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Come On You Irons 9:57 Sun Apr 18
Ben Johnson
Not really good enough is he? Must be shipped out in the summer alongside Benrahma, Anderson, Lanzini and Yarmolenko.

Playing out of position is a straw man. This chump can't make simple passes to team mates, head the ball or mark properly. I don't know how he made it as a professional.

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OneAll 9:40 Tue Jul 26
Re: Ben Johnson
given the 2 shirt doubt hes leaving anytime soon

Mr Anon 9:20 Tue Jul 26
Re: Ben Johnson
would have been but your mum just rolled her eyes, said her son bores her enough with this shit

Side of Ham 9:13 Tue Jul 26
Re: Ben Johnson
Is this one of your post-coital sex questions to your brasses you minge?…..bet you get charged a premium rate….

Mr Anon 9:07 Tue Jul 26
Re: Ben Johnson
what's the latest on his contract? close to leaving last I heard? would be a massive lost despite WHO expert opinion on this thread

Hammer94 1:32 Mon Apr 26
Re: Ben Johnson
Ben Johnson is shite

the exile 12:01 Sun Apr 25
Re: Ben Johnson
Can we lock COYI and daveyg in a room together?

Mike Oxsaw 11:37 Sun Apr 25
Re: Ben Johnson
Click Bait You Irons

daveyg 11:13 Sun Apr 25
Re: Ben Johnson
I'd say he was relatively decent had a couple of good runs but nothing came of them,he's limited.
Defensively ok but no better than Johnson has been, a collective defensive error for their goal where Coufal wasn't tight enough,Balbuena didn't intercept the cross and Fredericks didn't mark Werner.
If you actually watch Fredericks his positional positions are poor,constantly looks like he doesn't actually know where he is. We need better next year if we're in Europe.
Johnson will get better,Fredericks won't and is injury prone. He's had enough time to show us if he's any good.He's not.

fraser 10:52 Sun Apr 25
Re: Ben Johnson
He was decent, far from excellent. As usual his hesitancy, bad passes and one abysmal cross broke our attacks down.

But understandable on his wrong foot, defensively I thought he was very good

JayeMPee 10:46 Sun Apr 25
Re: Ben Johnson
Thought Fredericks had an excellent game yesterday

gph 10:45 Sat Apr 24
Re: Ben Johnson
You have to be odd, to say the least, to use the fact that Fredericks is actually improving (a pleasant surprise) as a stick to beat another player.

fraser 10:40 Sat Apr 24
Re: Ben Johnson
Anyone digging at any of the subs is a cunt.

Firstly we didn't look like scoring before they came on so why are they shit because we didn't look like scoring after.

Second we were down to ten men not long after they came on.

Hammer and Pickle 10:29 Sat Apr 24
Re: Ben Johnson
Posters who come on here to have a regular dig at individual players are funny.

I think they have a micro willy.

gph 10:24 Sat Apr 24
Re: Ben Johnson
Johnson's learning his game - young players can't all be Bobby Moore or Declan Rice, and you have to cut them some slack.

Takashi Miike 9:48 Sat Apr 24
Re: Ben Johnson
the only chump is you, you cunt

Come On You Irons 9:43 Sat Apr 24
Re: Ben Johnson
This chump was put to shame by Fredericks' level of performance today. As soon as Johnson came on for him he gave the ball away countless times.

League 1 player at best.

BillyJenningsBoots 12:34 Wed Apr 21
Re: Ben Johnson
Give the lad a break... Hes young and will learn and is playing out of position.

whu 4:16 Tue Apr 20
Re: Ben Johnson
without sifting through the thread, the boy isn't ready yet, at this level

Full Claret Jacket 9:29 Tue Apr 20
Re: Ben Johnson
I'd agree he is not first choice and is in need of regular gametime to build confidence and get up to match speed. He isnt always on the same wavelength as other players and yes he isnt a flying wing back with an amazing left footed cross. He's really a defensive player playing on the wrong side. Thing is he might find it hard to get regular playing time in the Championship as well. Competition for places is tough. With our lack of depth he is useful but not doing him any favours being in and out of the team in different positions.
Decent player and prospect, home grown and probably cheap. I hope at some point if it doesnt work out that he can breakthrough here that he can build a career elsewhere.

toadinthehole 6:24 Tue Apr 20
Re: Ben Johnson
Half of the blame goes to Moyes for playing him out of position and playing him at all.

With Cresswell+Masuaku out, we should go 4 at the back with Ogbonna as LB

Glenn Rodent 2:47 Mon Apr 19
Re: Ben Johnson
Come On You Irons 1:05 Mon Apr 19

Totally agree.

Johnson just isn't at the required level. He was out of his depth against Newcastle, was at fault for their winner and was poor in possession.

My view on Johnson is not just based on Saturday. I remember a game earlier on this season, in fact I think it was in the friendly against Bournemouth where he got murdered everytime Bournemouth went on the attack. He got shipped off before halftime and replaced by Fredericks.

I do feel sorry for him that he isn't getting opportunities in his natural right back position, but let's be clear, he is way down the pecking order and is streets behind Coufal and not as good as Fredericks.

A loan move i the Championship would be best for Johnson. He needs game time in his favoured position. He won't get that at West Ham.

I would think that Moyes will go with Cufal and Fredericks next season on the right, but he must know that he needs to bring in a natural left back to compete with Cresswell.

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