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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

Coffee 9:31 Sat Apr 17
Saturday+ football
A hard-earned point last time out and a Fulham blank lifted our hosts to a six-point advantage over the drop zone. And a game in hand. Which has all cheered the Geordie faithful no end. Both sides have injury concerns, but Callum Wilson – who always seems to score against us – may be set to return for Newcastle. Aaron Cresswell is a doubt for us, but the gaffer hopes he may be ready. Ogbonna is reportedly close to a return, but will still require match practice. With Everton drawing with Spurs last night, this game acquires even greater significance. A win would see us climb to third for a couple of days, while a draw would ensure that we finish the week no lower than fifth. A genuinely important game. Away win.

A Wolves victory today will see Sheffield Utd all but mathematically relegated, assuming Newcastle end the day pointless. And it’s hard to see anything other than a Wolves victory. Tara, you Blades. Home win.


However much he may want to deny it, Pep must be looking for the quadruple. Chelsea under Tuchel look efficient, effective and, at times, downright dull, which doesn’t give a lot of hope for an open, entertaining game. But you never know. Away win.


An encouraging victory in Europe in midweek must have given Arsenal some much-needed confidence. For Fulham, though, things are looking bleak. Home win.

Man U can’t catch their noisy neighbours and won’t slip below second. There’s not much left for them to play for this season. Burnley look safe. Home win.


At their best, the Saints have played some scintillating football this season. They’re safe from relegation, so the Cup offers their last and best chance for success. The Foxes were uninspiring against us and Hassenhutl can raise his troops for the occasion, we’ll be in for a good game. Hard to predict, so heart over head. Away win.


What an extraordinary season it’s been for both these sides, albeit for different reasons. And two of the Premier League’s more extraordinary managers meet today, one badly wanting to win, the other knowing that failure to win will contribute further to making the whole season a wash-out. Strange times at Liverpool, buoyant times for Leeds. On paper, this should be a cracking game of football. Draw.


Brighton are all but mathematically safe. Chelsea are looking to climb into the top three. Should be routine. Home win.


Will the Saints come into this as FA Cup finalists? Spurs look to have finally blown any lingering hopes of Champions League qualification, but should be strong enough to take all three points this evening. Home win.

You’d have to be a Villa fan to think that they’ll get anything from this. Away win.


The Baggies are still in the mix, even though safety is looking like an increasingly unlikely outcome. Leicester will show no mercy as they look to reignite their chase for a top-three spot. Home win.

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ParadiseLost 10:32 Thu Apr 22
Re: Saturday+ football
Big Sam needs a miracle - like getting fired in the morning so he can claim his record would be intact if he had been allowed to continue...

Mike Oxsaw 10:27 Thu Apr 22
Re: Saturday+ football
2-0 Foxes.

That's done & dusted, then.

cheesebgt 9:46 Thu Apr 22
Re: Saturday+ football
Also, if I was Stones and City, I would appeal it so at least I could play in the Final. If the appeal fails you just get an extra game added to you ban, but at least you get to play at Wembley.

cheesebgt 9:42 Thu Apr 22
Re: Saturday+ football
the exile 9:30 Thu Apr 22
Re: Saturday+ football

I don't think Stones was actually going in for a tackle. To me, it looked like he was trying to punt the ball in to the stands. The Villa player just got to the ball quicker and Stones ended up kicking him instead of the ball. It was late but for me a yellow would have been enough. Even Villa's manager didn't think it was a red card and he was only a few yards from it.

the exile 9:30 Thu Apr 22
Re: Saturday+ football
Going back to Stones, it was a red for me. Late and high therefore dangerous. Whether or not he intended it is immaterial.

Mike Oxsaw 8:07 Thu Apr 22
Re: Saturday+ football
Tonight then.

No way are Leicester catching Man U, so we need the Baggies to do us a favour by keeping them down in the mix to make both 3rd & 4th viable targets for the 5/6 teams chasing a CL spot.

Will they cup us an ear? Fuck knows! I'm off behind the sofa till tomorrow.

Burnhammeronsea 1:11 Thu Apr 22
Re: Saturday+ football
I have a word for when Man City are winning and just play keep ball. Possesstrian.

Grumpster 12:16 Thu Apr 22
Re: Saturday+ football
Football is immensely gay and non contact now to the extent that people even believe some red cards are justified when in reality they are just a yellow.

I played football in a tough league and liked it rough, so I'm in the yellow camp for stones Red, as poorly timed, but wasn't malicious.

In modern football, 10 game ban.

Hermit Road 11:56 Wed Apr 21
Re: Saturday+ football
Man City used to be good to watch but I’ve noticed recently that they get a goal ahead and then just pass the ball around the back four 200 times to keep possession and chew up time.

They get these terrific stats for passing and make the game incredibly dull at the same time

Morpheus 11:14 Wed Apr 21
Re: Saturday+ football
Was a red for me, ugly challenge - out of control and high

master 10:58 Wed Apr 21
Re: Saturday+ football
That's not a fucking sending off in a million years. What the hell do these refs have between the ears?

happygilmore 10:58 Wed Apr 21
Re: Saturday+ football
red card all day long that, for Stones. Pep needs to behave.

normansmymate 10:15 Wed Apr 21
Re: Saturday+ football
ESL Soccerballers of Man City losing 1-0 already

Romfordboy 10:03 Wed Apr 21
Re: Saturday+ football
Well to have a third good result go out way in a row would have been too much

Hopefully wba can get something against the foxes tomorrow

simon.s 9:56 Wed Apr 21
Re: Saturday+ football
Ings is decent, when he’s not injured. Their momentum went when he was subbed.

ted fenton 9:51 Wed Apr 21
Re: Saturday+ football
Feck me 2-1 time added on :-(

happygilmore 8:32 Wed Apr 21
Re: Saturday+ football
Ings would be a decent signing.

Romfordboy 8:31 Wed Apr 21
Re: Saturday+ football
I mean levy couldn’t even get a decent caretaker manager in


Lily Hammer 8:27 Wed Apr 21
Re: Saturday+ football
Great header, Ings.

Hallerinthemorning 11:40 Wed Apr 21
Re: Saturday+ football
Fraser 10:15 Wed Apr 21

Cheers, didn't know that about lingaard.

So Dawson out, Creswell out, anotnio out and rice

What about Arthur?

Romfordboy 11:06 Wed Apr 21
Re: Saturday+ football
So everyone calmed down after the Newcastle result

Liverpool and Chelsea both drawing they will be lucky to win 3/4 games each out of the last 6

Still say 3/4 wins and a couple of draws will be enough for top 4

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