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Coffee 12:06 Mon Feb 22
Paul Nevin

That bloke with PN on his shirt who's always next to David Moyes. First Team Coach.

I know nothing about him, but here's what the OS and Wiki say about him..


After a playing career which took in spells with the likes of Shrewsbury Town, Carlisle United and Yeovil Town as well as four years in the USA, Paul Nevin began his coaching journey with Fulham’s Academy.

Nevin spent eight years working with a variety of the junior and reserve teams at Craven Cottage, before heading to manage the New Zealand Knights in the Australian A-League for a season and then on to Qatar, where Nevin held a role at the Aspire Academy working with the Middle East nation’s young players and coaches.

Returning to England in 2013, he took a coaching role at Norwich City, where he first worked alongside manager and former West Ham and Republic of Ireland defender Chris Hughton, before joining the Premier League as head of coaching.

After two years in that role, Nevin was reunited with Hughton at Brighton & Hove Albion, where he took the role of first-team coach. Under their guidance, the Seagulls won promotion to the Premier League for the first time in 2016/17, before establishing themselves in the top flight.

In November 2018, as part of a Football Association initiative to solve the under-representation of BAME coaches in the game, he was invited to join England’s coaching staff by manager Gareth Southgate, working with Declan Rice and the Three Lions as they reached the finals of the UEFA Nations League.


Nevin began his coaching career at Fulham FC in the United Kingdom where he spent 8 years in several roles including Academy and Reserve Team Manager. He then accepted an invitation to improve the fortunes of the struggling New Zealand Knights who competed in the Australian Hyundai A League. Nevin was appointed manager with the departure of former coach John Adshead at the completion of the 2005-06 A-League season.

Following his tenure in New Zealand, Nevin then took up a position at Aspire Academy in Qatar in 2007. He was responsible for developing players for Qatar's junior and senior national teams, while also being involved in Coach Development. Nevin has enjoyed coaching opportunities in Africa, China and Brazil and was also a regular guest presenter on the Al Jazeera Sports Channel.

Following a successful 5 years in the Middle East, Nevin returned to the Premier League as Head of Coaching at Norwich City FC. This spell at the club also saw him promoted to the role of First Team Coach. In 2014 Nevin was approached by the Premier League to become Head of Academy Coach development, a role that saw Nevin work with all the Premier League and Category One Clubs and support each of them with their Coach Development programmes. Nevin has also worked with the FA as a coach with the Youth National Teams.

In October 2018, Nevin was temporarily appointed to Gareth Southgate's England coaching staff as part of The FA's BAME coaching initiative across all national teams.Nevin remained with the Three Lions through to their third-place finish at the 2019 UEFA Nations League Finals.

In February 2020, Nevin was appointed as first team coach at West Ham United

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Vexed 8:31 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
If you were to get a Dave Brailsford style analysis of football I expect maximising your use of set pieces would be one of the top ways to get better results for minimal outlay. It's brilliant to see us so physically robust, motivated and organised. Whenever we get a corner now I feel like we're going to score or come close, never experienced this before with a West Ham side. They used to be a waste of time for us. Any team.that ain't working on this stuff is missing a trick. The thing is, we can play a bit too which I suspect is the thing people are really upset about. Gutted cuuuunts.

Fortunes Hiding 6:39 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
On The Ball 3:12 Mon Feb 22

Thing is we have been so poor with set pieces, but now we are a genuine threat.


ornchurch ammer 6:09 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
Didn't we get to a World Cup semi final with a few Spurs players in a team that relied on set pieces & penalties?

Wasn’t Nevin previously involved with the England set up as well?

LeroysBoots 6:01 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin rs

Russ of the BML 5:00 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin

Cheers mate

epsom 5:05 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
Read somewhere that Nevin is next to Moyes with the radio as Pearce is up in the stands taking a wider view of the game and passing on feedback / observations (not sure where I read that)

Perverse that we conceded from a near post corner yesterday.... Did they change tactics as they could not match our 4 Big Uns in the middle? No doubt they will be working on that this week.

On set pieces, there is a lot that can be learned from Rugby line outs about delivering a ball into space and how players move into agreed positions, whilst others divert attention. Basketball defence is really good at marking players and we seem to have an edge at the moment, especially when you watch other teams at corners.

I think its great coaching and its doing a few things better by 1%.

Russ of the BML 5:00 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
LeroysBoots 3:47 Mon Feb 22

Not very positive at the moment. Huge investment but a lack of performance improvements coming from it. Have bought some absolutely top drawer players from around the world and they haven't clicked. My mate was over the moon in the summer with the investment and couldn't believe some of the players being touted and brought in.

As it stands the coach is being given time as they are looking at it as a longer term project. But as it stands my mate (manager of operations) doesn't know how long the coach will be given.

I do know that Covid has descimated operations. It has been hell. Especially early on. I remember over the course of a month in the summer they had to close training centre a number of times. due to infections. I am not sure if that has given the coach some additional time?

But results will soon be required.

It may be that as its Jack's little project they are being a little less direct with sackings.

CARTERS 4:33 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
Thanks for this COFFEE.
Often wondered who he was

Side of Ham 4:16 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
Didn't we get to a World Cup semi final with a few Spurs players in a team that relied on set pieces & penalties?

England were deemed ok for doing this no?

Sven Roeder 4:09 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
Crossing the ball and scoring from headers is part of the game.
Ironically Spurs scored from a set piece header from a corner yesterday.
Excellent corner and very good header .... though we should have had someone ahead of the near post and Cresswell was on his heels

Not heard Nevin mentioned at all when people have talked about BAME coaches not getting opportunities.
Has obviously worked his way up without a playing career that gives him a 'name'.
Whatever the coaching team are doing it is working

El Scorchio 3:58 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
On The Ball 3:12

I hate that it's used as a form of 'snobbery' as well. If you're good at set pieces at both ends of the pitch it's a huge basic advantage. Maybe if that's ALL you offer then it's a bit grim but although the stat keeps getting brought up every time we play by commentators, it's clear we offer so much more and no one is labelling us one trick ponies.

Similarly I've never understood fannying about with 'clever' free kick routines or short corners. Half the time these don't work and you miss the opportunity to get the ball into the box. It absolutely maddens me when we waste a corner or advanced free kick.

Anyway, on Nevin- very encouraging. He does seem to be Moyes' main tactician as he spends the most time conversing and next to him on the touchline so is obviously influential at the club.

BillC79 3:48 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
Last time we were anywhere near this good at set pieces was when we had Dowie, Dicks, Bilic and I think Rieper. Must have been 95-96

LeroysBoots 3:47 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin

Russ of the BML 3:04 Mon Feb 2

Russ, as you have the inside track to the ladies team, what's the goss there ?

They seem to have imploded and loaned out 2 of their best players, with a distinct lack of incomings, has the honeymoon period for Jack Sullivan been reached ?

Coffee 3:37 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
Russ of the BML 3:04 Mon Feb 22

Good to read that.

On The Ball 3:12 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
Fortunes Hiding 12:38 Mon Feb 22

I love that. Like it's almost cheating to be good at set-pieces, or other teams are choosing to not score them to be more sporting.

I've always thought it was remiss of managers not to make sure that their teams aren't shit-hot at set-pieces. They're such good opportunities to score from it's madness to not make sure you're threatening, and it must be easier to get good at them than one-touch football and backheels etc.

Russ of the BML 3:04 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
I know the West Ham ladies manager of operations and he speaks really highly of him. I also know a few coaches at various levels in the game also all of whom regard him very highly. Allegedly a very calm, quiet but influential person due to his tactical knowledge of the game.

Irvine, Nolan and Pearce do all the shouting, kicking and screaming.

BRANDED 2:50 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
From the Stannit

“A coach, first and foremost, has to have the knowledge and credibility to deliver, but you’re dealing with human beings. A lot of people can have the knowledge, but it’s about transmitting that, making the players feel valued and being able to develop relationships which help them reach their fullest potential. It’s probably that aspect, really getting into the human being that drives the performance, which is my strongest.”

Northern Sold 2:43 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
Bit of a Chelsea legend... ripped us apart in 83 and caused a pitch invasion

LeroysBoots 2:23 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
Funnily enough Coffee I was going to put something up about him.

Clearly has the ear of Moyes as always seems to be the one that Moyes consults on the touchline during a game.

Seems to have had a massive influence

Loving what Moyes is doing in restructuring the club, next stop the training facilities hopefully

paulon 12:54 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
Actually saw his debut on loan for Carlisle United around 87/88

Obviously a much better coach than footballer because he was absolutely horrendous

Fortunes Hiding 12:38 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
There was an article in the racing post saying that we were all about set pieces and were in a false position.

And tipped Spurs to beat us....

ornchurch ammer 12:34 Mon Feb 22
Re: Paul Nevin
I was thinking yesterday about what a great back room team we have.
Moyes is getting the headlines but what a great job Nevin, Nolan, Irvine and Pearce are doing.
Have West Ham ever been top of the stats for goals scored from set pieces?
When have we been so organised and resilient at the back?

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