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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

madeeasy 3:29 Thu Feb 4
Behind Closed Doors
Is one of the main reasons that we are doing so well is that the games are being played behind closed doors?

The pressure must surely be off of the players a lot more without the fans being there.

I was not a Moyes fan at all, and certainly not a fan of the board, but the squad and Moyes having the chance to do it without 30,000 fans and 30,000 baying day trippers there must be helping them?

What I feel it does prove is that as fans we have to get back to ways of getting behind the team for those 90 mins, sing their names, come up with the good old days songs and have the place rocking like it can, i.e. spurs in the Leicester season and Chelsea cup, and find another way to focus the negativity towards the board in different ways than match days.

Imagine if we were all there now what extra 2%we could be putting on the team in games like Liverpool, you never know what extra it could give us.

Or is it that the players are under less pressure in not having to perform in front of 60,000 people?

Either way it will be interesting to see how it goes when we all start getting back in

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WHU(Exeter) 10:47 Fri Feb 5
Re: Behind Closed Doors
Spot on about Villa Norm

The Tottenham of the midlands with a fanbase as thick as pigshit.

"Oriyd like ta talk about da Villa".... "We'll go for it, but bear in mind nobody other than Birmingham City fans give a fucking shit...you've got 30 seconds then we've got Chris from Mansfield who wants to talk about Mansfield Town"

Side of Ham 8:20 Fri Feb 5
Re: Behind Closed Doors
One thing that should also be considered is that the players have nothing else to focus on except being a professional footballer. I have often thought that our players probably do a lot of the wrong things in their spare time or are encouraged to do something by mates etc. whereas now it's just the football and the fitness aspect.

Jasnik 6:10 Fri Feb 5
Re: Behind Closed Doors
Nolan is the Mr motivator.. See him cuff Lingard round the head after the win .

madeeasy 5:48 Fri Feb 5
Re: Behind Closed Doors
scott_d 11:13 Fri Feb 5

I think that we have a very good core support of fans, however since moving to that cesspit of a supposed football stadium, we have a lot more non fans coming that love to get on the players backs the second they put a pass wrong.

I never see as many kids sitting there on ipads or their mrs sitting on facebook at the old stadium as i have at the new one.

So i think we have actually done better from not having those miserable fuckers who do come along just for a moan.

the problem with the new place is that there isn't that loud intensity that there was before in chav corner or the old south bank etc.

All clubs have good and bad, i am just saying that we now have our more than fair share of shit ones now we have let the world and his wife in.

The one thing i would like to see in the stadium is a change around so that we do have some dedicated areas where we try and move the old chav corner to a set area that can generate that atmosphere, having them sprinkled around the ground doesn't help us.

Mex Martillo 4:40 Fri Feb 5
Re: Behind Closed Doors
Cannot be judged comparing one covid season with all the other seasons.
Just bollocks, too many other variables.

, 3:45 Fri Feb 5
Re: Behind Closed Doors
I think that some teams are missing the measured, well thought out and insightful advice that comes from fans during a game.

Lato 3:42 Fri Feb 5
Re: Behind Closed Doors
I don't suppose we will really know until we get back with the 60,000 back in the stadium. Can't wait for it to happen tho with Vlad giving it the Stuart Pearce style with bulging neck veins and eyes.

Full Claret Jacket 12:20 Fri Feb 5
Re: Behind Closed Doors
I'd agree one of the reasons we are doing well is because we are behind closed doors - not because of fan pressure but because the team is well motivated by staff and each other, organised and hard working.
We turn up most games because of the mentality we have which is a credit to Moyes and the players.

I think other teams have struggled with this which is why their form is often patchy and they need the crowds more to motivate them.

At least that's my theory from the games I've watched.

Fifth Column 12:07 Fri Feb 5
Re: Behind Closed Doors
Bollocks. Are Villa fans bad for their team given the positive season they're having. What about Leeds? For a team that's come up they're having an impressive season.

Do Fulham and West Brom have such amazing support that lack of fans means they're in the bottom three?

White Pony 11:50 Fri Feb 5
Re: Behind Closed Doors
Love it, norm.

Mr Anon 11:22 Fri Feb 5
Re: Behind Closed Doors
I think the combination of Rice, Coucek, and, Coufal has a lot more to do with it. All clubs have impatient fans so it should be pretty relative overall.

scott_d 11:13 Fri Feb 5
Re: Behind Closed Doors
To say that the fans not being there has been help rather than a hinerance is basically saying saying that our fans and shitcunts.

Well what is then?

Are we all a bunch of fickle cunts or are we a decent set of fans?

As some have said before, it would be more accurate to say that all football fans and fickle cunts.

normannomates 5:40 Fri Feb 5
Re: Behind Closed Doors
The Holte end.. FUCK OFF..



normannomates 5:35 Fri Feb 5
Re: Behind Closed Doors
This is a very good subject... Some merit in it
Personally feel its the same for all Clubs..the away support we have wouldn't have impacted on our superb away results Shirley?

Sir Alf 8:18 Thu Feb 4
Re: Behind Closed Doors
There is likely to be an impact but it might be more about the lack of fans and its impact or should I say lack of impact on the away team.

The onus is usually on the team at home ( except when playing the rich 4 clubs with the multi million pound squads like City etc ) to take the game ( on the front foot so as to speak ) to the visiting side and that is backed by 20, 30, 40+ thousand vociferous fans which is pretty powerful psychologically both to get the home team's adrenaline going while making the away team feel like there is a huge "presence" / wall of sound against them as they are being put under pressure.

Take that away and the away team is more relaxed and the home team lacks that adrenaline rush they get. The home team by trying to force things and pushing forward too much are seeming to get caught on the counter a lot in games now.

Also the fact that they can hear the coaching staff might play a part? In our case, if you listen to games without the crowd noise, we have the noisiest bench and coaching team in the league. Nolan, Pearce, Irvine, Nevin all bellowing along with the bench who seem to feel included as part of Moyes's squad.

All just theories and maybe bollox but it must impact psychologically.

pdbis 8:03 Thu Feb 4
Re: Behind Closed Doors
Funny how the so called top 6(except Man City)moan about the absence of fans.

Mayor of Newham 7:56 Thu Feb 4
Re: Behind Closed Doors

Nothing to do with fans being at a game or not. Just look at the PL table, still the usual clubs top half, usual clubs lower half.

Side of Ham 7:47 Thu Feb 4
Re: Behind Closed Doors
Who said that, all I can see is a sofa?

Vexed 7:41 Thu Feb 4
Re: Behind Closed Doors
Do you honestly think we're the only fans that get twitch, nervous or frustrated?

What an absolute pile of old cunt.

stewie griffin 7:40 Thu Feb 4
Re: Behind Closed Doors
agree completely with Vexed. Freak season.

As for us, the Newcastle performance was as bad as anything I've seen in 37 years of watching us, we made the most boring, functional team in the league look like Brazil 1970, and there were no fans there.

Truth is we've got rid of the foreign cunts who won't work for the team (kept the ones who will), and have 11-14 good, honest pros who will work hard for each other. We've also benefitted from being largely settled and not having too many injuries. Even the most significant, to Antonio, our results were ok without him as we got goals from set pieces.

Westside 7:28 Thu Feb 4
Re: Behind Closed Doors
I think no fans have helped us. The fans getting nervous, twitchy, frustrated, hasn't been felt or heard by the players.

The players can leave it late to win/equalise, without the fans getting on their backs. We are joint top of the goals scored in the last 10 minutes of a match (although we have played more matches than some). And joint 4th in points gained from losing positions.

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