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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Coffee 10:07 Sat Feb 6
Saturday football
A bog-standard mid-table clash of teams whose seasons risk dissolving into a luke-warm glass of hyphenated mediocrity. The visitors will field a weakened defence, courtesy of two reds last time out, and will do well to avoid defeat. Draw.

There can be few less likely conquerors of Liverpool on the Reds’ own patch than these two. But with both managers emphasising discipline and method in their players, there are also few teams less likely to create a spectacle of compelling, flamboyant football. Burnley, you’d think, have the edge, though not by much. Draw.

After their 0-9 defeat last season, the Saints lost to a late goal in their next game at Man City, then started a run that saw them draw with Arsenal and beat Watford, Norwich, Villa, Chelsea, Spurs and Leicester in two months. The Barcodes aren’t flying and will be wise not to approach this game with reckless presumption. A wounded tiger is a dangerous beast. Cosmic revenge beckons, or something like that. Away win.

FULHAM vs WEST HAM UNITED (1730) *Live on three Sky channels.*
With every point that the hosts labour to collect, the more those above them also accumulate and the more entrenched Fulham find themselves in the bottom three. With a strong whiff of inevitability about the whole thing, they remain eight points from the dotted line and have not won since November. Meanwhile, we go into this on the back of an almost complete victory at Villa that warmed the cockles of many an Irons heart. A victory would see us bump up a place into fourth, at least until tomorrow and possibly – with Liverpool facing Man City on Sunday – beyond. Moyes has the happy dilemma of what to do with Fornals and Bowen and is likely to again start with both on the bench. Fuelled by a particularly potent East European potato salad, Messrs Soucek and Coufal continue to contribute substantially to security in defence and expectation in attack. It’s been a long time since one could say – without a hint of rose-tinted exaggeration – that every player utterly deserves his place in the team. Happy times. Away win.

Both sides have had a bit of a rollercoaster season to date, which makes the outcome of this a tricky one to predict. Draw.


Deeper and deeper are West Brom in the mire and less and less likely are they to finish the season with Premier League status intact. Speaking of doom and gloom, Spurs’ tumble down the table seems curiously correlated with Kane’s tumble in the pleasingly vain hope of another ill-gotten penalty. BFS will hope to annoy Jose by parking the bus once again, but Spurs should be good enough for all three points to bring them level, briefly, with Chelsea. Home win.

Wolves have lost that winning feeling of last season while Leicester, in third, continue to have their sights focussed on the top two. A win for the hosts would put Leicester just one point above us, assuming we beat Fulham yesterday. Draw.

Can Liverpool conspire to lose three home games on the trot? There’s every chance, with City looking to continue their tremendous run of form and consolidate their position at the top of English football. This has all the makings of a cracking encounter, although an excess of caution and mutual respect may put the mockers on a classic. Away win.

Both these teams find themselves in a stunningly good vein of form, but for both it may be too late to make a consequential difference to their seasons. Chelsea can look to this season as a stepping stone to next, while the Blades – 11 points adrift of safety – have long since got used to the prospect of second tier football from August. But make no mistake, this will be tough for Tuchel’s men. Away win.


When both these sides put their respective minds to it, they’ll give a game to anyone. Home win.

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eastend joker 1:28 Thu Feb 11
Re: Saturday football
how shit must Bale be not to get a look in tonight .

happygilmore 12:51 Thu Feb 11
Re: Saturday football
Proper cup game

happygilmore 12:34 Thu Feb 11
Re: Saturday football
Decoure is a beast, we should have gone for him.

lowlife 11:59 Wed Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
That twat Alli on for 10 minutes and gets booked for diving. Cheating cunt.

ray winstone 11:58 Wed Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Alli dives in the box, booked, cheating cunt.

happygilmore 11:56 Wed Feb 10
Re: Saturday football

This is nearly as exciting as our game last night.

twoleftfeet 11:55 Wed Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Terrible marking!

Great game though, toe to toe.

happygilmore 11:44 Wed Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
It ain't over until the fat lady sings, but 4-3 everton

Faux Bare 11:41 Wed Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Both sides very poor defensively. Complete opposite to us under Moyes.

happygilmore 11:39 Wed Feb 10
Re: Saturday football

They have a few strikers. That could be an issue for us

Romfordboy 10:57 Wed Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Can’t wait to play them...

twoleftfeet 10:55 Wed Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Spurs meltdown! 3 goals conceded in 5 minutes.

Faux Bare 9:16 Wed Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
That Swansea manager is one ugly cunt.

Browno22 9:01 Wed Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
We could do with another attacking midfielder who is not a striker, but fuck it we will play them as some false 9 shit

El Scorchio 8:54 Wed Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Zorro's just been booked.

Browno22 8:49 Wed Feb 10
Re: Saturday football
Couldn't be arsed to start a midweek football thread. That Yan Dhanda looks a player for Swansea. Men against boys though. Just two touch football

The Fonz 12:01 Tue Feb 9
Re: Saturday football
Bamford is a very likeable person.

That is all.

Dandy Lyon 11:33 Mon Feb 8
Re: Saturday football
Watching Crystal Palace makes me feel bad for moaning about how negative our tactics are at times

Manuel 2:49 Mon Feb 8
Re: Saturday football
Oh look everyone whining their bollocks off again. Moany cunts.

Look forward to seeing how big nose fits Foden and Grealish into the England side.

Northern Sold 2:35 Mon Feb 8
Re: Saturday football
Scouse keeper must of been on a bung... if our sunday keeper had played like that we'd still be stamping on his head... laughable

zico 2:04 Mon Feb 8
Re: Saturday football
Can't stop laughing after watching liverpool v city on MOTD. Salah does his usual falling over in the box and then as white pony says, Allison, wtf, I thought it was Adrian!

That Foden is some player.

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