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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Romfordboy 12:45 Thu Feb 11
Just watched the video with Nobes after the game.. by the sound of it he finishing at end of season. Keeps talking about not long left etc..

I have been a critic of his last couple of years but hats off been a good career and hopefully if he is finishing he will join the backroom staff.

FYI Couldnt be bothered to scroll through many pages bringing up an old Noble thread

Still think he deserved an England cap or 2 when he was at his best

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Chigwell 7:20 Fri Feb 12
Re: Noble
He's a solid midfield player who can still be trusted to control the ball and use it wisely.

ChillTheKeel 5:07 Fri Feb 12
Re: Noble
I always noticed is that he always seems to have time on the ball


That's intentional by the oppo just so they can have a bit of a rest/giggle.

gank 4:54 Fri Feb 12
Re: Noble

Nick QQQ 8:01 Thu Feb 11
Re: Noble
Noble is so average has played over 500 games under multiple experienced managers who obviously thought he was good enough or listen to some idiot on a forums view......mmm

Like who? Avram Grant?

Fucking dunce

Manuel 12:17 Fri Feb 12
Re: Noble
Could say a lot about Noble good and bad but would be typing all day, but one thing I always noticed is that he always seems to have time on the ball, is comfortable in possession and puts his head up. He's never been a world beater but that is the sign of a good footballer who is comfortable plying his trade at said level. As someone else also said, I always thought he was better when he was playing more forward.

dealcanvey 11:54 Fri Feb 12
Re: LOLble
Love the way Greenwood spun and turned him in the last game but rather than try and get back and tackle him, experience told him to just gently trot into the middle of the park an let the others deal with him.

I think he has 1 more year with us but does not need to take (or receive) the armband off Rice anymore.

cup of tea 11:30 Fri Feb 12
Re: LOLble

New Jersey 10:53 Fri Feb 12
Re: Noble
I don't really buy into this lack of pace for England, if you've got a football brain you can overcome this, particularly in certain positions, didn't do Sheringham any harm. At the time England was crying out for someone who could put their foot on the ball, was comfortable in possession and could see a pass, all skills he has in abundance. I suppose England managers like players such as Carlton Palmer who can probably run like fuck all day but little else and why our international record is basically shit!

It's also interesting to see read his thoughts on why he didn't play for Ireland which he was entiltled to do, basically he didn't think it was fair that he would be denying 'proper' Irish lads a place in the squad, particularly as he had sung the national anthem for Enland U21, U19, U17 and U16!!

ChillTheKeel 9:51 Fri Feb 12
Re: Noble
the exile 7:51

Miserable and bitter for having a difference of opinion? What a retarded comment.

joe royal 7:55 Fri Feb 12
Re: Noble
2 more goals and he beats PDC’s record I think.

Mex Martillo 7:30 Fri Feb 12
Re: Noble
I’ve always liked Noble.
Played well against ManU.
He will be an important player this season, because the squad has little depth and we will need him.

whu4eva 3:37 Fri Feb 12
Re: Noble
1. There was definitely a time when he should have been given a chance for England and think he is actually what they needed at the time

2. If it is his last year, I would not begrudge him starting the last game even if we change tactics etc... We owe it to him

3. I hope we name something in the stadium after him. Not many players who play their whole careers at a club and none who have done it in his manner and stuck up for the fans

Takashi Miike 2:55 Fri Feb 12
Re: Noble
I always thought he was played out of position and while he still had legs, would have been better used just behind the forward/s. I watched an interview with kevin keen last year who said he kept telling noble to take his coaching badges, so maybe that's the next step

Hello Mrs. Jones 2:21 Fri Feb 12
Re: Noble
Loved him then, love him now. Passion personified. Loves the whole West Ham history as much as we all do. Just wish the rest of the fucking mercenaries had a fraction of his commitment. God bless you Nobes.

Fortunes Hiding 1:46 Fri Feb 12
Re: Noble
Cheers Pub Bigot..

Need my eyes checked

Dr Matt 1:27 Fri Feb 12
Re: Noble
If he had some pace he’d have played 125 games for England.

Principled enough not to play for Ireland too.

Grumpster 12:25 Fri Feb 12
Re: Noble
As an England fan, I don't think he was ever good enough for international level personally, but has been a fantastic servant for us.

The one thing that makes me laugh about the cunts who dig him out, is that its at the beginning of games without even giving him the chance to see how he performs.

Cunted before and after Tuesdays game regardless of the fact that he didn't have a bad game, which sadly shows that a lot of fans aren't interested in anything other than moaning about the team instead of supporting the players on the pitch and are so blinkered with dislike for certain players, that they refuse to even notice if they played well.

I'd agree that he shouldn't be starting many games at the moment, but I'll support whoever is in the shirt.

Love for him to be kept on as a coach and future manager.

lowlife 11:51 Thu Feb 11
Re: Noble
Agree re the England cap. Hodgson was an absolute prick with some of the shit he picked ahead of Noble.

New Jersey 10:57 Thu Feb 11
Re: Noble
Absolute tragedy he didn't get an England cap when you consider some of the absolute garbage that have been awarded one! In the last Boleyn season he was immense and Slav was pushing for him Big time to be in the squad. I'm interested if the people who have slagged him off over the years actually go to matches because when you see him 'live' you can see how important he has been to us.

zebthecat 10:32 Thu Feb 11
Re: Noble
Lily Hammer 7:57 Thu Feb 11

Agree - it is where he is at his best and he has a pretty good shot on him if he can pick up a clearence. He rarely gives the ball away playing high the pitch.

Hope he does his coaching badges. I know captaincy doesn't always translate to management but he is a good captain and actually does organise player on the pitch unlike some where the captaincy just goes to the best player.

Mace66 10:28 Thu Feb 11
Re: Noble
FYI Couldnt be bothered to scroll through many pages bringing up an old Noble thread

Many pages ?

There must be one a page on Noble

Alfs 9:57 Thu Feb 11
Re: Noble
Nick QQQ 8:01 Thu Feb 11

I agree with all of that except the last part. I hope and expect him to go into coaching our youth set up and eventually become our manager.

Not as a player but I put him up there with Brooking for his loyalty and commitment.

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