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Block 12:46 Fri Mar 5
Royal Rumble....
Anyone give a shit?

MARKEL seems to be getting right in the Firms faces and now blaming them for "leaks" to the press.

Personally, Markel is a bit of a cunt - It's no surprise her family is fucked and now she's causing havoc with the firm.

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The Queen 10:15 Fri Mar 19
Re: Royal Rumble....
The Cunt

zico 5:16 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....
terry-h 4:41 Wed Mar 17

Some very unlucky circumstances indeed!


Although not sure what JFK Junior was thinking deciding to fly when he did when he was only qualified to fly by sight only apparently!

Mike Oxsaw 5:06 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....
Mess with the Federal Reserve at your own peril.

They will get you all eventually, one way or another and you will have no descendants.

terry-h 4:41 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....
The Kennedy siblings were an unlucky bunch. Two assassinations,two or three killed in air crashes and all dead now.jfk's son also killed in air crash.

Far Cough 2:12 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....
Ted fucking Kennedy

Block 2:11 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....
Who is he referring to?

Far Cough 2:10 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....
Surf, hahahahaha and kept his fucking job in the Senate

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 2:07 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....

Indeed. And to be fair to Andrew, at least he's never gone out to a party, got pissed, driven home in torrential rain, driven off a bridge, got out of the car himself leaving his young female passenger to die, run away, and got his friends in high places to cover it all up.

Block 12:50 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....
The Monarch is for me what makes us great.

There's not enough "tradition" now days, so the fact we have an monarch which has been around for as long as Northern Sold is quite "nice".

Northern Sold 12:42 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....
God bless YOUR queen

Sven Roeder 12:30 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....
I must admit I do find them entertaining ... in a soap opera sort of way.
And that should be cranked up once Charles is in the chair with Camilla by his side.

Lee Trundle 11:50 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....
"It has little or no effect on my day to day life"

Apart from your obsession over them, of course.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:48 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....
The answer to your question, of course, is that you can't get a job in Australia.

Plus, I am a UK citizen. It says so right here in my passport. Don't let the facts stay in the way of a good fib, though.

Sven Roeder 11:46 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....
If I loathed everything about England why on earth would I live here?
I like a lot of British institutions (the BBC for example) though in my opinion the hereditary monarchy is a load of medieval nonsense ... though I accept a majority of British people wish to retain it. And remain subjects rather than citizens. So be it.
It has little or no effect on my day to day life ...but if it must exist hopefully it can lift its game.

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:08 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....

As an Englishman, living in England, pretending to be Australian and loathing everything about England and its institutions are you completely disinterested?

And clearly, to someone who speaks English properly, the Queen cannot under any circumstances be disinterested over her son. She may or may not, however, be uninterested. Best ask her.

Sven Roeder 10:30 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....
Must say I thought the Galapagos must be missing a tortoise.

100 in June I believe.
Wouldn't be buying the candles or booking the telegram just yet

geoffpikey 10:13 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....
Judging by the pic on this am's DAILY MAIL, this shit has already killed Phil The Greek. If he's actually yet to find out... I give him a few days.

100 not out? I wouldn't bet on it. Sir.

Mike Oxsaw 6:57 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....
Doesn't every royal family (or it's republican equivalent) have at least one wrong'un within it's midst?

Not saying it's right, but the law of averages suggests that may well be the case, and if that "midst" closes ranks around him/her then they are pretty much bomb-proof.

Such closed ranks are less common in open society (Freemasons are not an open society), for a variety of reasons, hence more chances for us to have a witch hunt..

Sven Roeder 12:17 Wed Mar 17
Re: Royal Rumble....
That sounds very defensive

'The family' are dealing with the racism claims aren't they as per their statement? That sounds like a more active role rather than daring someone to prove it. When should we expect the Royal verdict?

And is the Queen as head of the Royal family (and church) utterly disinterested in the fact that her son has been accused of a long ongoing relationship with a convicted paedophile?
Prince Andrew is currently being shielded by the Royal family and resisting all requests to assist the FBI. That's shameful isnt it?

SurfaceAgentX2Zero 11:36 Tue Mar 16
Re: Royal Rumble....
Why would they do either of those things, Sven? As an employer, they have a responsibility to investigate the bullying.

It's up to H&M to substantiate accusations of racism against them.

I'm pretty sure the FBI are capable of dealing with the Grand Old Duke of York by themselves., particularly as he isn't accused of breaking any UK law.

Sven Roeder 11:39 Tue Mar 16
Re: Royal Rumble....
This 'bullying' happened 3 years ago I think
And NOW we see it investigated

Perhaps the Palace could also get this independent law firm to look into the racism allegations.
Or the behaviour of Prince Andrew with his paedo buddy Epstein

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