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Q: 2023/24 Hopes & aspirations for this season
a. As Champions of Europe there's no reason we shouldn't be pushing for a top 7 spot & a run in the Cups
b. Last season was a trophy winning one and there's only one way to go after that, I expect a dull mid table bore fest of a season
c. Buy some f***ing players or we're in a battle to stay up & that's as good as it gets
d. Moyes out
e. New season you say, woohoo time to get the new kit and wear it it to the pub for all the big games, the wags down there call me Mr West Ham

twoleftfeet 11:21 Thu Apr 29
Noel Clarke.
Black version of Harvey Weinstein.


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Moncurs Putting Iron 8:50 Tue May 4
Re: Noel Clarke.

Nurse Ratched 8:08 Fri Apr 30
Re: Noel Clarke.

That and VAR

Dandy Lyon 10:28 Mon May 3
Re: Noel Clarke.
Alfs has blatantly just seen his back statement showing how much he’s spent on Only Fans

Hallerinthemorning 6:05 Mon May 3
Re: Noel Clarke.
Alfs. Try walking through the worst estate where you live with a sign around ur neck saying u have 15k in ur pocket.
That feeling is how women walk around every day no matter where they go.
Please stop writing that u feel sorry for lonely old men who sit alone at home with their money and then get taken for a ride that they don't want to go on by some manipulating women who tricks them by using sex.
Its ridiculous. Look at the bigger picture rather than dave down ur local mate.

Alfs 5:37 Mon May 3
Re: Noel Clarke.
Exactly, Westside. And some women will exploit that. Many lonely men have been manipulated and had their savings exploited, left not only broke but emotionally bereft.

You can call this fraud, but it's also coercive behaviour and mental abuse..

History is full of examples of where women have used their sexuality to gain power and/or favour.

There is also the physical abuse of men in relationships. Mental abuse too. I've experienced some of that shit and it's not pleasant.

Fortunately, I'm both mentally and physically strong and was able to overcome it, but many aren't.

The point I was trying to make is that it is not all one way.

Westside 12:26 Sun May 2
Re: Noel Clarke.
I in no way condone Clarke's behaviour but isn't it time to look at how many women abuse men, using sex to get what they want?

How can women use sex to get what they want from men?

Sex is what we want.

Dandy Lyon 11:52 Sun May 2
Re: Noel Clarke.

Alfs 6:20 Sun May 2
Re: Noel Clarke.

Weirdest post I’ve seen n this site to date. That’s going to take some beating

zebthecat 11:45 Sun May 2
Re: Noel Clarke.
Crassus 10:40 Sun May 2

The only people getting flustered and the right wingers projecting (Hello Surf - you still didn't get that Alf's post was pointing out precisely the false dichotomy that closet bogits would jump on).
Sex pestery is colour blind. Noel Clarke should get all the approbium and possible jail time that is due.

Toe Rag 11:39 Sun May 2
Re: Noel Clarke.
Don’t watch tv so got absolutely no idea who this bloke is.

All the stories I’m reading pretty consistently make him out to be an ocean going cunt though.

Celebrities, are there any that aren’t mentally ill?

wd40 11:28 Sun May 2
Re: Noel Clarke.
Now his statement said he will go and get professional
treatment for his behaviour.

jail then never to work again in acting its all bit late now mate!

Awful actor cunt of a person . and yes I'm allowed to say that

Crassus 10:40 Sun May 2
Re: Noel Clarke.
Vexed 8:26 Sun May 2
You are not wrong there

As it goes, I don't see anything revelatory, bloke in power takes advantage of wanabee women, happened since day 1 and will continue to the end of time - if he has broken any law then nick him and allow due process

The bit that is chair and popcorn inducing is the reaction of those that would ordinarily be bandwaggoning, flustered over a collision of 'causes'

Hallerinthemorning 10:07 Sun May 2
Re: Noel Clarke.
Alfs, I guess the message from women these days is you can faun over us and leer over us when you have our permission and in the right environment. Sometimes we will let you for free and sometimes we may let you but we will charge. Fact is, its their choice. As that is on the rise on the Internet, it doesn't mean some fucking arrogant wanker of a man can say that he will touch and faun and leer whenever he chooses because of his position.

Actually that is how its always been but finally women feel empowered to say it.

Vexed 8:26 Sun May 2
Re: Noel Clarke.
I'm confused. I thought it was only white people that were bad now?
I expect here will be some confusion amongst the Twitter warriors over this.

Sven Roeder 8:03 Sun May 2
Re: Noel Clarke.
Are you saying that because some women you don't know are wearing bikinis or involved in porn say that you struggle to treat women you DO know ... be it in relationships, work situations or other interactions with respect?

Its not 'man bashing' to expect men to do that.
Obviously both have to come to court but the two high profile cases this week have been Ryan Giggs and Noel Clarke.
Both appear to be bullies, manipulators & abusers.
Cant men be better than that than whining about what victims THEY are?
And thats before you get to cases of physical domestic violence and murder.

Alfs 6:20 Sun May 2
Re: Noel Clarke.
I do wonder, if men are to stop objectifying women as sexual objects, why is the Instagram culture so massive?

Filled with attractive young women bursting out of their bikinis, then leaked to the tabloids. I in no way condone Clarke's behaviour but isn't it time to look at how many women abuse men, using sex to get what they want? Often costing the gullible millions of pounds and I'm sure, emotional pain.

I abhor any kind of sexual or mental abuse but am finding the whole 'man bashing' narrative very skewed.

Hallerinthemorning 8:57 Sat May 1
Re: Noel Clarke.
Swiss, I think you will find Peroni is teasing. But well done for showing you're not bothered.

Swiss. 7:50 Sat May 1
Re: Noel Clarke.
peroni 8:52 Fri Apr 30

"Another needless witch hunt."

So you are defending these sex offenders like Weinstein? Sick cunt.

Swiss. 7:47 Sat May 1
Re: Noel Clarke.
Roeder-nowhere 7:44 Sat May 1

He's a fucking terrible actor who's only got where he is by his colour. No diversity at all.

Roeder-nowhere 7:44 Sat May 1
Re: Noel Clarke.
As an aside, I think he’s over rated as actor. Always just average for me.

BubblesCyprus 4:24 Sat May 1
Re: Noel Clarke.
Auf Weidershen Mr Clarke

Haz 9:44 Sat May 1
Re: Noel Clarke.
Dandy Lyon, he could share his cell with Wiltel

Dandy Lyon 9:42 Sat May 1
Re: Noel Clarke.
Amazing how his colour came into the conversation from the off.

If found guilty then he deserves everything coming to him, including losing his career.

Of course is the sheer amount of people calling him a wrongun is a measure of guilt, the Come On You Irons should have been locked up ages ago.

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