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Coffee 12:54 Fri Mar 19
Weekend football

Vital for Fulham, less so for Leeds. A win for the hosts will take them out of the relegation zone for the first time this season – although tomorrow’s only Premier League game may return them to it. Both teams are capable to determined, attacking football, of taking the game to the opposition and leaving the oppo out to dry. Both are also capable of deep mediocrity. Who will win this one is anyone’s guess. Draw.


A long trip south for the Barcodes and a short flight north for the Seagulls to take part in a whopping six-pointer between teams that will also be battling with Fulham to avoid the drop. Neither side engenders confidence and stalemate might just be the inevitable outcome. Draw.


It’s been a while since the CHERRIES featured on here, and they might wish they could focus instead on getting back to the top flight, albeit through the play-offs. As for the Saints, what can you say? From top of the Premier League to uncomfortably close proximity to the bottom, something’s gone badly wrong in their season. An opportunity for them to get something from this campaign, or lambs again to the slaughter? Away win.

Man City won’t easily give up their quest for the FA Cup, and there’s between little and nothing that Everton can do about it. Away win.


It’s not often that we find ourselves three-quarters through a season and significantly ahead of Arsenal. And it’s not often that we’re expected to win a game against North London’s other team. Arsenal’s confidence won’t have been boosted by a miserable home defeat to Olympiakos, but they can take encouragement from having beaten them on aggregate. Will they take that into this game? They’ve been far from convincing in the league this year while we’re bubbling. Who is the better side? A win will take us level on points and game played with Chelsea in fourth. Home win.

Ninth plays eighth. Two inconsistent sides, one of which has exceeded expectations while the other has certainly slipped below where many people thought they should be. Chortle. Draw.


The managerless Blades are destined for the Championship. Chelsea are starting to look tediously predictable – and hard to beat. Home win.

Evenly matched? You’d think so. It’s hard to pick a winner. Yet. Away win.

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happygilmore 11:32 Sun Mar 21
Re: Weekend football
It grates, SKy fawning all over the cheating Kane.

Sir Alf 11:00 Sun Mar 21
Re: Weekend football
Injury to Grealish impacting now and Villa's season finally looks to be running out of steam. They are a squad like ours in some ways. 14 or so players good enough with one or 2 very good ones. In our case Ogbonna is being missed, Rice and Soucek and Antonio all looking a bit jaded.

Hopefully the return of Arfur, Fornals and then Oggy will give us a lift for the run in.

claretandbluedagger 10:53 Sun Mar 21
Re: Weekend football
Harry Kane runs past the ball, gets clipped, goes down like he’s been shot. Conveniently gets up in time to take the penalty though.

gank 2:12 Sun Mar 21
Re: Weekend football
Succinctly done, Mike Oxsaw.

Manuel 9:21 Sun Mar 21
Re: Weekend football
*no game

Manuel 9:19 Sun Mar 21
Re: Weekend football
Yep, I've never known the QF round to get so little attention. So I repeat, don't complain about changes to it and then show zero interest in the thing. Of course if your side is still in it then you would care more. if we had no games this weekend because of this comp a lot on here would be royally pissed off.

Mike Oxsaw 8:16 Sun Mar 21
Re: Weekend football
The FA Cup did need to modernise, but they've thrown - and keep throwing - the baby out with the bathwater.

The main FA Cup USPs were:

- the next round draw on the radio at 1pm on the Monday following the previous round (Having it on TV adds the square root of fuck all to the competition); it's NOT progression.

- simultaneous kick-offs of every game in every round, so there really was no sure way of knowing who would be in the next round draw before anybody else.

- unlimited replays; Do you want to win the fucking thing or don't you?

- NO SEEDING! A big part of the cup was that everybody had zero idea at the start who would be in the final; sure it makes selling advertising space up front that bit harder, but it's a sports competition, not a fucking billboard. The cart goes BEHIND the horse.

Those are what for many kept the interest in the cup alive, even though your own team were no longer in it.

There were definite, immobile times in English football fans' lives that belonged to the FA Cup.

Now, as you rightly point out, nobody (outside the teams still directly involved) gives a flying fuck about the games or results, no matter how much spin the media add.

Manuel 7:41 Sun Mar 21
Re: Weekend football
Funny how so many get all outraged and offended when changes are made to the FA Cup, yet there is barely any interest in. Is it because it's shit? Fucking hypocrits!

paulon 11:59 Sat Mar 20
Re: Weekend football
Shelvey is fucking horrendous

Sydney_Iron 11:37 Sat Mar 20
Re: Weekend football
Maybe worth having a punt on Newcastle to get relegated? They are beyond shit against Brighton, surely Steve Bruce is on borrowed time after this dog shit, Fulham and even West Brom will overtake them if they play like this for there remaining games.

Mex Martillo 7:08 Sat Mar 20
Re: Weekend football
We are good on the front foot, if they are bad on the back foot, we should beat them.

How the foot does that leave us?

fraser 10:54 Sat Mar 20
Re: Weekend football
Going to be a tough game. Arsenal looked very good on the front foot last week, but shit on the back foot.. Need to get at them and not wait till we're losing.

If we do I fancy us to win

Sven Roeder 10:26 Sat Mar 20
Re: Weekend football
Watched the second half last night and a real disappointment for Fulham blowing a good chance.
Leeds were much the better team but at 1-1 Lookman scuffed a pull back from about 5 yds .... ball went straight to the other end and Bamford set up Raphinha for the winner
They have played 2 more than Newcastle and Brighton now & think they only have 3 more home games.
Can see Brighton winning today which puts them 6 pts clear (+ GD) with a game in hand.

Tomshardware 10:22 Sat Mar 20
Re: Weekend football
I don't like these Sunday games.

Manuel 9:29 Sat Mar 20
Re: Weekend football
Fulham are well in it still, but could probs do with the seagulls beating Newcastle.

Mike Oxsaw 9:26 Sat Mar 20
Re: Weekend football
Given that we still have to play Leicester, them having an extra distraction won't do us any harm.

I also think if Fulham can dig out 3 more wins (from where, though, fuck knows) and other results go their way, they still have a chance of survival.

Manuel 9:25 Sat Mar 20
Re: Weekend football
We have bounced back from defeats all season. This looks a 50/50 game to me and probably just depends on who turns up.

Ronald_antly 9:14 Sat Mar 20
Re: Weekend football
" .... but this is a different West Ham right?"

It had better be a different West Ham to last fucking week!

Mex Martillo 8:17 Sat Mar 20
Re: Weekend football
Yep West Ham win!
The old West Ham would definitely help a faulting Arsenal by giving them a confidence boosting win, but this is a different West Ham right? Going for top 4, right?
Also hope ManU lose cause I don’t like them and they knocked us out of the cup.
Thanks Coffee

Mike Oxsaw 5:46 Sat Mar 20
Re: Weekend football
If we win this weekend, the board would have met this season's business requirement of staying in the Premier League for next season.

From thereon in we're a shop window. Come see our lovely wares.

happygilmore 2:41 Sat Mar 20
Re: Weekend football
Fuck! My clock must have stopped about 6 hours ago. Nearly time to get up.

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