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Q: 2022/23 You are the Chairman what do you do with Moyes?
a. Stick with him obviously, he's delivered two good seasons back to back and will see us out of this dip in form
b. If we're still lingering around the bottom three by the start of the WC then that's the time to get rid
c. What are we waiting for 2 wins in the last 20 PL games is reason enough to sack him, go now
d. I've just got my new Orange & White 3rd Kit with Moyesinho on the back, I can't wait to wear it down to the supermarket, they call me Mr West Ham around here

⚒️ 9:01 Mon Mar 8
New 1 year deal for Noble
According to Talksport.

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Keep dreaming 9:02 Tue Mar 23
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
Any other club in the top level of football would have scrapped a player with his current capability.
Sentimentality should not exist. But this is the case with Noble, and the team is paying the price.

maverick180 8:50 Tue Mar 23
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
Noble has played well over 7 hours of football in the league this year
And it was only during his late appearance against Sheffield United that we managed to score a goal without conceding one

zico 2:11 Tue Mar 23
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
Swiss. Who knows, not sure if Clubs tell players if a club comes in for them or not these days! I think he has been a decent player for the level we have been at over the years. Yes you could argue the team was at that level because players like Noble were that level. Certainly now though and since Bilic second season he hasn't got it anymore I can't argue against that.

Swiss. 10:18 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble

maybe a bit harsh and was a good player 2006 - 2012.

When you say loyal. Remind me how many other teams came in for him over 15 years?

daveyg 9:35 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
As soon as Arsenal scored in th first half we knew Noble would be on a very soon. I was expecting it to be at half time tbh. He really does pain me to see him come as he was immense in the Payet years but really is emabarrising that I cringe when an excellent servant to the club comes on and only gives the opposition an advantage. How many times has Noble played and we have gone on to lose this season. The only games I recall him being on the field when we won is Stockport,(that was touch and go) and the Doncaster game.
Moyes seems to be blinded by his influence now. A slightly good game against ManU in the cup is all he has contributed and we still lost that because we were overall to negative with hm in the side.
It's becoming more than painful and Moyes needs to analysis every game when Noble has palyed to see his faults but with a lot of things Moyes won't.

zico 8:06 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
Swiss. 7:34 Mon Mar 22

That's a bit harsh. For several years he was a good central midfielder who worked hard on the pitch and was loyal to the Club. Sure he isn't the best midfielder we have ever had by a long chalk but he was a decent player at his best.

Swiss. 7:34 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
zico 6:17 Mon Mar 22

How is he a club servant? He's been getting well paid for shambolic performances the last 10 years. More like club parasite.

geoffpikey 6:41 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
He won't be team captain next season. Surely?

There is some logic in delaying transferring the role to Declan Rice until summer. Another "carrot" with which to keep him. (Albeit a very small, insignificant carrot).

JayeMPee 6:27 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
There should be a distinction between club captain and team captain. Quite happy for him to hold the former but crazy when he comes on as a sub that he should take the armband from Declan!

zico 6:17 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
I've always liked Noble. Great one Club servant and a good player over the years., Wasn't too many years ago many on here were saying he was unlucky not to have been picked for England. However, it is sad to see what he offers now, which is very little and even sadder that he thinks that he can still do it. Would he have been offered/accepted a new contract if fans were allowed this season? I doubt it. Like Nolan he could tarnish the good things by staying too long and it does seem the little things like the armband going to him when he comes on seem a bit ego ish.

Lee Trundle 5:08 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
He'd have done better by leaving us at the end of this season, and perhaps playing a preseason friendly with his new team against us for a nice send off.

They'll be groans from the crowd whenever he steps on the pitch for us next season.

Like Nolan, a season too far I fear which will leave a stain.

Manuel 4:21 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
''Where's his fan club suddenly vanished to?''

They no longer post on here, like pretty much everyone.

ChillTheKeel 4:03 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
Where's his fan club suddenly vanished to?

theaxeman 3:55 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
Strange substitution! Legs are completely gone.

aldgate 3:46 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
i see his future role as a greeter on the pitch - inviting opposition defenders and midfielders to ghost past him. he can then make them even more comfortable by giving them 20 yards of space throughout matches

geoffpikey 1:25 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
gank 12:05 Mon Mar 22

Yes, he was.

Mr Kenzo 12:01 Mon Mar 22

So Fordstar was right all along then

No, because "Fordstar" was bitching about Noble for about a decade. Even when Noble was good.

I is, however, true that Noble's decline has been marked and rapid. That's true for a lot of footballers. I am NOT comparing ability, but look at how Michael Owen and Joe Cole's' ability fell off a cliff. It happens.

Sven Roeder 1:23 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
I see Noble's future role as more a player liaison type thing than coaching.
Always hear that the foreign players appreciate his help in settling in & think he would good working with the kids coming through more on the mental side than technical.
If he wants to coach he should do his badges and maybe combine that with playing for a Championship club

gank 1:08 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
...and another thing - when he came on yesterday he made a beeline for Rice so he could take the armband off him.

I think this is disgraceful. It may be Moyes rather than Noble but Rice needs to dig in and tell him to fuck off.

gank 1:06 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
I'm dead against that idea too - the bloke has zero football experience outside of playing for West Ham United in a revered, overinflated capacity.

He hasn't even had good mentors to learn from, any managers we've had since he became a senior player are the same ones we all list as the worst ever managers we've had.

My local club is Chatham Town FC. Every coach they have at every level is more qualified than Mark Noble, and if we manage to qualify for European competition I'd like to think we would enrich our development team with someone with a bit more to their CV than this bloke!

Sven Roeder 12:56 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
Thats my concern
We have been extremely fortunate that Rice and Soucek have been indestructible but both will play in the Euros and then strap in again for the new season.
If one drops out we fall off a cliff in performance you'd imagine.
Noble isnt capable of deputising for them

We need at least one player somewhere near their level and can also nurture the youngsters ... though Coventry needs to feature soon if he is going to.
Probably like a few I am leaning to Noble staying at the club .... but tearing up his playing contract

gank 12:47 Mon Mar 22
Re: New 1 year deal for Noble
Sven, we're ok for the future where these young players are concerned as we can call them up whenever we want or need to. For over 21s, however, you can only register 23 players so that's three goalkeepers and two of every outfield position.

This is a problem where Noble is concerned as he isn't holding a youth back but he is preventing a new signing. He's not on peanuts, either.

We effectively have space in the squad for one more central midfielder, we operate within the FFP guidelines but if we wanted two new midfielders or one really good one, we need Noble off the books altogether. Instead, we've extended his contract making him the first choice midfielder in the event of EITHER Rice or Soucek being injured or suspended.

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