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Queens Fish Bar 10:22 Tue Apr 13
Replacement kitchen
Doing a whole house refurb*

Looking for recommendations on kitchen suppliers.

Also, what type of worktop, boiler tap and other accessories do you recommend.

*Also posted on mumsnet

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FrancoisVanDerElst 8:56 Thu Apr 15
Re: Replacement kitchen
Have a look at using Durasein for the tops basically the same values as corian but half the price
I use a manufacturer up in Newcastle

BRANDED 9:14 Wed Apr 14
Re: Replacement kitchen
I’m about to get mine done. Using these people


Solid wood. Proper carpentery. Only shaker style though.

JAC 8:32 Wed Apr 14
Re: Replacement kitchen
Get a Quooker tap...expensive but so worth it.

ozeki 7:56 Wed Apr 14
Re: Replacement kitchen
Hello Fit /Make Kitchens/Bedrooms What do you want to know?

SecondOpinion 7:40 Wed Apr 14
Re: Replacement kitchen
Does anyone know if all appliances fit into all cabinets?

Thanking you

Sniper 3:38 Wed Apr 14
Re: Replacement kitchen
Wren are a fucking nightmare for customer service - real shit, so if you go with them just hope there are no issues

When we had ours done, we tried howdens but they were such a ball ache with prices as they seem to give different discounts depending on which fitter you use (same as anything else you order from them)

We looked round a few independent places and found what we wanted and then looked the same cupboards up online and got them to price match it

For appliances, a lot of kitchen companies are tied to a particular brand which can be a pain. We’ve got a mixture of stuff from John Lewis and appliances online. There’s no gas supply where we live so opted for an induction hob, which is a bit of a pain in all honesty

Also book an appointment at magnet and use their free kitchen design service for ideas even if you have no intention of actually going with them!

onsideman 3:21 Wed Apr 14
Re: Replacement kitchen
Have done 3 kitchen refurbs in recent years - went with Benchmarx each time. 18mm carcasses, Blum hinges and drawer runners. Cheaper than Magnet, Wren, Howdens etc

I always go with quartz worktops and always buy them from independents, never from the kitchen supplier.

hammer205 2:20 Wed Apr 14
Re: Replacement kitchen
Queens what have you gone for?

Mr Kenzo 2:14 Wed Apr 14
Re: Replacement kitchen
If you have pride in your house, don't buy Howden's its the choice of the Chav, far better units out there

plankton 2:11 Wed Apr 14
Re: Replacement kitchen
Just installing a small new kitchen in an old room. Went with some Ikea carcasses, handmade doors and sink housing, and a quartz counter. Worked out well, total cost about £5K including a two-sink porcelain unit. Happy in particular as I had to even recut the quartz here and there as the missus fiddled with carcasses. A diamond blade in the circular saw proved quite capable. Probably not quite up to Mark Wilkinson standards, but just the job for us on a budget....

Syd Puddefoot 1:08 Wed Apr 14
Re: Replacement kitchen
Just done my kitchen, for the price, as long as you are happy to do the design work yourself I can recommend DIY Kitchens.


No flat pack assembly to do, can also do the worktops or not as you wish. Drawback s that if you want to touch and feel the only showroom is in Pontefract. At the very least do a price match.

twoleftfeet 12:10 Wed Apr 14
Re: Replacement kitchen
Christ you lot love Howdens on here! I spent 6 months as a manager for them, I could tell you some horror stories.

And someone said corian was cheap, it isn’t! It’s the most expensive surface. Go for quartz.

twoleftfeet 12:08 Wed Apr 14
Re: Replacement kitchen
I’m in the trade so I know my stuff.

Howdens are cheap shit, shocking carcasses.

Wrens over priced cheap shit, they suck you in with interest free but the quality is shit. Friends of mine paid £17k for a kitchen from them, I priced it up in a superior German brand and it was £3k less and the quality was significantly better.

So for me it’s German kitchens all the way.

Pay cheap pay twice.

Don Ravioli 11:49 Tue Apr 13
Re: Replacement kitchen
I fit kitchens for a living. Howdens are good.
Wren kitchens look better. Quality is roughly the same. If you get the decent range out of wrens they come ready built as well same as Howdens. I prefer quartz worktops to corian.
Don’t bother with hot water taps as someone else said always break.
I don’t know if you’re in the Essex area but there’s a decent granite/quartz worktop place at Hainult industrial estate called stonebase.
Probably cheaper than the other places.
If you go Howdens you’ll need an account or someone with one.
They’re very good if something is wrong or damaged. Literally there within the week.
Wren are also good with customer service.
You basically check the whole of your kitchen and if there’s anything damaged or missing report the whole lot at the same time and they just send it out no questions asked.
They always have sales on and do 0% over 5/6 years which is why they’re so busy.
Basically just pick one you like from either one they’re both good although if you’re going for a handle less/linear kitchen get that from wrens they’re better.

goose 11:07 Tue Apr 13
Re: Replacement kitchen
Howdens will price match Wren.
I played the two of them off against each other for ages & saved a bundle.

Northern Sold 11:03 Tue Apr 13
Re: Replacement kitchen
Yeah we got a Howdens one.... had it 20 odd years... changed the cupboard doors, work surface, sink etc... easy enough

Grumpster 10:57 Tue Apr 13
Re: Replacement kitchen
Had ours done last year and it's a howdens one.

Actually more expensive than wren, but a better quality and the builder told us that they're after care is a lot better than most other providers if anything goes wrong or is damaged.

Love it.

riosleftsock 10:36 Tue Apr 13
Re: Replacement kitchen
Corian type or composites are the best and not the most expensive.

Howdens units are very good quality and not too expensive.

goose 10:30 Tue Apr 13
Re: Replacement kitchen
Howdens are good standard and usually cheaper than the likes of Wrens.
We sourced our own quartz worktop.

Boiling water taps usually break - I’d steer clear.

Darlo Debs 10:24 Tue Apr 13
Re: Replacement kitchen
Been told Howdens are pretty decent but don't know if they only operate up here.

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