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Q: 2021/22 What competition should we prioritise this season?
a. The league is our bread & butter, so this year let's have a club sandwich
b. We're owed an FA Cup after Gerrard nicked our last one in 06, our name's on it in 22
c. A bye to the League Cup 3rd round gives us a good start, let's make it count
d. The Europa is our best ticket to the Champions League, this is the one
e. What's wrong with you, let's do the lot, has the quadruple ever been done

Coffee 8:23 Sat Apr 24
Saturday football
The Magpies look safe. Will that allow them the freedom to play an uninhibited game? They’d the unwise to let their foot off the gas just yet. They face a side recovering from the rigours of engagement with the European Super League, and thrashing their chests in remorse because of it. All that could make for some interesting psychology in this game, but in terms of footballing prowess, there’s only one outcome. Home win.

The importance of this game – for both sides – cannot be underestimated. We go into it weakened by injury and suspension. It’s a mark of our progress, however, that a depleted first team no longer means a side without ability or hope. A Champions League semi-final against Real Madrid on Tuesday might tempt Tuchel to rest key players. We must hope it does. But the visitors have strength in depth and our inhibited defence must be at its sharpest to withstand their offensive intentions. At the top, Soucek, Lingard and Bowen will offer goal threats. Noble, presumably, will be tasked with marshalling the midfield and linking defence with attack. Draw.

Against Chelsea, Brighton showed they have discipline in abundance. But like today’s hosts, they’ve consistently lacked teeth in attack. They’re seven points clear of the drop zone and another point today will almost certainly guarantee survival. It’s hard to see many goals in this one. Draw.


It would take a disaster for Burnley to be overtaken by Fulham. But there wouldn’t be many outside north Manchester who would feel sorry if they were. So there’s something – not a lot, but something – still riding on this game. Draw.

One of the traditional classics of England’s top flight footballing calendar returns. The visitors put six past today’s hosts in the reverse fixture, and Leeds will hope to return the favour – in points’ terms, if not by goals scored. Should be a good game. Away win.

The Baggies are almost certainly down, while Villa – for long, favourites for the drop last season – are set for a comfortable mid-table finish. Home win.


Could this season be Roy Hodgson’s swansong in football management? If so, he’ll want to go out with a bang and he’d do us a great favour if he can cajole his ageing side into putting in a match-winning performance at the King Power. Unlikely, though. Home win.

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Sven Roeder 6:39 Tue Apr 27
Re: Saturday football
I will leave it to the common consensus of West Ham fans on here ...
Do you want to hear
a) That Spurs have been thwarted in their hopes of getting the manager most of their fans were knocking one out over
b) Your stories of 'just sinking a few cans before making love to a beautiful LAYDEEE'

I must admit b) did make me snort with laughter so I think there is room for both

Come On You Irons 3:14 Tue Apr 27
Re: Saturday football
You've got to be some kind of weird, obsessive cunt to have such a fixation on who the next Spurs manager is that you seek out "updates" to post on to a West Ham supporters forum.

Stick this on Spurs Online R-OZ-der, son.

Sven Roeder 2:45 Tue Apr 27
Re: Saturday football
Tottenhams week continues ..

Nagelsmann of Leipzig who they were touting as their next manager has agreed to become BAYERN manager next season.

So .... Ryan Mason or Harry Redknapp it is

nychammer 4:22 Tue Apr 27
Re: Saturday football
Top 5 or 6 should be in reach. That would be great in context of where we've come from BUT we have been incredibly lucky injury wise and we simply have to invest to keep the momentum going.

We could conceivably be 7th and above Everton on Goal difference only by next Monday, which makes Burnley a massive game. The margins for error are tight,.

Rusta 2:35 Tue Apr 27
Re: Saturday football
Win all 5 games would give us 70 points which will probably be enough, big ask but all winnable games with the right attitude and a bit of luck

Chelsea game was massive and am still disappointed as it didn’t quite feel like the team played up to the magnitude of the game

VirginiaHam 1:25 Tue Apr 27
Re: Saturday football
⚒️ 12:10 Tue Apr 27

Exactly right.

⚒️ 12:10 Tue Apr 27
Re: Saturday football
We’re out of the top four race, for me.

That’s fine as we have no right to be there with our squad anyway.

Just don’t wanna end up with no European football at all next year.

Mike Oxsaw 12:08 Tue Apr 27
Re: Saturday football
The run-out favours Liverpool for the 4th CL spot. Pisser, but that's the way it is.

⚒️ 12:06 Tue Apr 27
Re: Saturday football
But goals that ‘we can all see clearly are legit’ have been disallowed by VAR.

VAR is broken but they should rectify it at the end of the season, so we all start afresh with it next season. If it’s shit for us, it should be shit for everyone until they sort it out.

cheesebgt 12:02 Tue Apr 27
Re: Saturday football
The first one didn't hit his arm. People moan that we can't celebrate goals until VAR has checked them and now they want VAR to pay lip service to the goals that we can all see clearly are legit!

RBshorty 12:01 Tue Apr 27
Re: Saturday football
Still think the wheels will come off for Brendon. More than enough football to play for. As for Palace. 17 players out of contract in the summer. And Roy calling it a day. Got to be one of the favourites for the drop next season.?

⚒️ 11:58 Mon Apr 26
Re: Saturday football
What’s the difference between Leicester’s first goal and Newcastle’s disallowed goal on Sat? Both struck the arm.

It’s the inconsistencies of VAR that pisses me off.

Leicester’s second goal looked onside, but close nonetheless, so why not do the lines as lip service if nothing else.

cheesebgt 11:55 Mon Apr 26
Re: Saturday football
Nothing wrong with either of Leicester's goals. Too many woe-is-us on here, who think everyone is conspiring against us.

Pedro 11:48 Mon Apr 26
Re: Saturday football
Looked back and he was played on by their right back.
Shame as his arms were ahead of those around him.

Is there a team less likely to do you a favour than Palace?
How in earth are they so safe? They worst team I have seen this season.

⚒️ 11:44 Mon Apr 26
Re: Saturday football
Yeah but it was close and they didn’t even bother with the lines.

Mr. Burns 11:44 Mon Apr 26
Re: Saturday football
He was well onside from what I saw, was Kouyate playing him on I think.

threesixty 11:39 Mon Apr 26
Re: Saturday football
not in to conspiracies but no offside check on that Inneacho goal at all?

And the handball?

⚒️ 11:38 Mon Apr 26
Re: Saturday football
It looked close, why didn’t they do the lines?

Pedro 11:37 Mon Apr 26
Re: Saturday football
Looked offside there. Didn’t bother with the lines?

grasshopper 11:36 Mon Apr 26
Re: Saturday football
Palace are fucking shit.

⚒️ 11:15 Mon Apr 26
Re: Saturday football
100% Leicester’s goal would’ve been disallowed had it been us.

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