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Coffee 8:00 Sat Mar 13
Saturday football
Leeds were perhaps unlucky not to get anything from the London Stadium last week, so they’ll be looking to make amends against a Chelsea side that’s added a good deal of steel and points, and have remained unbeaten, since Tuchel’s arrival. The hosts’ record against teams in the top half of the table makes dismal reading and there’s little to suggest that’s going to change today. Away win.

Palace are all but safe, while the Baggies are all but down. Neither side inspires excitement in the neutral, or probably even in their own fans, and this one has dreary writ large all over it. Draw.

Speaking of dreary, this one runs Palace and West Brom a close second. Everton are better than their visitors and should win this at a canter. But there’s a niggling sense that boring Burnley could steal a point today. Wishful thinking? Why not. Draw.

Fulham’s attempts to escape the clutches of what was once inevitable have been admirable. A sizeable proportion of football fans up and down the land may be hoping the home side can pull it off come May. They’ll have to wait a bit longer, though, because pluck doesn’t always go with luck, which they’ll need in bucketloads if they’re to deny Citeh all three points this evening. Away win.


With Danny Ings still out, the Saints may find the going tough against a disciplined and often miserly Brighton defence. The visitors’ main problems lie in finding the goal, although they’re done so with success against Liverpool, Leeds and Spurs in recent weeks. At their best, Southampton can give a game to anyone. Home win.

At the time of writing, Chris Wilder remains manager of the Blades, despite reports of his departure having circulated for the last 24 hours. Strange times at Bramall Lane, the more so as he does seem a decent kind of boss who many believe offers a good chance of an immediate return to the top flight. How will all this affect ‘his’ players? Will it drop them further into the footballing doldrums, or will it act as an incentive for them to play to their best? With luck it will be the latter, albeit against a team in search of the division’s runners-up spot. Home win.

A mid-table fixture of little consequence. Come on you Gooners. Draw.

Currently in second spot, there’s something about Man U that just doesn’t inspire confidence. Yes, at their best they’re a decent outfit, as they should at the Etihad, but you feel they remain vulnerable and far from the all-conquering sides of the Fergie era. Sadly, Lingard won’t be featuring for us today, but there’s still enough firepower – plus defiance and confidence – in the Irons’ ranks to match them. Ogbonna’s still out and Moyes referred to ‘behind-the-scenes’ injuries to other, unnamed, players. Rashford, Cavani and Martial are doubts for Man U. Redcafe.net users’ opinions make for strangely encouraging reading. Such as: “Not a chance in hell of scoring against them,” and “You guys are brave predicting wins. This has a draw written all over it.” Let’s hope they’re right on both counts. Draw.


Two sides that have failed miserably to live up to the season’s expectations. Liverpool’s fall coincided with the death of Jurgen Klopp’s mother, but a win against Leipzig suggests there’s still some fight in the Anfield team. The trouble is that you just don’t know which Wolves or which Liverpool will turn up. Play it safe. Sit on fence. Draw.

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claretandbluedagger 9:29 Tue Mar 16
Re: Saturday football
Oh no, I’ve upset her.

Manuel 3:09 Tue Mar 16
Re: Saturday football
claretandbluedagger 11:53 Mon Mar 15

''Looked like an awful collision. Was only a matter of time until the not flagging offsides rule caused a serious injury''

No it wasn't you old queen. What a load of cock rot.

Pedro 12:30 Tue Mar 16
Re: Saturday football
Thankfully seems okay

One question. Game was stopped on 86 mins minutes and restarted at 100 mins.

Why only 7 mins injury time?
Should it not be 4 + 10?

claretandbluedagger 11:53 Mon Mar 15
Re: Saturday football
Looked like an awful collision. Was only a matter of time until the not flagging offsides rule caused a serious injury.

Sven Roeder 11:50 Mon Mar 15
Re: Saturday football
Wasn't moving & at least 10 mins of treatment so far.

ray winstone 11:46 Mon Mar 15
Re: Saturday football
Patricio head injury, looks nasty.

Alex G 8:55 Sun Mar 14
Re: Saturday football
Not meant as a reflection of Moyes' team selection, but if we end up with a draw today it'll actually have been a pretty decent weekend for us.

BRANDED 8:46 Sun Mar 14
Re: Saturday football
Another great result for us

Far Cough 8:32 Sun Mar 14
Re: Saturday football
Ramona huh?

Headtheball 8:28 Sun Mar 14
Re: Saturday football
Arsenal officially safe 41 points. lol.

Sven Roeder 8:22 Sun Mar 14
Re: Saturday football
Just very Spursy
An insipid performance
Need to make them pay by extending the gap by 3pts

ted fenton 8:20 Sun Mar 14
Re: Saturday football
Could this be the end of the special one ??

, 8:15 Sun Mar 14
Re: Saturday football
Lamela is not hard as a player he is more vicious/vindictive, glad he’s been given marching orders. Got his first yellow for something soft the ref spotted but he’d already had a couple of sneaky kicks at people.

Scored with an outrageous Ramona though.

VirginiaHam 8:13 Sun Mar 14
Re: Saturday football
haha.....fuck off Lamela.

Norflundon 8:09 Sun Mar 14
Re: Saturday football
Since spuds have gone down to ten men goons have gone to shit. Looks like they don’t know whether to stick or twist

Norflundon 8:04 Sun Mar 14
Re: Saturday football
I’d say they still need another goal though

Sven Roeder 8:04 Sun Mar 14
Re: Saturday football
Cant say I have ever seen a game for Spurs by LAMELA when he shouldnt have been sent off

Iron Duke 8:02 Sun Mar 14
Re: Saturday football
Dirty cunts

happygilmore 8:01 Sun Mar 14
Re: Saturday football

lowlife 8:01 Sun Mar 14
Re: Saturday football
No booking there for Kane, what a fucking surprise. Led with the shoulder, no intention to go for the ball and no yellow card.

At least that twat Lamela got sent off just after.

Lily Hammer 8:00 Sun Mar 14
Re: Saturday football
It’s a game that keeps on giving.

Bye bye, you rat faced fuck.

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