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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Manuel 11:07 Fri Feb 26
Or is it Frasier :-)

No date as yet, but It's coming back for a 12th season.

Apart from the main character it's not been confirmed who else will reprise their roles, ie the brother, Daphne, etc. The old man has bought the farm now so doubt he'll be back.

I'm a fan having seen all of them, but wonder if they just should have left it?

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Alfs 6:22 Sat Dec 9
Re: fraser
I've just read that Grammer's 18 year old sister was kidnapped, raped and murdered. Incredible that he can be so humorous after such an event.

Manuel 6:33 Fri Dec 8
Re: fraser
Haha, you soppy cunt.

Mr Anon 3:24 Fri Dec 8
Re: fraser
Thanks for spoiler mate! One episode to go, it's not as bad as I feared, first couple of episodes were ropey

Manuel 10:12 Fri Dec 8
Re: fraser
Finished the first season, it's still pretty crap but at least Roz rocked up at the end, she is looking good too.

Looks like this is going to run for a while, read something from Grammar saying he wants this to run for years and develop the new characters, also said they still hope to get Niles, Daphne and Bulldog back.

As you were.

Capitol Man 4:11 Tue Nov 21
Re: fraser
It's warming up. Niles was bar far the funniest guy in there so it was always going to be a big missing factor.

New shows always take a while to get going as you have to warm to the characters in them.

Think Roz is also due to appear later on. Wouldn't rule out other returns if it makes it to a second season.

pdbis 4:07 Tue Nov 21
Re: fraser
I read somewhere that actress Lisa Maxwell (only oldies will have heard of her) was offered the role of Daphne but turned it down as she didn't think the script was funny. She would be minted now.

swindon hammer 4:52 Sun Nov 19
Re: fraser
Haven’t watched a full episode yet but they have started uploading clips to YouTube so seen a few of those.

Reboots are always difficult and open to criticism especially if the original was so good.

Just from the short clips I have seen it feels like the biggest thing missing is the dynamic and humour between Frasier & Niles. That was a big part of what made the original tick.

Maybe Americans are able to view it differently but for a lot of Brits who grew up on OFAH it’s very difficult to take Nicholas Lyndhurst seriously in this role. It’s hard to imagine him being anyone other than Rodney and his look is so distinctive you can’t even change that.

Lilith looks scary. Like an old landlady from a haunted castle.

Side of Ham 3:40 Sun Nov 19
Re: fraser
Oh that's why you've got a long neck Pickle.....to get closer to the cosmos.....makes sense now.....

Hammer and Pickle 3:05 Sun Nov 19
Re: fraser
Yeah but hair are your aerials. They pick up signals from the cosmos and transmit them directly into the brain. This is the reason bald-headed men are uptight.

Nurse Ratched 2:35 Sun Nov 19
Re: fraser
Good point re just watching it for Kelsey Grammar. He's bald and he has a deep, rich voice, which are in the top five of my most fanciable traits in a chap.

Manuel 2:28 Sun Nov 19
Re: fraser
I was going to stop watching it but it's only 23 mins an episode, and it's still watchable if only to watch Frasier Crane, and as said it does pick up.

Nurse - Agree, Lyndhurst is bad but the youngsters are awful, particularly Nile's son. It would have been better had Niles agreed to come back.

Nurse Ratched 2:08 Sun Nov 19
Re: fraser
I watched 2 or 3 episodes and wasn't interested enough to continue, though I might give it a go now people are saying it picks up. It wasn't Nicholas Lyndhurst putting me off, it was the younger cast members. Not a jot of charisma. The only scene I really enjoyed was a verbal spar between Frasier and his son over decorating their shared flat. Generally it appeared the writers were doing their best to make everything cosy and conforming as entertainment must be these days. Bring vack Bulldog!

Kidders 1:30 Sun Nov 19
Re: fraser
Watched 2 episodes and undecided whether to move forward, Grammar has slipped straight back into character but biggest turn off for me is Lyndhurst.

jfk 9:15 Sat Nov 18
Re: fraser
Oops meant the box set thread.
Could do a lot worse than watch a load of episodes of Frasier in order.
It’s one of very few things (tele wise) thats had me proper rolling up.

jfk 8:36 Sat Nov 18
Re: fraser
The original was about as good as comedy gets.
Watched the first episode of the reboot was alright,will catch up on the rest later today (tele day today I’ll have a gander through this thread as got fuck all planned and the forecast is heavy rain all day).
Not seen the wire might give that a go.

Side of Ham 8:02 Sat Nov 18
Re: fraser
Liked the dynamic of the old series, saw Lyndhurst was in it and decided that was enough to give it a miss as it’s only a tv show…..

Manuel 7:35 Sat Nov 18
Re: fraser
Hammer I am - I find that way of thinking rather strange to be honest, if you loved the original series than surely you would at least be curious to see it. It's just a TV show at the end of the day, it's not life or death or something to be taken seriously, lol. Go on watch it, I'm sure it won't be too traumatic for you, if it is you could always seek counselling.

Manuel 5:11 Sat Nov 18
Re: fraser
Sydney - Frasier was never ''non pc'' or never really had a 90's 'theme', as such, so no reason why a sitcom like that can't work in any era really.

Hammer I am 3:04 Sat Nov 18
Re: fraser
Stayed clear, purely because of how how much I love the original which I consider one if the best sitcoms of all time. Glad to hear its picking up speed after a rocky start though

Sydney_Iron 2:55 Sat Nov 18
Re: fraser
Do these remake/re starts ever work?

Quite a few of these shows are as much about the era they were made as to the shows themselves; Frasier is very 1990,s im not sure it will work in the same way in 2023.

westhammerer 10:33 Fri Nov 17
Re: fraser
I think the notion that after four or five episodes it works better is correct.

There's a lot of having to establish new characters, places, relationships, etc., in the first few episodes.

Once done there is the foundation for things and situations to develop.

It has got better as it has gone along.

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