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Leonard Hatred 6:32 Thu Feb 11
Shane MacGowan
Genius or pissed up twat?


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WHU(Exeter) 6:21 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shane MacGowan
Does anybody else remember that time when he was on Wogan?

i've tried to find it a few times over the years.

IIRC MacGowan was indeed pissed on the interview, (no surprise), but Wogan then tried to make it an Oliver Reed type thing with his 'guest' made intto some kind of spectacle for the audience.

MacGowan turned it on it's table (the table didn't have more drinks on it, thankfully), asking Wogan if he had anything interesting to ask him, anything thoughtful...stumped Wogan because he didn't...think MacGowan then started going on about Greek epics and asked the audience if there was anything of importance they'd like to chat about as well.

Worst Case Ontario 5:52 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shane MacGowan

smartypants 3:38 Fri Feb 12

Now I feel stupid for not having ever put two and two together and realized there might've been a connection between Ewan and Kirsty.

Dirty Old Town is a brilliant song though. Written about Salford, but easily imagined as so many towns and cities.

Sven Roeder 5:33 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shane MacGowan
Varying stories on the Springsteen drink driving
One report of him pulled over and swaying while trying to walk a straight line having admitted having a couple of tequila shots
Other report that his blood alcohol level was 0.02 ie a quarter of the limit

No variance on MacGowan though I understand he drinks less after he was in hospital after a fall that left him in a wheelchair
He is only alive because he has knocked heroin on the head.
Believe Sinead O'Connor reported him to the police for drug possession which probably saved his life

lincslink 5:10 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shane MacGowan
They used to collect in The Roman Way Kilburn

smartypants 3:38 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shane MacGowan
WCO you are right, I’d never bothered to look that up before.. Kirsty’s dad.

Nurse Ratched 3:23 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shane MacGowan
*nods ruefully*

billywhitehorse 11:10 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shane MacGowan
The Kilburn pub I mentioned at the beginning of this thread was Powers Bar not the Cock. We never had anyone collecting money for the IRA unlike the Cock.

ludo21 10:06 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shane MacGowan
Saw them in Bristol in 1988 and Kirsty McColl came on to sing ‘Fairytale’.

MacGowan was all over the place onstage that night.... it was great.

Definitely a genius though... you don’t keep that up for 30+ years by just being a pisshead.

blueeyed.handsomeman 6:38 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shane MacGowan

joe royal 6:24 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shane MacGowan
Like most plastic paddies he’s a cunt.

Worst Case Ontario 4:46 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shane MacGowan

smartypants 11:58 Thu Feb 11

Written by Ewan MacColl, that

WHU(Exeter) 2:24 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shane MacGowan
His lyrics are brilliant.

I liked one of the Nick Cave interviews about him, when Cave stayed at MacGowan's place and said there were loads of screwed up scraps of paper on the floor and when he unravelled some of them he found the penned lyrics to never to be songs that were every bit as good as fairytale of new york

can never find this on youtube but I remember the time that he turned up on Wogan pissed out of his head and Wogan did his usual of getting the crowd on his side in a cheap attempt to all have an easy laugh at the interviewees expense

MacGowan turned the tables on 'loveable' Wogan and the audience and it was brilliant television.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 1:21 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shane MacGowan
A bit like John Martyn. A bit of a genius, a bit of a drunken cunt.

Norman 1:11 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shane MacGowan
Grown up with The Pogues as my Dad was always playing them! Lucky enough to see them at Brixton a couple of times! Some brilliant songs some not really well known. Lullaby of London is another great song.

zebthecat 12:39 Fri Feb 12
Re: Shane MacGowan
His lifestyle is the world's longest and least successful suicide attempt.
I remember meeting him in the heyday of punk. He worked on a record stall and was in Johnny and the Nipple Erectors at the time (he pointed out his bat eared grinning face on the cover of a single). Liked a drink or 12 even then.

smartypants 11:58 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shane MacGowan
Dirty old town is a brilliant song as is fairy tale of New York.

Darlo Debs 11:04 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shane MacGowan
Those people are dangerous enough without being pissed up.

riosleftsock 10:59 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shane MacGowan
Why not Debs?

Bruce "Born To Run" Springsteen who starred in the mega expensive Superbowl peak time advert, showing him driving his old Jeep across the midwest, telling us we need to heal.

Just under 3 months earlier he was arrested for driving while intoxicated, reckless driving and another charge.

Darlo Debs 10:52 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shane MacGowan
Hope doesn't drive that scooter whilst drunk

Sydney_Iron 10:50 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shane MacGowan
Agree with Debs and hes a bit of both, piss head and genius.

Think i read recentley he has to get around on one of those mobility scotters these dys as the body is fucked.

He is one ugly fucker with or without new teath!

riosleftsock 10:48 Thu Feb 11
Re: Shane MacGowan
What next?

Dylan Thomas, better than Pam Ayres or drunk welsh git.

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