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Q: 2022 Summer Transfer Window - How many 1st team players will we sign before August 6th
a. None as Sullivan will wait until the last week before he gets his scattergun out the cupboard
b. A couple of freebies paraded as superstars, usual hype to follow
c. I'm more optimistic as surely they know we need to strengthen, 3-4 with decent money spent.
d. Who gives a toss as we have a great squad already, I've already ordered the new replica kit, socks and all and can't wait to wear it at our first game, down the pub of course, I bleed claret & blue

the exile 1:55 Sat Apr 3
The Antonio dilemma (Out for rest of season)
Two dilemmas, really. The first is about his playing style. He clearly hasn't been at his best since returning from his last injury. Rather than putting this down to a loss of form, I would say that it's because he has been playing within himself, holding a bit back. This is understandable - his hamstrings are clearly very fragile. What I don't know is whether he is choosing to play like that or whether he is being instructed to do it. The problem is that when he plays like this he is only half the player that he could be - the full-on, balls-out, chase any ball and scare any defender player that we have come to know and love. So how would you want him to play - the 100% version who is liable to ping his hamstring or the 80% version who seems distinctly average?

The other dilemma is where to play him next season. I am assuming that our top, top priority in the summer transfer window is to get a proper, out-and-out striker, and I'm sure we will do exactly that. I'm also assuming that we will be saying goodbye to at least two out of Yarmolenko, Anderson and Lanzini and bringing in at least one other player who can play anywhere across a front three. So where does that leave Antonio? Should he remain as first choice striker (depending on who comes in), 2nd choice striker, one of a front two, or should he return to playing on one of the wings? Personally I would like to see him back on the wing, playing balls-out for an hour before being replaced by someone like Bowen or Benrahma. My view is that we should try to look after him by limiting his playing time, rather than getting him to hold back. The only Antonio worth having is the full-on version.

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Any Old Iron 11:51 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma (Out for rest of season)
Come On You Irons 11:38 Fri Apr 9

You really do need to rein in your visceral hatred of Benrahma. The way you go on about him you'd think he was an absolute turd. The truth , despite his lack of a goal, is that he's a good player and is certainly good enough for the Prem.
You may be right that he's a Sullivan choice, but that should not blind you to his ability.

Barty 11:39 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma (Out for rest of season)
get Diego Costa in ASAP!

Come On You Irons 11:38 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma (Out for rest of season)
Benrahma was clearly a Sullivan pick. The evidence is that Moyes scouts and select players carefully and only selects players if he is confident they will improve the team.

Given the fancy dan, show pony, ZERO GOALS THIS SEASON Championship player can't even get in the team when Rice is out and Fornals has just returned from injury says a lot about Moyes' pecking order.

A complete and utter waste of £25 million by Sullivan.

Sir Alf 11:08 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma (Out for rest of season)
I always had the suspicion that Benrahma was a Sullivan acquisition to appease fans after the backlash that came from selling Diangana? Benrahma was on one of Sullivan's 3 or 4 agent "mates" lists . These parasites suck up to him and offer players for Sullivan to "pick" and offer to the manager. Moyes has used Benrahma almost reluctantly at times. He was slow to put him in the team and always talks about him still learning etc. He uses him but Moyes does not rate him I dont think from a team perspective to help press etc. The fact that Benrahma has not weighed in with any goals has not helped either.

So Sully will always interfere it seems?. Unless Moyes now has the upper hand having delivered such a good season against the odds? Mind you Sullivan probably believes he has been the architect for us "punching above our weight" :-)

GSB's presence will always find a way of undermining things and they continue to be the main barrier to real progress

fraser 6:24 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma (Out for rest of season)
62 - what weird logics that?

You wouldn't have wanted cover for Antonio but you think him being out has wrecked our chances of a good finish.

So you're saying you're happy with that..

No wonder GSB get away with what they do.

62Hammer 2:40 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma (Out for rest of season)
I wouldn't have wanted a replacement for Haller. What we needed was back-up for Antonio. But since he has excellent hold-up play, is strong in the air, can dribble past opponents and has an eye for a goal (when he's fit, that is), we were never going to get one. I can't see who we could have bought in January who would have been available and content to play as back-up. I'm happy for us to see out the season with what we've got, using (hopefully) quick and mobile forwards (as in Cottee and McAvennie, albeit not as good), and make sure we make the right signings in the summer. Without Rice and Antonio our CL chances have gone, but I'm hoping we can just finish strongly enough to keep the players we want to keep and bring in other top-quality sigtnings.

the exile 2:22 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma.
Yes, I really liked Sakho too but he did develop a bit of an attitude problem.

ChillTheKeel 1:56 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma.
I liked Sakho, he was a proper forward. But also another sicknote.

New Jersey 1:54 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma.
I thought Sakho was a terrific player on his day, fuck knows what state he's in today, physically and mentally!!

Nick QQQ 1:45 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma.
yep, Benrahma wasn't what we needed and the fact that Moyes brought in Lingard suggested he agrees.

Come On You Irons 1:43 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma.
If only the club didn't spunk £25 million in January on an attacking modfield/ winger who scores FUCK ALL.

It was obvious to anyone with half a brain cell that the money that was wasted on Benrahma should have been used to replace Haller.

Ridiculously inept transfer strategy as per usual.

Mike Oxsaw 1:42 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma.
, 12:58 Fri Apr 9

I suspect it far more likely that the board were not interested in any of the manager's preferred options on account of them not having the right agents.

Lee Trundle 1:39 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma.
... and we wouldn't be able to loan anyone outside the transfer window.

The time to get someone in was January when pretty much everyone suggested it.

Nick QQQ 1:39 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma.
Sakho is without a club. wohoooo. Dildo brothers all over that one

Lee Trundle 1:38 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma.

The only one you'd probably want out of them is a massive cunt who'd want massive wages.

Nick QQQ 1:36 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma.
anyone out of contract anywhere? Are we allowed to loan if we have no recognised senior strikers?
clutching at straws

fraser 1:27 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma.
exile - Faux Bare = ⚒

simon.s 1:19 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma.
A decent striker is the part of the jigsaw that has been missing for years. They haven’t worked out though injury, not playing to their strengths, or just being shit at the end of the day. The fact that the last two successful strikers were both converted into that role, says it all.

New Jersey 1:17 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma.
It will be Bowen up top, then Noble pulling the strings in midfield, Champions league here we come!!

Manuel 1:14 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma.
ex - I'd suggest it just increases the chances of him getting on as a sub?

the exile 1:11 Fri Apr 9
Re: The Antonio dilemma.
I know Faux Bare seems to have disappeared without trace but it might be worth mentioning young Odubeko here. Yes, I know he was completely anonymous in the cup game at Old Trafford, but he scored twice for the U23s a few days ago and is still making it onto the bench, so at some level he must still be in the manager's thoughts. It might be worth giving him the odd cameo and you never know, if we get any more injuries to our attacking players he might have to be given more than cameos.

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