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blueeyed.handsomeman 11:14 Wed Feb 17
indian food
in my life i must have partaken of the delights of indian cuisine in many countries,

i dont remember the names of most indian restaurants,

but a particular favourite in my memories is SABRA IN richmond,

name one of your favourites

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lincslink 10:37 Mon Mar 29
Re: indian food
WHU Exeter

I also use Misty Ricardo who cooks BIR, each recipe in the books has a YouTube video to cook along too if needed.

WHU(Exeter) 11:17 Sun Mar 28
Re: indian food
lincs, I'm similar but use a couple of Atul Kochar books.

Used to get an Indian takeaway pretty much every Sunday night, but been doing our own from his books for 3 or 4 years now.

Fair play if you're etting the fish ones right, done a couple Atul Kochar and Rick Stein ones...with meat curries you've got a bit of leeway with cookin times, but with the fish ones you've got to get them prettu much spot on.

lincslink 5:11 Sun Mar 28
Re: indian food
I cook fish madras fromRick Steins India series book using either Ling or Monk fish. Follow the recipe and have a really great curry.

yogib 9:55 Sun Mar 28
Re: indian food

oioi 4:48 Sat Mar 27

Been there a couple of times, being Indian and used to home cooking it's very good, another place that is pretty good for Punjabi cuisine is Abshar on Barkingside High St not far from the Chequers.

ak37 9:26 Sun Mar 28
Re: indian food
Who would want to eat that foreign muck.
Give me some bland fish n chips with a bread roll any day.

chevy chase 6:43 Sun Mar 28
Re: indian food
Yep, toilet window. I know someone that did that in a curry house in Greenwich. Also remember a curry house in new cross where aload of “people” did a runner but one person wasn’t aware what was planned and just carried on having there meal why a group of Indian chefs and waiters stood over him with knives and machetes. He paid the bill.

Manuel 6:31 Sun Mar 28
Re: indian food
Chevy - Ag!

We use to do runners sometimes, then had the audacity to go back a few weeks later. Got to the point where they would lock the door and not let us out until we had paid, one MATE one time tried to get out through the shitter window!

chevy chase 6:27 Sun Mar 28
Re: indian food
First Curry was at Raj Boy next to Limehouse station. There was one on mile end rd that was open till 1am so coming out of Benjys nightclub was perfect. One night me and 2 mates went in and one of them who was shitfaced said let’s do a runner. Me and my other mate looked at each other confused then our mate just legged it. He came back about 15 mins later when he realised we hadn’t even ordered yet.

Mike Oxsaw 6:17 Sat Mar 27
Re: indian food
Spent a year in Indonesia and a further year in Malaysia. Dined frequently with the locals.

No problems with the food however spicy they made it.

You must have set the Cunt Alarm off when you were there, swiss, so they probably had a quiet dump on everything before they served it to you.

Swiss. 5:04 Sat Mar 27
Re: indian food
If you want the ring of fire try Indonesian. Bog roll in the fridge time.

Coffee 5:02 Sat Mar 27
Re: indian food
Johnson 4:42 Sat Mar 27

Big time ringburner grub.

oioi 4:48 Sat Mar 27
Re: indian food
Haven't been yet but was told last year that this place is a bit special.


Since opening in South Woodford in 2016, visitors have travelled far and wide to Grand Trunk Road restaurant to sample the exceptional, authentic Indian cuisine of Chef Sharma. Their winning formula has resulted in several awards and notable accolades for Grand Trunk Road restaurant including inclusion in the Michelin Guide, as well as being named Best Indian Restaurant in London by the Asian Curry Awards.

Johnson 4:42 Sat Mar 27
Re: indian food
I’m getting in to Sri Lankan grub lately. Decent.

BubblesCyprus 4:40 Sat Mar 27
Re: indian food
Big fan of Indian grub wherever I have been always seems a local Restaurant called The Taj Mahal

bruuuno 4:28 Sat Mar 27
Re: indian food
Makes me shit! Good though on occasion, clears you’re arse pipes out. I might get one tonight - much prefer southern Indian or tandoori simple stuff good bread

kylay 2:43 Sat Mar 27
Re: indian food
Not sure I've ever eaten Indian without explosive diarrhea afterwards

Norflundon 2:35 Sat Mar 27
Re: indian food
Cooking my first Indian tonight using Dishoom recipes, doing the chicken ruby murray masala prawns and the lamb chops. Fuck me it’s hard work though about eight thousand ingredients
Have to say I do like dishoom food in their is fantastic

nychammer 4:49 Thu Mar 25
Re: indian food
to be fair Indian food in NYC as we know it in Blighty is fairly shite. Bit like the Fish and Chips; Many try, a couple of places get it really well but most fly wide of the mark.

That is all. Thank you please

lowermarshhammer 1:31 Thu Mar 25
Re: indian food
One thing I had on a train in India.

It was some.kind of spice flavour explosion thing.

Eat it after the meal..

Maybe about 10 different favours and levels of heat.

It was alright but it was mental.

I prefer marmite on toast if I'm honest.

Nurse Ratched 12:31 Thu Mar 25
Re: indian food

zebthecat 12:30 Thu Mar 25
Re: indian food
Nurse Ratched 12:27 Thu Mar 25

The "eateries" was somewhat superfluous in that comment.

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