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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

The Stoat 4:05 Sat Feb 6
Sky Soccer Saturday
Anyone else think the standard has dropped since they sacked the regulars?

Personally I think it just seems like a shouting match now with Merson continually repeating everything he says and the rest seemingly like a bunch of lads in the pub pre-match

Poor decision to get shot of the likes of LeTiss, Nicholas and Thompson in my opinion

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wansteadman 7:55 Sun Feb 7
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
Talking about the doing the right boxes. Put the rugby on. 3 person panel. Welsh shirt lifter black bird white bird. Chuck a raspberry in and you’ve covered it

Manuel 6:27 Sun Feb 7
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
Like most things in life, it has run it's course I suppose.

Why should they be entitled to a job for life anyway, it's not like they didn't have a good run, sitting around all day laughing and joking talking about football while getting paid well for it for how ever long it was, they have absolutely nothing to complain about.

As least SKY don't guarantee jobs for life, unlike the BBC did with Hansen and now do with the likes of Lineker, Lawro and Crooks, to name a few.

Pagey 12:40 Sun Feb 7
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
It needed freshening up because Nicholas and Thompson were so up of touch with today’s game and they were all far too comfortable. However, instead of getting in recently-retired ex-footballers with a bit of character, they went for the box-tickers across the board and it’s just far too much.

Sue Smith is okay as a pundit but she’s never off the telly and, to be fair, she’s making the most of her opportunity. We’d probably all do the same. The pandemic hasn’t helped either as every game is on telly so nobody will be watching them when there’s a game on.

Stevethehammer 7:12 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
Lee Hendrie always looks a whisker away from breaking down into tears, poor fella apparently been right through the mill in recent years, glad he has got a the gig, can string a sentence together and knows the game well.
Merson has his faults and struggles to speak half the time but he's alright, Morrison is the token there and then there's usually some bird rolled out for the sake of ticking the boxes.

twoleftfeet 6:56 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
I never understand a word of what Morrison says.

MTC 6:25 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
Wasn’t there a rumour when the other three were sacked that Jeff Stelling was thinking about quitting as well because he was good friends with all of them.Suppose Sky chucked a load more money at him to stay.

claypole 6:20 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
Mccoist is starting to morph into Jim Davidson

Gaffer58 6:08 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
And why is Ally McCoist on or are the Scott’s classed as a minority group nowadays.

Lato 6:04 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
I like Merson and Francis Benali when he's on, can't think why and I always liked Le Tiss
he is an honest and down earth bloke!

As for the rest....not my cup of tea!

Sven Roeder 6:00 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
There are 2 Saturday 3pm kickoffs in the Premier league which is one more than there often is.
And both are being shown on Sky or BT

The current situation has taken away a lot of the point of the show but will be interested to see what they do when (or IF?) we go back to half a dozen 3pm Saturdays
Am sure their viewing figures are showing a reduction but presume they are blaming the above to justify their decision

Pedro 5:41 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
Only reason it ever worked was the relationship between the panel and Jeff trying to manage them whilst getting the odd bit of punditry.

With the basic format this made it work.

Now it has a basic format with a group trying to sound clever and turn it into a proper football show. It was never designed for that.
Bored of these new age pundits all saying the same stuff which they think makes them sound like tactical experts:

“In behind”
“High press”

No relationships between them and Jeff not the same.

WHUDeano 5:36 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
*top gear!

WHUDeano 5:35 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
Went from watching an hour or so every week to never watching anymore. In fact I end up watching bbc final score or listening on talksport as an alternative. Can’t think of another tv show that has been so abruptly and completed messed up for no reason than soccer Saturday.

They should reunite on YouTube as a stand-alone show like clarkson and the top great blokes did

wd40 5:23 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
Clinton Morrison said just before Bilic was sacked from WBA that he was a up there with the best managers in the World .
Fell of my chair.
Dont think anyone should be on unless they won something or hold a record in the game.

Stowie.40 4:44 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
It’s utter cack, the chemistry between the lot before was loads better. Don’t think Jeff will be there much longer either.

ted fenton 4:29 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
Used to love it watching it with my son from day 1 but as much as I like Jeff I now watch BT's version although that whiny scot does my head in.

pdcwhu 4:23 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
Don't watch it Anymore.

happygilmore 4:20 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
I never turn it on. Clinton morrison was the last straw. Can hardly string a sentence together, buy meets the quota

terry-h 4:19 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
Sue Smith is hardly away from the Sky studios nowadays. I think she might sleep in the ladies toilet in case the security men decide to refuse her entry at the front door.

zico 4:18 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
Times change although it used to be fun when Best, Marsh and Frank McLintock. were on it. Think Marshy said something that got him kicked out?

The Stoat 4:11 Sat Feb 6
Re: Sky Soccer Saturday
happygilmore 4:09 Sat Feb 6

I'm not actually watching it, it's happens to be on in the other room but all I can hear is them shouting at each other.

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