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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

northbankboy68 5:11 Tue Feb 16
Team for Spurs
Seems obvious to me.

Coufal Dawson Diop Cresswell
Soucek Rice Benrahma
Bowen Antonio Lingard


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One Flew 12:18 Sun Feb 21
Re: Team for Spurs
Coufal Dawson Diop Cresswell
Bowen Rice Soucek Fornals
Lingard Antonio (or Benrahma)

take a winning mentality into the game

Stubbo 11:16 Sun Feb 21
Re: Team for Spurs
Tough to pick a side for this and that shows we have players in form.

Debate is how much we select to try and nullify their big guns versus playing our own game.

I suspect we might go with the double up on Son who is their biggest threat for me.

Id also like to see Lingard and Benrahma in the side, amd hopefully Antonio is fit as he always relishes this lot.

Think I'd go 4-5-1





Nice to have some options though, and would be harsh on Bowen, Johnson, and remains harsh on Fornals (who did nothing wrong to be left out in the first place).

Just hope he doesn't try and "stiffen" midfield by bringing in Noble for a last game against the auld enemy (of modern times).

Justin P 11:16 Sun Feb 21
Re: Team for Spurs
To accommodate Ryan into a back 5, as right wingback, you would need to move Coufal into the back 3 as a right sided centre back, could you have Cresswell and Coufal as centre backs in the same back three? against Spurs and their front line, I would say no, you could move Cresswell to left wingback instead of Johnson but we all know he is suited to either leftback of left centreback of a back three.

Th solution would be a back four of Coufal, Diop, Dawson and Cresswell and play Ryan on the right wing but helping out Coufal with Son, just like the Grealish situation.

Moyes will let us know in 90 minutes

fraser 11:07 Sun Feb 21
Re: Team for Spurs
Fredericks is seriously in form?

Mex Martillo 10:54 Sun Feb 21
Re: Team for Spurs
BBC has Antonio down as suffering from fatigue! Surely he has got over that by resting for 2 games.

If we have a “back” 5, we have to fit Fredericks in, he is seriously in form.

Justin P 10:22 Sun Feb 21
Re: Team for Spurs
Is there any indication Antonio is fit for this game? I've seen pictures of him training with the lads but that is it.

Kane and Son are a problem, lets not mask that and needs to be dealt with from the off, Son likes to do his work early and get the game won before halftime, we simply can't afford him any space, along with Kane.

I had thought that 4 at the back with all our attacking guns on the pitch to start with but i've had a rethink, I think we need to start with 5 at the back and 3 fast forward attackers to nullify them and with Ogbonna missing, this also makes sense.

Coufal Diop Dawson Cresswell Johnson
Soucek Rice
Bowen Antonio Lingard

Benrhama to miss out starting in this lineup but will have an impact second half, he starts if Antonio is out with Bowen moving up top. Fornals is well out the starting lineup picture for me now, not good enough against the better teams in the league.

Norflundon 9:55 Sun Feb 21
Re: Team for Spurs
Bar one of two players we know who will play I’m not sure it’ll make much of a difference
Personally I’d like to see the team that played so well against villa it’s the last time we played really well
Tbh I’m more interested who played for them Sanchez is a walking disaster as is aurier but due to our aerial ability I’m not sure he can leave Sanchez out and if Sanchez starts I can see him playing a back three to compensate which means he’ll probably play aurier. With these two in the team we will def get chances, just need the forwards to find some form and start putting them away Antonio Benrahma and Bowen have all been guilty of missing a lot of chances recently when they’ve played we need them to have their shooting boots on today.

marty feldman 9:33 Sun Feb 21
Re: Team for Spurs
I'd pick exactly the same team and formation as the villa game .but obviously diop or balbuena will have to come in for oggy.

normannomates 9:09 Sun Feb 21
Re: Team for Spurs
We might nick a draw if we have all of the County of Essex behind the ball.. Maybe.

normannomates 9:03 Sun Feb 21
Re: Team for Spurs
Bale about sums these up..

A flyweight sumo wrestler

normannomates 8:54 Sun Feb 21
Re: Team for Spurs
Please WHU.. Just beat these..

Lertie Button 7:39 Sat Feb 20
Re: Team for Spurs
All about neutralising their threat so will need to double up on Kane, Son and Bale maybe have to play without s keeper but you know it could work.

Sir Alf 7:01 Sat Feb 20
Re: Team for Spurs

Spurs have more recently started to generally get the better of us with Kane dropping deep and providing excellent assists for Son etc. Its a reason not to get overloaded in midfield and why I've got a feeling Moyes will revert to a back 4 and to find a place for Antonio and Benrahma.

He always reverts back to it whenever he is able. He will probably start with Antonio to risk against him pulling up then having to use up one of his subs to "sub a sub" :-) That would mean no Johnson or Fredericks. But IMHO I think it will leave us vulnerable to Tottenham's pace and the likes of Son and Moura. He also has Bale looking like he is ready to play so we need to deny space to them.

The problem with the 2 wing backs last time out at home was that it did leave us short handed in midfield due to Lanzini and Lingard not offering much defensively. Johnson played the wing back role perfectly and that helped down that side whereas Coufal looked exposed down our right side.

So as a leading "sit on yer sofa blowing off armchair fan" I would go with is: ( Benrahma to be introduced after 60 mins for Fredericks or Bowen if needs be):
Coufal Diop Dawson Cresswell Johnson
---------- Fredericks Soucek Rice

What I think the "professional , been in the game as a manager for 20 years+, knows what he is doing Moyes" will go with is:
-------------- Fab
Coufal Dawson Diop Cresswell
Bowen ---- Soucek ---- Rice--- Benrahma
------------ Antonio -- Lingard

Chigwell 5:06 Sat Feb 20
Re: Team for Spurs
Sir Alf:
You and I are of like mind. Fredericks should start because he can help protect Coufal against Son's pace. He is also a speedy right winger who gets to the goal line, widening our attack. If a cautious approach is not working (or better still, not needed) then bring on Benrahma and reshuffle. I don't think that Diop is a very good player, but against the right opposition he can use his size to be dominant in the penalty area. Balbuena is supposedly a bit injured so may miss out, but in the absence of Ogbonna I think it best to retain Diop anyway, because he is probably more confident after last week's goal and clean sheet, and he has shown that he can play better than his current form suggests.

marty feldman 4:52 Sat Feb 20
Re: Team for Spurs
We all know we ain't great defensively . But neither are they . dier and Sanchez are error prone in the extreme. And alderviwield legs have gone according to a lot of of their supporters.

Charoo 4:36 Sat Feb 20
Re: Team for Spurs
The biggest factors in this are Kane’s fitness, Diops concentration and decision making, not starting an unfit Antonio and what Gareth Bale shows up.

Our biggest miss is Ogbonna, we don’t deal with good movement well, I’m sure they will target Cresswell with that.

A win puts us in 4th and 9 points clear of Spurs. Goes without saying that I am not confident. Btts Spurs win I reckon.

smartypants 4:05 Sat Feb 20
Re: Team for Spurs
Sadly Spurs won’t be a push over tomorrow. If we have the same team playing at the same standard as against sheff United then we will loose, we are going to need to play better than that as Spurs will take there chances. We need Antonio to bully them and find the net again, without him fit and playing well I’m not overly confident we have enough. Neither sets of fans know who’s going to turn up yet, regardless of who’s names on the team sheet, just got to hope it’s us.

geoffpikey 2:11 Sat Feb 20
Re: Team for Spurs
Nervous about this. Mainly due to Moyes' mentality.

Can see his "respect" default getting the better of him AGAIN, and we'll see Antonio and Benrahma on the hour... by which time Kane, Son and Bale will have filled their boots.

Happy for Moyes to prove me wrong.

wd40 1:45 Sat Feb 20
Re: Team for Spurs
Yes he does seem to show to much respect at times well before a ball has been kicked but still doing a great job

If we win tomorrow and the other results go well we are in never never land ,different gravy land call it what you like but your talking what could turn out to be a great season .

The owners would have delivered !

Manuel 12:05 Sat Feb 20
Re: Team for Spurs
Jay - I hope, and think, that Moyes won't see Spurs as one of the 'elite' that he is afraid about, how can he when we are 6 points infront of them? I only know about the 15 game stat as a I caught a bit of his pre-match presser and a female journo brought it up. Moyes didn't look best pleased and looked a bit embarrassed about it, glad she brought it up though.

Mex Martillo 12:01 Sat Feb 20
Re: Team for Spurs
But, Zico, I think I would favour bringing in Carlton Cole from the Academy before Nolan.

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