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Q: 2020/2021 Where will we finish up this season?
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c. 8th to 14th anywhere in mid table is about right
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e. GSB have derailed our season before a ball has been kicked, the Championship beckons

Coffee 8:49 Sat Feb 20
Saturday football
The Saints topped the table a few short months ago and some of their fans even had the cheek to send screenshots of that league table on social media. But a drop in form has seen them fall to thirteenth, while their visitors have shown distinct signs of rejuvenation under new management. The two managers should have little difficulty in communicating between themselves if not to their respective sets of players. This has to go to form and an Einz-Zwei final score is not out of the question, although a Saints’ win would give us the opportunity to climb back into the top four. Away win.

The future looks increasingly bleak for the Baggies, who find themselves 12 (effectively 13) points adrift of safety with 14 games left to play. They face a Burnley side that’s just as adept at bus parking as they, and the prospect of sitting through this encounter should fill any football-loving neutral with the deepest form of dread. Draw.

Is this a battle for a UEFA spot? Both sides find themselves in a pitiful run of league form, but you have to fancy Liverpool to be the more likely to put their foot on the pedal and get a return. Home win.

Scott Parker has done a good job of lifting Fulham from their erstwhile doldrums – but is it all a bit too late? He will believe not, as a win today (with Newcastle losing at Man U tomorrow) would bring the gap either side of the dotted line to a bum-squeaking three points. It certainly is too late for the Blades, despite all their endeavour. Home win.


There’s always a buzz for this fixture, an extra level of noise at kick-off. The singing is louder, the vitriol delivered with above-average intensity and feeling. None of that will be there at the stadium today, but you can be sure that computer screens throughout East London and beyond will be beneficiaries of that wrath and intensity. Jose believes it’s too early to look at the table. So let’s look at the table, which has the visitors in ninth place and looking unlikely to qualify for Europe. If results go our way this weekend, we’ll spend the next week in the top four, but the worst case scenario will put us down to sixth. Antonio seems to be battling a curious case of fatigue, but may be available for selection. No further new injury problems are reported. Lanzini may be on the bench with his scoring boots. Harry Kane didn’t play for the visitors in midweek, so will be fresh for another go at tunnelling below one of our players. Of some concern is David Moyes’ extremely poor record against Mourinho, who seems to have a kind of hoodoo over our manager. But if we’re up for it, we should beat them. Home win.

A good old Brummie derby that offers little in the way of reliable predictability. Jamie Vardy has a great record against Villa. A Villa win would keep Leicester within manageable distance of us, but would also bring the hosts closer to us. Home win.

There’s something sorrowful about Arsenal this season. Like their good North London friends, they’re been painfully inconsistent, but have shown that they can turn on it when so inclined. But even their best performance won’t be good enough against the would-be champions today. Away win.

Man U are in the fight for the runners-up spot, while the Barcodes will look with trepidation at Fulham’s progress one place below them. Form and league position suggest one possible outcome only. Home win.



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ludo21 9:22 Wed Feb 24
Re: Saturday football
It would be the icing on the cake if Southampton went down with WBA.

Sven Roeder 9:14 Wed Feb 24
Re: Saturday football
Dont think Atletico Madrid are even as good as they were a couple of years ago but are top of the Spanish league as these are the worst Real & Barcelona teams in living memory.
I'd expect the English teams to go deep into the European tournaments which as said is good for us if they get injuries and are generally distracted.

Presume Bayern are still the Champions league favourites but have a feeling PSG might finally break through.
If one of them beat Chelsea 5-0 in the final that would be nice.

I see Southampton lost again last night ... 1 point from 24 I think.
Should be fine with 30 points (8 clear of Fulham) but I'd still draw the line of teams in danger to include them.

Manuel 2:18 Wed Feb 24
Re: Saturday football
Norf - Yep, we want these cunts, Liverpool and even Leicester and Man Utd to keep going in Europe.

Norflundon 12:02 Wed Feb 24
Re: Saturday football
Rent boys looked decent tonight and fuck me they’ve got some squad subs that came on were Kante pulasic ziyek haverts and Reece James
Decent result for us could really do with them and the Mickey’s going as far as they can the more games they have the better

ludo21 11:58 Tue Feb 23
Re: Saturday football
With the exception of Bayern Munich, English teams seem to be dominating in Europe. Must say something about the standard / competitiveness of the Premier League.

For some reason I’m showing more interest in European matches now ;)

Grumpster 11:52 Tue Feb 23
Re: Saturday football
Standard in that Spanish league at the moment is shocking.

Not a single shot for the leaders against what isn't exactly a vintage Chelsea.

Romfordboy 8:47 Tue Feb 23
Re: Saturday football
Ref all over the place in this Leeds vs saints match

twoleftfeet 12:55 Mon Feb 22
Re: Saturday football
Softest penalty this season. Rashford is a bloody cheat.

lowlife 12:06 Mon Feb 22
Re: Saturday football
Ha - yeah! Always find the ‘he felt something in his leg’ and odd way of describing an injury or pain. Not sure he has bones in his legs though, the way he flaps about everywhere.

Alfs 12:06 Mon Feb 22
Re: Saturday football
Unless the Barcodes replace Bruce soon, I can see Fulham overtaking them, possibly by next weekend.

VirginiaHam 10:44 Sun Feb 21
Re: Saturday football

lowlife 4:50 Sun Feb 21

a bone?

VirginiaHam 10:41 Sun Feb 21
Re: Saturday football
except it was MU.

lowlife 10:31 Sun Feb 21
Re: Saturday football
Minimal contact, and he dives like that. Thought that would at least warrant a VAR review.

‘There was contact though’

twoleftfeet 10:29 Sun Feb 21
Re: Saturday football
Man Utd score their 50th penalty of the season 👍

Iron Duke 10:25 Sun Feb 21
Re: Saturday football
I thought that was Arsenal?

In best Cockney accent: “The trouble with Arsenal, is they always try and walk the ball in”.

ted fenton 8:28 Sun Feb 21
Re: Saturday football
Who would have thought that after that Man City sterling goal it would remain 0-1 they do try and walk it in far to often.

nychammer 8:24 Sun Feb 21
Re: Saturday football
Another City win. Thinking now is a good time to play them, when they are almost out of sight in the league with European obligations

nychammer 8:22 Sun Feb 21
Re: Saturday football

goose 7:38 Sun Feb 21
Re: Saturday football
Saka is a very good footballer.

England have some serious attacking talent in that squad - Foden, Sterling, Sancho, Lingard, Grealish, Maddison, Barnes and I’ve probably missed someone........

Northern Sold 6:45 Sun Feb 21
Re: Saturday football
Absolute curse is shin splints... you feel like you got a red hot poker shoved down your shin... had to manage mine .... cut out all running on concrete and play in trainers on rock hard pitches with a couple of innersoles in...

Huggie 6:43 Sun Feb 21
Re: Saturday football

probably the first post from you that I have liked and to be fair it is right up there. Quality mate. Well done.

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