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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
a. Top Four, Champions League here we come
b. 5th-7th Europa League is well within our grasp
c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
d. We're in a dog fight before a ball has been kicked and we'll do well to finish 17th or just above
e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

grasshopper 10:51 Fri Feb 12
Benrahma for £1.5m

The benefits of a SCOUTING NETWORK.

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Mickey Rat 12:54 Mon Feb 15
Re: Benrahma for £1.5m
Spot on Canning, we should poach Brentford's talent spotting team, it would save us a fortune!

Full Claret Jacket 11:57 Sun Feb 14
Re: Benrahma for £1.5m
Benrahma is a bit out of his depth currently but then so was Salah when he first went to Chelsea. He has good touch and technique but flatters to deceive. I think it was a massive waste of money given our weaknesses in the side as was the money spent on Fornals and Bowen but I'd give him more than a few months and matches to see if it works out.

He is at least working hard and not a lazy fuck like Anderson was.

fraser 12:53 Sat Feb 13
Re: Benrahma for £1.5m
Besides when you're watching him from the perspective of seeing how many times he loses the ball you're not being objective, so every ball that doesn't find our player you will see it as his fault rather than anything else.

fraser 12:51 Sat Feb 13
Re: Benrahma for £1.5m
COYI - Morning son, have I denied that and yes I'm too lazy to type his name, my spell check fucking hates it..

He's not a striker last time I looked..could definitely do with knocking a few in.. Hasn't missed that many either.

Created quite a few chances though which is his main job as well as being good off the ball.

Not saying he's a world beater but he's definitely above championship level and I would guess Moyes agrees.

Come On You Irons 12:44 Sat Feb 13
Re: Benrahma for £1.5m
JJ? What are you SPURS or something fraser?

Why can't you admit a simple fact that ZERO goals in 18 games Benrahma has failed to deliver?

fraser 12:20 Sat Feb 13
Re: Benrahma for £1.5m
Manuel - I didn't say that did I, it was just an example.

If you pass a ball into a good area and nobody runs onto it, then it looks like a stray pass.

He's done quite a few of those... Soucek ran onto one against Villa and it looked sublime, how would it have looked if he didn't read it, another ball to nobody, attack broken down by a misplaced pass.

The ball he played to Soucek was good against the Mancd, Soucek was just back on his heels instead of moving into the space.

JJ even said so on the commentary, and questioned why he was moaning.

Manuel 3:37 Sat Feb 13
Re: Benrahma for £1.5m
Ah, so that's why Benrahama hasn't been very good, it's because we don't have Ollie Watkins. All makes sense now.

fraser 2:39 Fri Feb 12
Re: Benrahma for £1.5m


Come On You Irons 2:32 Fri Feb 12
Re: Benrahma for £1.5m
"His pass to Soucek in extra time, Watkins gets a shit on goal."

I'm sure he'd be sent off for that.

Lee Trundle 2:19 Fri Feb 12
Re: Benrahma for £1.5m
Alex V: "Brentford's skill at finding talent is probably overrated - I don't think that's very difficult to do really."

Classic V.

CanningTownWA 1:56 Fri Feb 12
Re: Benrahma for £1.5m
I agree Grasshopper
Brentford have bought and sold on a lot of good players but always have someone already identified to replace them eg Ivan Toney
I said on the summer thread that our best buy would be their scouting team

fraser 1:02 Fri Feb 12
Re: Benrahma for £1.5m
I agree Ted, he played with Watkins last year who has great movement.

His pass to Soucek in extra time, Watkins gets a shit on goal.

ted fenton 12:55 Fri Feb 12
Re: Benrahma for £1.5m
We haven't seen the best from Benrahma he's obviously got a good football brain and sometimes he's far to quick for other players to read his passes.

IMO of course.

Dandy Lyon 12:18 Fri Feb 12
Re: Benrahma for £1.5m
Come on you irons

Your opinion is factually incorrect

El Scorchio 12:15 Fri Feb 12
Re: Benrahma for £1.5m
Interesting- although of course this sort of thing is always said with the benefit of hindsight. I am sure also a lot of players are recommended (and signed or rejected) who turn out to be shit or go on to do precisely fuck all with their careers.

Anyway, I say this as an immediate thought without having listened to it yet, although I'm going to do that now as this seems like a good listen.

fraser 11:53 Fri Feb 12
Re: BANANARAMA for £1.5m
COYI - Oh the irony of you calling Lawro predictable :-)

cup of tea 11:29 Fri Feb 12
Re: BANANARAMA for £1.5m

Come On You Irons 11:25 Fri Feb 12
Re: Benrahma for £1.5m
That's his current market value in my opinion.

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