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Manuel 11:07 Fri Feb 26
Or is it Frasier :-)

No date as yet, but It's coming back for a 12th season.

Apart from the main character it's not been confirmed who else will reprise their roles, ie the brother, Daphne, etc. The old man has bought the farm now so doubt he'll be back.

I'm a fan having seen all of them, but wonder if they just should have left it?

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jakehammer 9:48 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser
I'm with Capitol man on this Niles was brilliant and was by far the best character on the show.

Far Cough 8:12 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser
fraser, it's highly likely that the Romanised population of Iberia spoke Latin to some degree especially the part of Iberia that Maximus came from

daveyg 8:06 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser
Far Cough
i think you'll find Russell Crowe's character hailed (Caeser ) from Spain.

Capitol Man 4:53 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser
Niles is by far the best character and best actor in that.

It won’t be the same, but if they manage to get a lot of the same writers back it still has a lot of potential.

Bungo 2:23 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser
Cameron Diaz in Gangs of New York.

Can't imagine what Irish people made of that.

MaryMillingtonsGhost 2:20 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser
Far Cough 2:10

Surely Connery had a bad accent in... well, pretty much ANY film where he portrayed someone who wasn't Scottish?

Manuel 2:20 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser
Ray Winstone in The Departed.

only1billybonds 2:18 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser
Kevin Costner as ye olde Robin Hood in 'Prince of.. thieves'

Far Cough 2:10 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser
Bad accents:

Sean Connery as a Soviet submarine commander in Hunt for Red October

As previously said Dick Van Dyke as a cockney chimney sweep in Mary Poppins

Russell Crowe as a Roman Gladiator

Any more?

Bungo 2:06 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser

That's why I really hope it was deliberately crap. If anyone thought this was a realistic English accent then a double facepalm is woefully insufficient. :)

Sven Roeder 2:00 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser
Seemed a bit odd to cast an Australian actor whose career has mainly been putting on an American accent to appear on US tv to play a Mancunian.
Not sure WHAT accent he was really aiming for to be fair

Bungo 1:57 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser
There should also be a special mention for Daphne's brother Simon, played by Anthony LaPaglia.

I have to assume it was on purpose but has to be about the worst 'English' accent since Dick Van Dyke?


Far Cough 1:46 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser
Always fancied Shelley Long in the original Cheers

daveyg 1:35 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser
I think I might be watching all 3 episodes after seeing todays line up.

Manuel 12:36 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser
Right on, Billy.

only1billybonds 12:33 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser

There were more than one 'cabin' episodes. Do you mean the one where Frasiervand Niles take the two birds and Niles's phone wont stop ringing?

Sven Roeder 12:26 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser
Can remember when they announced as said that there was going to be a spin off from Cheers with Frasier being a radio psychiatrist in Seattle & thought it sounded like a TERRIBLE idea.
It worked because they created an entirely new world with great writing & great support characters.
Doing that again will be pretty miraculous

ps Lilith (Bebe Neurwith) was ALWAYS the hottest woman in either show

Manuel 11:54 Sat Feb 27
Re: fraser
I've never been one for best episodes, can't really remember them anyway, but the one that sticks in my mind was the one when they went to the cabin in the woods one weekend.

Westside 7:09 Fri Feb 26
Re: fraser
A very early episode followed by the Kate Costas double...

You Bad Boy Davey...

Vexed 6:33 Fri Feb 26
Re: fraser
Saying that a spinoff from Cheers just about Frasier sounded like a shit idea at the time...

Vexed 6:32 Fri Feb 26
Re: fraser
Frasier was/is pure class. I fear for this new series though.

Has anything brought back after so many years been any good?

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