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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Leonard Hatred 10:30 Thu Apr 8
Aggro in Norn Iron
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daveyg 5:59 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
I saw the ITV programme too. But again like most Thrillers that go to TV it doesn't go deep enough into the background.
If you read it Clannads haunting theme tune renates in the background.
But that book and more indepth to the underlying tic for tac killings,Field of Blood gives the madness of the situation .
In both those books Seymour portays a character very similar to Martin McGuiness having been present during Bloody Sunday with a gun. He also names similar IRA and Loyalist leaders as being in cohersion with the British Government .
Reading Seymours books you could get the impression that the British Government knew who the killers were and leaders but politics played it's ugly games...

ChillTheKeel 2:59 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
Ha! We only had the time to walk up the Shankill, I'll go back one day to clock Falls Road. Also want to give Crumlin Road Gaol a whirl.

riosleftsock 2:55 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron

When I was 16, me and my mates borrowed a friend of a friend's house near Drogheda in Meath for the summer(while the owners were in Spain). My mum only let me (a good catholic boy) go on the condition that we did not go anywhere near the border and did not hitch any lifts.

Day Two - hitched a lift across the border to get cheap beer and fags, ended up in Belfast for three days - I loved it there, place was mental.

ChillTheKeel 2:51 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
Maxwell was obsessed with Murdoch and turned The Mirror into a carbon copy of The Scum. Agree about the likes of Foot.

Anyway, I once flew up to Belfast for no reason other than it was sunny up there and pissing it down here.

whu 2:50 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
no mention about every £2 we threw into the eu we got £1 back swiss? it's a failed mess the eu. like everything went swimmingly when we were part of that mess.

sorry leonard

riosleftsock 2:46 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
The mirror was better when scumbag Maxwell owned it. The likes of Paul Foot and Keith Waterhouse (pre Maxwell) were great reads whatever your politics were.

whu 2:43 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron

i think i have my papers mixed up

C- must do better

Lee Trundle 2:40 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
You got any family over there chucking stuff, Swiss?

Swiss. 2:31 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron

Another Brexit fuck up. This plus the hit on our exporters is just the beginning of why this is a disaster.

Of course the Brexshiters are using the vaccination program as a smoke screen.

ChillTheKeel 11:50 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
i just said that.

Lee Trundle 11:47 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
Morgan ran that fake story of a British solider pissing on an Iraqi PoW. He's a piece of shit.

ChillTheKeel 11:43 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
Funnily enough. the only time The Mirror was worth a read in recent years was under Morgan when it was the only MSM rag to be anti Iraq war. Of course we all know what happened after and that sums up the man to the tee.

As for Holt, other than his superb report on our cup final vs the scouse, he is indeed an utter tit.

ray winstone 11:36 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
ChillTheKeel 11:30 Fri Apr 9

I haven't touched the Mirror since the days of Oliver Holt, he put me off for life.

ray winstone 11:33 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
'Lefties like ray' can't be arsed to watch the crap that feeds the brains of right wing nationalist, knuckle draggers like you Trundle, you'll find me on the terrace thumbing through The Guardian hanging on to every word that Toynbee scribes....

ChillTheKeel 11:30 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
Ray's more of a Daily Mirror lefty to be fair.

Lee Trundle 11:27 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
No, I mean lefities like ray who would probably torture himself by watching Piers in the morning to add to their viewing figures.

I'd never torture myself and watch something leftie leaning like the BBC Breakfast, for example.

ChillTheKeel 11:25 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
Lefties like TORY VOTING Piers? Why's that then?

Lee Trundle 11:20 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
I don't understand the LEFTIES.

They're the reason why Piers Morgan got all those viewing figures at GMB, and they're reason why the Daily Mail is the most visited English-language newspaper website in the world.

And they then accuse others of being TRIGGERED.

ray winstone 11:16 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
whu, The Mail is owned by Jonathan Harold Esmond Vere Harmsworth, 4th Viscount Rothermere, a British aristocrat, you know, that old leftie geezer who drinks down the pub with Corbyn....

whu 11:13 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
the daily mail

owned by lefties to catch clickbait righty's - a format which is making them a lot of money (triggering patriots)

it is the most read as it has the easiest/best format of any newspaper by a country mile - mostly not old tories, as some would have you believe

Manuel 11:06 Fri Apr 9
Re: Aggro in Norn Iron
Fucking Oxsaw, again. Someone kneecap him.

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