.

Side of Ham 3:28 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
fraser 3:16 Wed Feb 3

There was another one with Antonio where we were busting to get forward because he had the ball and was running at them only for him to pass it BACK directly to the opposition.

Not a dickie said on the match thread at the time....

If Haller, Fornals or Benrahma had done it, fucking wouldn't have heard the last of it.

ted fenton 3:25 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
Knowing Moyes he won't start Lingard he'll be on the bench.

GreenStreetPlayer 3:17 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
I’d like to see Ben just do simple things for now, knit everything together.

fraser 3:16 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
There was one ball Benrahma played that looked awful.. In behind the right back.. But Antonio had checked back making it look so.

If he had carried on would have been in a great position. Benrahma got criticism for it.

If Haller was playing and did the same it would have been Jo's fault not Benrahma's.

theaxeman 2:55 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.

At least Benrahma showed for and wanted the ball and if trying the difficult pass he will give it away at times.

GreenStreetPlayer 2:46 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
Given the disappointment of not giving Liverpool a game after our recent good form through whatever reason after many post-morteums, we are importantly looking for a performance tonight.
I think the first thirty seconds will tell a story, and just hope the players want to get ‘that lesson’ by another team out of their heads.

Sir Alf 2:35 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
Lingard might get 20 - 30 mins I suppose.

It will be same team although lets hope Cresswell is switched on this game as he gave Salah too much space and time and arguably was at fault for their second as he stood and watched rather than press the second ball from our corner.. Also IMO I still think there should be more game time for Johnson as he is one of the better passers of the ball. He is strong and can deal with the physicality but needs more experience of playing in the Premiership as he I assume is still seen as a longer term answer at RB what with Coufal being 29 next birthday?. Shame he is a right back not a left back although he can "do a job" in left midfield too. He is not super fast but more mobile than 4Nails and physically stronger in the tackle. Struggles a bit in the air though as does 4Nails. The one area Cresswell is very good as he has a very good leap for an average sized bloke.

Benrahma needs to cut out the wasteful loss of possession and continue to improve his decision making. He looked out of his depth again against Pool ( as did many others ) but knowing when to release it, play the simple pass are things he could have done better. And his crossing like everyone was non-existent teh few times we had the ball. He still showed a few flashes and tricks going past his man but not in the top end of the pitch.

Anyway, play well and all is forgiven regardless of result for me. Pool didnt allow us to play but hopefully not a repeat of that tonight.

theaxeman 2:05 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
Balbuena for Dawson

the exile 12:31 Wed Feb 3
Re: Team for Villa.
toadinthehole - burnt out or out of his depth? Mind you, the whole team was well out of their depth against Liverpool, but yes, Bowen has seemed a bit below par lately.

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