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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Alwaysaniron 11:56 Mon Mar 22
Footballs darkest secret
Excellent piece of tv. Fair play to those who have come forward to tell their horrific stories. Paul Stewart clearly is still going through hell. I hope his abusers and those of all those young lads rot in hell. (Not before they have the living shot kicked out of them inside of course).

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Block 1:42 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
The clubs have a lot to answer for, Vexed.

Northern Sold 1:37 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
As secretary of our football club for over 15 years I have weekly dealings with the FA... I can honestly say they are the biggest set of cunts I have ever known in my life... if you have seen the latest restart protocol for football you will know what a bunch of idiots we are dealing with....


Vexed 1:32 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
It's disturbing to think how many of these cunts are out there. I haven't watched the programme, it sounds a bit depressing so I probably wont, but it sounds like the FA and a number of football clubs are a callous bunch of fuckers.

Northern Sold 1:27 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
SO... good on you mate... in our Junior School we used to have an old boy that would flash his todger through the wire fence.... a load of us waited for him one day and lobbed rocks and pieces of wood at him... he wasn't seen again.... amazed me teh schools stance was just ignore him or occasionally a dinner lady would go over and have a word with him !!

Block 1:25 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
Fucking hell, SO. That's absolutely disgusting!

I watched this last night, I was totally lost for words to be honest. I recall when this all broke in 2016, but it's all been a bit quiet up until this was released.

What courage it took for them to come out and explain what happened to them. Higgins just sitting there when being interviewed got me so fucking angry, not sure how the OB managed to not pull him over the desk and batter him.

Northern Sold 1:24 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
Trunds... at the same time Barry B' was inviting kids back to his place to be molested... the club found out and told Dario Gradi about it... app' he said not a problem as I have kids back to my place all the time... so it was jusy brushed under the carpet... Gradi was interviewed a few years later saying how disgusted he was etc etc re Barry B

SecondOpinion 1:21 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
When I was around 12 I was approached by a teacher who's intentions were pretty obvious. We were alone and he said to me "I'm going to have you one day" Seriously, he was that arrogant and sure of himself.
Somehow I found the courage to tell him that if he touched me or any other boy I would kill him. I repeated this to him saying, I will not hurt you, I will kill you.
He smirked for a while and then I said, and if you touch any other boy, I will still kill you.
I told the headmaster and he said I must have been mistaken and it was me who was punished.
That teacher never laid a hand on any boy in that school.
At the end of the programme, I bawled my eyes out because I could have been one of those boys and I could have known the shame, the guilt and the silence that would follow me for the rest of my life. Such brave men
Sorry if the above appears clumsy

Block 1:20 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
Deano, mad how they are so different, keeps it interesting though!

One of them will be kicking the ball around and the other will come flying in with a rugby tackle, going to be interesting times ahead haha!

I've got my little one a ball already, he's learning how to hold the ball at the moment, can't wait for him to start moving around properly!

Lee Trundle 1:19 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
I haven't seen it, but was Dario Gradi bang to rights about covering it up?

How's he got away with it if that's the case?

Mr Kenzo 1:18 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
The owner of Crewe came across as a bit of a heartless cunt, not sure i believe him when he denied all knowledge.

Northern Sold 1:17 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
Amazing that the police in Florida were more concerned than the British Old Bill, the FA and teh numerous amounts of football clubs involved... staggering.

The BBC for all their faults this was as hard hitting as I have seen... brilliantly put together as well... it's shuddering hardly believable viewing

WHUDeano 1:16 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
Block 1:04 Thu Mar 25

haha yeah no one can quite believe it when they see him play for the first time. I got him his first ball when he turned one, and he quite literally was kicking a ball before he could really walk.

His little brother is totally different, has no interest at all in kicking the ball. His instinct is to pick it up and run it round his brother (usually knocking him over in the process), before throwing it in the goal. I'm trying my best to develop an interest and understanding of rugby as quickly as possible!

Aberdeen Iron 1:10 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
Followed this story a while back in the press as investigated by Daniel Taylor.

Found it hard to believe the police seemed to ignore any stories at the time.

Block 1:04 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
Haha, that's quality!

Can't wait for when my boy is able to have kick arounds (he's only 5 months!).

WHUDeano 12:51 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
Just in comparison to his brother, and other older kids who he's played with really, I'm not one to overly praise my kids (my other little boy is a year younger and literally can hardly even kick the ball). My eldest for his age (he's actually 4, will be 5 in a couple of weeks), can do things with the ball that blows my mind. We've got a goal in the garden and play every evening after school, he puts it in the top corner over and over again from 10yards, can controls it on his knee, he slide tackles, does drag backs, dribbles it with both feet. It's unbelievable.

Block 12:35 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
Deano, out of interest mate, how do you know your 5 year old is "gifted"?

WHUDeano 12:34 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
Not watched or followed any of this, it's all a bit too close to home given my age, and the fact I've got a very gifted 5 year old boy desperate to get started with a team. It doesn't seem possible that all this was going on and happening to the players we were pretending to be in the playground.

I never heard of anything of the sort around the area I grew up (Thurrock), I think the West Ham scout who looked after the young lads was a really nice bloke? Was it Wally St Pier or something? Only ever heard the adults talking in glowing terms of him.

It has made me think back to a couple of odd characters on the scene here and there, one bloke in particular who was training us, he was an ex-pro, didn't stop swearing. Seemed to constantly be shouting at us to "Stop playing with our bollocks" if we were standing around or had our hands in our pockets. Wasn't anything in it of course, I just remember us all looking at each other and thinking it a bit odd being spoken to like by an adult when we were only 8 or 9 years old and playing for the local Sunday league team!

Mace66 9:46 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
Total respect and admiration for all those who suffered and spoke up

To believe that they were somehow to blame and still be prepared to hold their hands up for the greater cause is truly an amazing thing

Mike Oxsaw 9:04 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
normansmymate 8:53 Thu Mar 25

They won't.

Anything that involves action in the real world rather than virtual signalling is below their dignity; they're highly educated and incredibly intelligent - they didn't get a degree to be managed, they got a degree to boss others about and tell them what to do.

normansmymate 8:53 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
All I can hope is that these woke and blm wankers turn their attention to something that really matters and campaign against this. Its far more important than what we are allowed to say and watch, or insuring more kneeling than in the mosque.

Mike Oxsaw 8:44 Thu Mar 25
Re: Footballs darkest secret
ChesterRd 2:28 Thu Mar 25

What is the percentage of people who partake in those sports move into, have friends move into, or parents are already in the legal professions?

How does that compare with social circles within football containing top or influential legal/political bods?

With contacts in the right places, you can keep anything quiet, even the fact that there is something that needs to be kept quiet (Clifford & Epstien anyone?).

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